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Titian (1477 - 27/08/1576 years)

Cadore Who would have known today, this quiet town, tucked away at the foot of the Alps, where it would not be born - Titian, who left descendants grandiose "The Battle of Cadore, and survived all the titans of the Renaissance.

He lived exactly one century. Century, whose importance in the art is the millennium. It is in these years were born, worked and died the greatest artists. First came Leonardo. Then Michelangelo. Then Titian. Finally, Rafael A by the end of this legendary century reigned one Titian - The Master and brilliant pragmatist, who has managed to use all the painting techniques of his contemporaries. I write almost as much as all the great Italians of his time, together. I looked to Giorgio Vasari, and was amazed: only the names of the paintings and frescoes by Titian took the books of the famous biographer of the Renaissance more space than all the life of the artist.

. "Tiziano Vecellio was born in 1477 in one of the noble families Cadore, . - Informs Vasari, . - That did not prevent parents, . notice the excellent ability of the boy, . send it, . nine, . Venice, . apprenticed to Gian Bellino, . painter very izvestnomui ",

. Someone remarked that Titian was the luckiest of artists - always turned out at the right time and place
. By the time of his birth Venice, overcoming war and plague, reached the peak of its prosperity and gentle luxury. And when the young Titian come to the capital city of beauty, there is already formed an original school of painting centered in the workshop of Giovanni Bellini. From under the wing of the maestro came out a whole generation of Venetian artists, but it shone brighter than all the two - the same age Giorgione and Titian. First, however, Venice has recognized the author's "Sleeping Venus". As if anticipating his early death, Giorgione wrote his major masterpiece by 50 (!) Years earlier as the famous "Venus" three survived his friend and rival.

. Since then, reaching the absolute glory, the title of first painter of Venice, fabulous wealth, Titian carried a "set of Giorgione.

. Love the earth and heaven

. "Eighteen years, he wrote" Portrait of a nobleman, famous for his truthfulness and so natural that even hair on his head could be counted as each loop and silver embroidery on his satin jacket
. And if he did not write his name, this thing would take over the work of Giorgione, "- recalls Vasari. Who knew them both, he often speaks of the imitation of the young Titian his early matured peers.

Centuries later it becomes clear that the unique skills enabled him to "imitate" is not only a close friend. When Venice in 1506, visited Albrecht Durer, Titian, and then do not miss a chance. Thus was the famous "denarius of Caesar", in which the image of Christ shines in dyurerovski inspired beauty. A brilliant stylist, Titian did not imitate, and take it, thus creating his own style, his powerful paintings, fertilized all the achievements of the Renaissance.

. In the world, perhaps, was not an artist who would have stood firmly on the ground, so clearly saw his goal, so confidently went to her
. But! Seduced by all the kings of Europe, and he acknowledged "king of the canvas, never forgot the man who had always lived in dreams and so early gone to heaven. Celestial images Giorgione were harassing the almighty Titian. The mystery of this strange feeling I caught, he saw in Rome the Borghese Gallery, Titian painting "Love the earth and heaven."

. Against a background of sensuous scenery, a beautiful summer evening at the well, which is a small water carp muddying his hand against each other - two women
. One, very young, with dreamy eyes, head, bowed to his shoulder, as if given to kissing the sky, looking forward to love. Another beautifully dressed beautiful, calm and confident, his hand on the lid of the box, which keeps their happiness

Artist offers - to choose from - two ways to live: deliriously dreaming or calmly enjoy. Two love: the heavenly and earthly. This picture Titian write immediately after the tragic death of Giorgione. Ahead of him - even 70 years of life, which he (according to the biography) live in the quiet possession. But a glance at his last self-portrait, in a stern face, which not even a sign of serene happiness. And remember that it is primarily an artist. Man gifted with the highest of God's grace to create beauty. And it's always drama. The memory of Giorgione, genius beauty, charged him to finish his unfinished picture of the life and death of the inseparable connection of Heaven and Earth, will feed the hand of Titian, not giving him the earthly bliss, which is immersed in his paintings. Inundated with gold craving his brush, he could lead a life of great men, and indulge in pleasures that are so fond of Raphael, Noi Do not look in real life, Titian fairytale romance and incredible cornering. The plot of this life, full of fantastic works, until tragedy simple. When the wife died, leaving him three children, he has not entered into the house of her stepmother, not started any mistress. Thus, in solitude, and spent half a century: a concern for your favorite (and of course, ungrateful) children and under the weight of a huge all-consuming work, whose name - painting.

. Strategy genius

. I was twelve, when, first came to the Hermitage, I timidly walked over to St. Sebastian, pierced by arrows
. In the crowd of spectators lamented about his suffering, and I saw before me a very beautiful and full of life man: take out the boom - and everything instantly healed. A couple suffering Sebastian was "Penitent Magdalene" with eyes full of tears, but just as beautiful, sensual, in the flower fly this, and for a long time, I remember Titian.

. Many years later, traveling to Europe, I finally saw his other paintings that had solidified in me a sense of amazing energy, vitality and reality of life, coming even from the mythological stories
. His jubilant "Madonna with cherries" and "Gypsy Madonna" living today in the Antwerp Museum, would be a likely challenge to the gentle Raphael's Madonna, if artists knew each other. But it caused in 1519-m (a year before the death of Raphael. - LL) in Rome by Pope Leo X, upon hearing about the Venetians, who made the grand altar "Ascension of the Virgin Mary in the Church of Frari, Titian refused the flattering invitation. But he was over forty! Another in his place would abandon everything, because (as it was customary to count) only in Rome could be a great. Same Vasari asserted: "If he had previously got to Rome and saw the works of Michelangelo and Raphael, then today would be caught up with Urbintsem and Buonarroti". But, a wise strategist, Titian knew that his time has not come yet. And he was right. It will take another quarter of a century, and he enters the Rome as the victor.

On the way to Rome

Left in Venice, Titian has once again proved their loyalty to her. And she answered him with love. All major temples of the city opens its doors to the artist. For the church of Santa Maria, he wrote "St. Mark", . for Santa Giovanni - "Peter Martyr", . the cathedral of Treviso "Annunciation" - the Virgin kneeling in anticipation of the temple draws the viewer to his humble and charming faces of the noble Venetian family bought Titian portraits of his ancestors,
. By bust and medallion artist revives the image of Nicholas Marcellus famous Venetian doge, who ruled the city, when Titian had not yet born. Henceforth all doji time Titian (all eight!), In order of their election, will be awarded his brush - the latter a portrait of the artist writes in 90 years.

. Lordship of the Supreme Council approves senior artist Titian in Venice with a substantial annual salary, commissioned to write for the Golden Room of the now historic battle, similar to that in his time, wrote Leonardo da Vinci of Florence
. And you can imagine what was in Venice Titian, if twenty years (while continuing to pay), she waited until the artist finally prepodneset her his "Battle of Cadore".

Meanwhile, his fame has sold out all over Italy. The Duke of Ferrara Alfonso d'Este by Titian requests to finish now "Bacchanalia", started dying Bellini. Titian is coming, because for him it is the duty student - teacher. And along with the transfigured "orgy" gives Duke another two masterpieces - "Bacchus and Ariadne" and "The Sacrifice of Venus", forming a purely Titian triptych, the anthem and the nature of ancient life.

. Of Ferrara, he goes to Frederico Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, leaving the halls of his palace pictures of twelve Caesars
. Then is the duke of Urbino, and wrote a brilliant portrait of him. A farewell to the Duke gives his "Venus" (later dubbed Urbino), the one that three years ago, traveled from the Uffizi gallery in the Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin, Moscow enchanted. Legend has it that, struck by her beauty, the Duke of Urbino turned to his guests with the following speech: "Remember" Sleeping Venus "Giorgione? So: finally she woke up!"

. In 1530, Emperor Charles V passed the Alps and entered Italy, immediately summoned the Titian
. And here I am standing in the hall of the museum del Prado in Madrid before the portrait of a man who conquers almighty grace and dignity of the cold. Charles V is depicted in a simple and calm attitude: the right hand rests on the dagger, the left holds a huge red dog. With the same strict splendor will write their kings Velц¦zquez.

How many German masters reproduced the blond head of his Emperor's outstanding lower lip and jaw of the wolf. But never Germanic Caesar had not yet met such a wizard, who, without changing the truth, portrayed him as he imagined to be: the ruler, politician, warrior, man uu. Upon arrival in Barcelona imperial rescript he erected a Titian in the title Knight of the Empire, Count Latranskogo and appointed him a lifetime pension. For the portrait is sent to Venice 1000 gold ACS! (For comparison: the annual salary of the Supreme Council of Senior, obtained by Titian, was equal to 200 ACS.)

Titian has left a collection of museums in the world of lords, who lived in his century. Emperor Charles V, his son Philip II, King of Spain. King of Rome - Ferdinand and Queen Maria and all the Italian dukes of Medici from Florence to Francesco Sforza of Milanai "There was such an eminent person and great lady who had not touched his hand, - informs Vasari. - And in this sense was not, and never will be his equal among artists. "

By that time, when there were these lines Vasari, among the most famous portraits was not only the Pope. But the time has come, and 70-year-old painter went to Rome.

Recognition Buonarroti

The Duke of Urbino brought the artist a convoy of seven knights, and the spring of 1546 Masters took the Vatican, with honors, as befits a prince. Presented Pope Paul III, he was immediately taken for his portrait, and then writes all of his entourage. The main interest is the two-year visit to Rome to biographers of Titian was in a meeting with the Venetian master Michelangelo. Accompanied the sculptor in the Belvedere, the Roman studio of Titian, Vasari took the role of mediator between the two geniuses. And gave us the view of Buonarroti "realist" who "knows how to extract from the everyday life of poetry and charm". In those days, Titian wrote to Cardinal Alexander Farnese his "Dana". Seeing her lying in a flexible voluptuous posture, reprobate Zeus (in the form of golden rain. - LL), pictured with very ancient freedom, Michelangelo is praised her. And coming out of the studio, said by Vasari: "Everything he writes, takes place here on earth". And, smiling, added: "We promise to Raphael. A Titian - gives ".

. Women Titsianai Almost all of them as naked artist, that Florentine Giovanni della Rosa, at the request of which the artist "section of his beloved, looking at her nude portrait, spoke in verse:" And I see, Titian, in the guise of a new idol, I own "

. Instead of an epilogue

. In the world there are two concepts that are essential to man: Procedure and Class
. But not even all geniuses had just these two qualities. Titian is the same as a man of order and class, had yet a third quality: whom he would not write in my life - ordinary mortals, heroes or gods - it is all let down to earth. And kings and saints. All his saints only reason people. Well-known art historian Olga Petrochuk noticed about Titian's Lamentation of Christ ", which is more real death is none of the artists saw.

I should add that, for all its realism Titian was a rare colorist. Difficult to name an artist who would have handled the bolder color. But hardly anyone has studied and so the possibility of painting as the greatest worker Titian, whose experience in the field of the canvas beats every conceivable record. Yes, he was the creator. But he was also a great craftsman, who had raised the word "craft" to an unattainable height. At the ninety-ninth year, has written of Christ, the globe - now, where fatigue is the artist's hand is evident, but the flame of inspiration still burning.

According to Vasari, up to 75 years Titian no ill. Perhaps the Lord, watching his great work, he tried not to interfere. But, noticing that the artist is tired, decided to give peace. The plague that swept Venice, crushed, and this amazing vitality.

Order, Class, Labor and skill have made him the richest artist, which knew the art. Most of the great state of Titian in a few years wasted and worthless bad egg son Pomponia. But I think all this money is not accounted for would half the amount, which today is estimated each of his paintings.

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