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Taranda Gediminas

( Ballet dancer)

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Biography Taranda Gediminas
photo Taranda Gediminas
Taranda Gediminas Leonovich born February 26, 1961 in Kaliningrad, in a military family and accountant. Then the family moved to Voronezh. His father, Gediminas - Lithuanian, my mother - Cossack. In 1976 he entered the Moscow Academy of Choreography. As the distribution was in the Bolshoi Theater, made his debut in the play "Don Quixote". Yuri Grigorovich specifically for Taranda staged: "Raymonda" and "Golden Age". In 1984, the first time was on tour abroad - in Mexico. After that, four years has been restricted to travel abroad. In 1993 he was fired from the Bolshoi Theater. In 1994, created the Imperial Russian Ballet, which is known around the world. In the company 40 people in the repertory ballets 15. In 2004 he was admitted to the state of the theater as an actor Mossovet. Wife - ballerina Anastasia Drigo, daughter Deymante (translated from the Lithuanian "pearl") for four years.

. - Gediminas, when you danced on the graduation of the Moscow Ballet School, around whispering: "What a talented guy that Taranda! Said he came to us to learn from Chile ..."

. - Many people somehow have been convinced that I am Chilean
. Should be, my name is unusual misled. But I'm actually a Lithuanian and a half - from the father and mother's - Russian.

- You Hereditary dancer?

- Oh, no! My dad was a military man, mother - Accountant. I was born in Kaliningrad, where his father served time, then we moved to Voronezh. I grew up a bully, a fighter, played football, wrestling, and then knew the guys said that in the Ballet School learns a lot of pretty girls ... Well I did. Soon realized that learning should be only in Moscow and danced at the Bolshoi Theater. First, I sent a ballet school in the capital of his younger brother Vytautas. We are, incidentally, the four dancers in the family. My mother, a sister, twins, and her two sons for us with my brother as brothers. I am the most senior. We Vitashey dance in "Ballet Imperial", the middle brother - in Spain, the youngest - in America ...

In Moscow I was first and do not look like I was not a thief and to the same overgrown - almost 16 years! But the result still had. The growth of my high for the artist - meter eighty-five. High dancers look good on stage, and it is easier to raise a ballerina, but the dancing is harder than small: as long as their arms and legs move - the procedure simply.

. - His debut at the Bolshoi Theater, remember?

. - You bet! I graduated yesterday, was supposed to come out in the Group of Eight bullfighters in "Don Quixote"
. I stood backstage, nervous. And suddenly I hear: "Taranda, on stage!" I ran in terror and suddenly discovered that I forgot to remove "sherstyanki" - knitted stockings that we put on, so that the muscles are not cooled. I'm trying to pull off if not, thanks costumier arrived, and cut straight to the feet. In short, missed the 16 cycles, stumbled and went to the scene at the "fifth point". Chorus Line shied away from me in the direction. Complete failure, scandal, disaster! A few days later I had to once again dance in "Don Quixote" had already Toreador. In the theater laughed: "What we have today Toreador dance?" - "Yes the guy that the last time on my ass on stage left!" Watch my second exit in "Don Quixote" had gathered the entire company. Thus began my life in the Bolshoi Theater.

- And with her tour, the glory ...

- Well, with regard to the tour, then after the first trip to Latin America in 1984, I was two years did not travel abroad. At that time, the Bolshoi Theater brought the two best performances - "Golden Age" and "Raymonda". First time I was abroad. Mexico! All singing and dancing! The atmosphere of the festival is all around. In one of our girls had a birthday, and I ordered for her serenade. Local musicians tried so hard and played so loudly that it was all over the scandal with the hotel ... And laziness of our departure from Buenos Aires in the morning I forgot to wake. The whole company is sitting on the bus, it's time to go to the airport, but no Taranda. When I awoke and I went down, our full-time KGB agent was all white - decided that I just left! In Moscow, I was reminded of all ...

. - Why are you in the prime of Fame left the Bolshoi Theater?

. - I left him not in good faith, I "left"
. But I do not regret. I was lucky enough to create the company, which has received wide recognition. With us working great ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. She - the artistic director of our company.

. - What are you doing?

. - And dance, and have led the team, and put the shows, and organize tours, and it happens, install the scenery, and still do a lot of all cases.

. - One dancer said about you: "Taranda a little ballet, he needs a helicopter to fly and film removed.

. - I'm an adventurer at heart
. In the movie, however, is not yet available - all in front, but played in the musical "The Bureau of happiness" role, where I not only speak but sing.

- And you made their debut at Siena in the dramatic play "Sheep". Play a role in the play-the parable of the biblical theme - a bold, even for such a desperate man, how you ...

- I myself am surprised, as I agreed ... The play is very difficult. History, ancient as the world, about how two sisters fell in love with one man. And he, my Jacob, loves both: one of them loves his soul, and the other - body ... I played with relish. I have a wonderful partner - the young actress Irina Maksimkin and magnificent Inna Churikova.

A life you had to be a "corner" of a love triangle?

- Perhaps there. In any case, such a dramatic worsening of the situation as if no ...

You know, the truth, I am a little ballet ...

It is a pity that the helicopter was talking about is the dancer, I do. While. But there is a machine, which I sometimes take a helicopter ... I go at a breakneck pace, several times the right to take. I go, even when I forget the keys from the ignition. And when the indicator lamp fails - go anywhere and hand waving that, well, I turn. Without numbers went: painted on cardboard - and forward! No brakes at once went ... One went so with his brother, the people shouted: "Beware!" and hindering their feet on both sides ...

. - Let me ask you a philistine question: what to eat dancers to keep their fragile form?

. - Recipe universal diet belongs to Maya Plisetskaya: "Do you want to lose weight - not sit zhramshi!" Well, since everyone has his own diet - depending on the constitution, metabolism, health and so
. Instance, I do not stick to diets. I love rice and all sorts of liver. And love is home. Generally I am very fond of his house, as any pilgrim who travels a lot in the wide world. I can tell, never had a home. As a child, lived with his grandparents. When I arrived in Moscow - in a dormitory school, then moved to the hostel Bolshoi ... Rented apartments ... And when the cooperative built a house of the Bolshoi Theater, I finally got my first in the life of a two-room apartment.

- You are called "Casanova Russian Ballet. And reaching for your cable rumors, gossip ...

- I'm not married, so rumors and gossip should not bother anyone but me, but I do not care about. There is a good Russian saying: Fact dashing is not to blame. But do not ask me provocative questions. On his novels, I not tell.

. - They say your life was a fatal love - the only woman you love (as distinct from the others, who loved you), you left ...

. - Let them talk.

. - And what do mean the women in your life?

. - Everything! Or anything! Depends how you look.

. Source: magazine "7 days" No.5, 2000.

. Recently, he put on his gloves and took up the challenge in the "King of the Ring
. Return of the Legend.

- Gediminas, as you might agree to such a hard project? Do not feel sorry for a person?

- As Napoleon said, the main thing - to get involved in a fight, but we'll see. I have in life and turns.

- I heard that because of the "King of the Ring", you almost wrecked the theater performances of the Moscow Soviet in Sochi ...

- It's true. I am firmly entrenched in the history of theater. Moscow Soviet, and now I will tell about the many generations of actors. Similar case in the theater was about 20 years at least. It was like this: In the evening we played in Sochi, a performance of dance teacher, where I perform a major role in the morning I had to be in Moscow on the set of "King of the Ring". Flight from Sochi was not, and I had all night to shake the car on a mountain road to Krasnodar. Flew in Moscow traffic jam, barely had time to fight. At 14.00 I had to fly back, as at 19.30 in Sochi next play, and the Directorate of the theater did not know that I flew. Released after the fight - bruise under his eye, arm in plaster. So I had time, I was seated on the bike. The doctor gave me the ice in his hand and said to alter his eye, but I never once put it, and not. What do you mean the ice! I grabbed the driver that had the strength, he raced with the speed of light, but the plane still flew away without me. Had to rush from Sheremetyevo to Domodedovo, tickets are not yet at 18.00, I miraculously flew to Sochi. The situation was saved by Olga Kabo, Ekaterina Guseva, and Alexander Bobrowski - while I was flying and driving, they sang songs for the audience, plays and poems. For the same money the audience watched several performances. The ladder in Sochi I was waiting for DPS machine with flashing lights. The performance went on Hurray! Then I asked for forgiveness from colleagues and the director of the theater Valentina Panfilov, who has for me been ill with heart. Once again I ask - excuse me!

- Yes, there will be something to remember in my old age.

- Course. Recently got so routine - all must beg someone to make, go to the officials, to request that we helped with the database, looking for funding. Wanted fresh blood. I got it. This shake-up enough for about five years at least.

- How did your participation in the "King of the Ring" friends, subordinates?

- No one believed it and could not grasp why I want it. Alexander Lenkov, People's Artist of Russia, my partner in the play "dance teacher", struck me with indignation: "How could you go to this?" And then suddenly he added: "Although you know, I was younger, I would have agreed to fight in the ring."

. - Do you in my life was a lot of tests: a forced departure from the Bolshoi Theater, the status can not travel abroad, conflict with Plisetskaya ...

. - You forgot another conflict with Grigorovich
. With whom only I did not have scandals, although in fact I'm a non-confrontational. On the contrary, too kind and patient.

- They say you are restricted to travel abroad, because in Mexico late on the bus, it's true?

- Just at the helm of the impression that I'm going to stay abroad. Apparently, said a lot of unnecessary. We were forced to go on tour for five people in a bundle, at 22.00 to be in the hotel and call the supervisor, that we are already in the room. We were knocking each other, who comes and who does not. I said: "Yes, you go!" That's me and decided to teach life.

. - As it turned out that in a military family and the accountant was born dancer?

. - My mother worked as a bookkeeper in the Voronezh Theater of Opera and Ballet, is quite close to the art, so I reviewed all the performances
. Ballet did not like, especially my besili stockings in obtyazhechku. Actively involved in sports - rowing, wrestling.

- How they found themselves in stockings?

- The fact that all those involved in dance, had the advantage - it's free to watch movies, and I had to pay 25 cents. That's why I came to the ensemble, and I got it all at once. Besides, I liked that around nice girl, beautiful music. In the evening went to watch a movie "Romeo and Juliet" - children under 16 free! In the end, and my mother's younger brother Vytautas, and the two cousins, Dmitry and Constantine became professional dancers.

. - You like an older brother influenced their choice?

. - Not only I am influenced
. Incidentally, my grandfather - the father of my mother - danced with the most Galina Ulanova! The fact that the Bolshoi Theater often gave concerts on the patronage enterprises. One of them acted Ulanova, worked there, my grandfather. When the evening ended, my grandfather went to the great ballerina autograph and brazenly declared: "Halina, a waltz! Orchestra!" Before she could not answer, as her grandfather whirled in the dance. Can you imagine?

- And you who have always dreamed of dancing?

- When in 1980 the All-Union Competition of Ballet Dancers in Moscow, I received a gold medal, I took the first ever interview and asked the same question. I replied that I love Carmen and I dream to dance with her May-Plisetskaya. Soon it was distribution - calculated that I get to the ensemble of Igor Moiseyev, I knew the whole repertoire of this ensemble, he was close to me in spirit. But suddenly I was invited to the Bolshoi Theater. This, of course, contributed to the director of the Moscow Academy of Choreography Sophia N. Golovkin. On the distribution of pile sitting officials. They asked me: "Taranda you agree?" I'm talking about no longer even dream. It seemed unattainable. Then came the question: "Do you have a Moscow residence permit?" Golovkina ahead of my answer: "Of course there is!"

- And how you solved the problem with a residence permit?

- Married. But just before the state exam, we quarreled with the girl, ran away, she was from Moscow region. So when it's an invitation, registration was already gone.

- How many times have you been married?

- Now I am married for the third time. The first was a brilliant ballerina Marina Nosov, today it is the leading actress of the theater in Naples. Second wife - also Marina and also a ballerina, both the marriage lasted for three years. Marina Novikova was a soloist of the ensemble of Moses, one of the first worked in the famous Irish show "Riverdance". Now she has completed a career dancer, teaches me at the ballet school. With both, I have friendly relations.

- And with Plisetskaya able to dance?

- When I came to the theater, then the second month, danced in the very performance of "Carmen" with Maya Mikhailovna. We became friends for many years, even when I was taken to the camp Grigorovich, managed to maintain good relations. Yuri was my teacher, but I still danced and Plisetskaya, and in ballets by Vladimir Vasiliev. My brother and I always went to the creative evenings and performances of these great artists. That few people could afford.

- In what respects you are with Maya Mikhailovna?

- We are on different sides of the river. I'm trying all the time to build a bridge.

- The history of using the name of the great ballerina for the production of creams for the legs finally ended?

- All the courts we won, but the relationship ruined. I am confident that everything can be resolved peacefully, without inflating hype. Many of our common acquaintances, people of art, we tried to reconcile. Precipitate remained, but as a ballet dancer Maya Mikhailovna, I respect still. I believe that over the years of our friendship we have done a lot for each other.

- How was formed your sweets business?

- A new variety of chocolates, we have invented in a time when factories were in crisis. I invested in a candy "Maya" personal day-gi. The products were awarded gold medals at international competitions. These candies Maya Mikhailovna treated with pleasure President Putin on his jubilee in 2000. Ministry of Culture has promised to give me back my money spent, as it was responsible for the anniversary, but I did not wait. There were other interesting developments of cognac and chocolates, but then the situation in Russia has changed so that it became difficult to do anything other than ballet.

. - And where did he go your fund "Imperial Russian Ballet"?

. - A former commercial director of the fund Nikolai Anokhin left the fund without means, and for a long time, my artists have not been paid
. Anokhin court found guilty and ordered to pay the artists debt. Anokhin now carries twin "Imperial Russian Ballet in Russia and the world. Recently visited on a tour to Ivanovo, and we are told: "You're two months ago, we were, gave the" Swan Lake ", was sold to a full house, fifteen hundred seats, after the first division went crawling". I spoke with a message on the radio, television. They say, dear friends, excuse me, I could not follow that we are ahead of the shameless adventurers.

. - And that, organizers of the tour documents from the leaders do not watch?

. - Russia - a big country and in many cities of the directors of theaters do not care who they favor
. For example, in Chelyabinsk, told me: "We have taken the theater lease, paid the money, and we do not care who's there and it shows". Theaters serious denied because their leadership knows what a real "Imperial Russian Ballet". Now pitiful semblance of our team running scams launched in Israel. We have to spend huge money on the courts, because they stole our heritage and deceive the viewer.

- Why did your ballet called imperial?

- This is a tribute to the royal family. If not, she would not have been either the Bolshoi or the Mariinsky. Meanwhile, the booklets did not find the Big word of the king and his contribution to the art. The second meaning: the empire of Russian music, dance and culture worldwide. How many countries we have enriched Russian artists! The third meaning: I gather artists from all over the Russian imperial space. And fourthly, the position of our company - to act not only overseas, as is customary in many troupes. We have a rule - every month to visit the Russian city. Even at a loss.

. - I was surprised to learn that you serve a five-time world champion Lyajsan Utiasheva and Olympic champion Yulia Barsukova!

. - I conceived the project "Beauty of Success" with the three best gymnasts of the world - Lyajsan Utyasheva, Irina Tchachina and Yulia Barsukova
. But funding has not yet happened, Chashchina went to another project. I made some choreography for Yulia Barsukova. She moves just phenomenal. I rode with us on a tour. Just imagine for a moment - the Olympic champion and dancing "Elegy" Rachmaninoff! President of Greece could not believe what I saw a real champion in the ballet. Lyajsan recently entered the performance of "Bolero", and he immediately bought another color, filled with extraordinary energy, unusual for a ballet plasticity. But see it is not given to every. No tickets.

- But the ballet you enough! Even drama Give?

- It all started with the play "Sheep" - about how her sister fell in love with one man, and he, Jacob, loves them both. My mates were Inna Churikova and Irina Maksimkin, but we were forced to close the project.

- You are not afraid to shine, and his vocal abilities?

- Thank Lyudmila Gurchenko. She invited me to Russia's first musical, "Bureau of Happiness", where I sang with Nikolai Fomenko and Alyona Sviridova. Prior to this, do not believe me, I sang only in the bathroom. Voice I put myself Gurchenko. Classes are held at her home. Ludmila Markovna found me approach, based on my ability to feel the rhythm and to understand the movement. When you had to take note above, she made a sign to me eyes and I pulled.

. - Daughter, of course, want to see the ballerina?

. - Do Deymante stunning data, it has a divine ascent, as a mother, she is very complex, artistic gymnastics, loves to sing
. I have my own ballet school, where the daughter appears on stage in the ballet "The Nutcracker". On the TV instead of cartoons, it looks extremely ballet, moreover we do not oblige. Reviewed all of my performances.

- Gediminas, what do you think the secret of marital happiness?

- The child. It makes the house very different. I hurry home to more quickly embrace her daughter, to see how gracefully she portrays on the carpet Bagheera from the play "Mowgli".

Source: newspaper "Trud" on 29/05/2008

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  • Solnechnyj Veter for Taranda Gediminas
  • In Ivanovo, with glitter were touring the Imperial Russian Ballet. The creative team presented to the court demanding public ballet 'Don Quixote', has found an enthusiastic response in the hearts of grateful visitors. At the end of the play the author of these lines had interviewed the artistic director of the theater Gediminas Taranda, peretantsevavshego for thirteen years at the Bolshoi Theater a number of leading political parties and created 15 years ago, the Imperial Russian Ballet. In his troupe of more than 40 artists in the repertory - about fifteen ballets. - Gediminas, the current year has been declared the Year of the Family in Russia. The tenor of your ballet 'Don Quixote' - love, the eternal human values. What do you personally love and family? - For me, family and love are inseparable. If you have a family, is the love of family, it means that there is love for the Motherland. This understanding exists only in our Russia. It was always. Today, we must restore it to its original form, since in recent years it has been somewhat forgotten, but in my heart for all of us are still very much mean the family and traditional family values. For the family - the future of the country. - What is the most important task put before him during work on the show? What they want to convey to viewers? - The main important task in the progress of the performances, . and during the touring of Russia's cities and villages is, . so that the audience saw, . that there is a very beautiful classical art,
    . His most important task I and my colleagues in the theater see it, is to return the young audience for classical ballet, to show him that it is - interesting, great, that it will live forever. Rock-culture, pop culture come and go, but we must now promote classical arts. In the Russian people, there is great interest to him. We simply have to maintain its. And not only we. Not only our viewers. City and provincial authorities are obliged to maintain the classical art. Otherwise we will not keep that layer of young, which is now losing. - 'If I start again, I would choose again the endless chores of these' - sung in a journalistic anthem of my youth. If you happened to start all over again, . have chosen to renew their destiny ballet, . would like to correct any errors in your own past? - I think, . I chose to, . probably, . this way, . but many mistakes, . sure, . would have avoided. - If not a secret, . What exactly,
    . Give them at least for the edification of the same youth. - No, the error in general must perform in order to understand where you are going on. If you made a mistake and is not broken, unable to understand why this happened, then you're rising to a new step in their spiritual and creative development. If you are not mistaken, it will not be able to move on. - Gediminas, please name, favorite ballets Taranda spectator and Taranda-director. - In all its manifestations adore ballet 'The Nutcracker'. This is a show for the whole family. There is light, there is love and there is the most important thing - sad adults on the outgoing childhood. There is a second plan - our dream: There is a dream, we live, we will create and be happy. I love the ballet "Don Quixote". We have placed it in the past year. This is a great upbeat show with a lot of any finds, allowing all the actors in a scene to show himself in all the creative talent. And I love to play in a drama play theater Mossovet 'Dancing Master'. I hope that soon we will bring it in Ivanovo. - And your favorite party in the ballet? - Much Loved. Very much Yashku in the 'Golden Age', Abderrahmane in 'Raymonda', Ivan the Terrible in 'Ivan the Terrible'. I like the forester in 'Giselle'. This is the background in ballet, but I love him very much, because the role itself is very diverse, very diverse. - The most memorable trip abroad? - Mexico. This was my first trip abroad. All went there with money, and I - with a folder for music. In the resulting free time was able to become intimately familiar with life and life of Mexicans. - What does it mean for you that you created the Imperial Russian Ballet? - You know, it's almost the same as your child you raise. The theater, which I created 14 years ago, giving it strength, soul and pain, instilling in him the many winners of international competitions, the winners of gold and silver medals, roads, like the cherished dream come true one day. The only thing that upsets - multiple-company counterparts, using the popular name for personal gain and damaging to us. This is very upsetting. - And what pleases? - I'm glad Daughter. Her name is Deymante, in Lithuanian - Pearl. February 11 she was four years. - You often gastroliruete. It is difficult to see her go? - It is difficult to. On the day of departure, usually early in the morning I'm taking her daughter to her bed. We spend the hour. Chatter. A friend of a friend combs. Deymante certainly sings to me in the end: 'Captain, Captain, smile! ". These words, she admonished me, and before a trip to Ivanovo. Happy that Ivanovskaya audience warmly accepted our performance, while maintaining a sunny mood, with whom I went to your city, where I have many friends.
  • Mariska for Taranda Gediminas
  • Thank you for what you have!
  • Natalia for Taranda Gediminas
  • Currently watching Ice Age. You do not need any ratings! You are so organic, you are like you, you have already achieved such a creative level that can afford to be yourself. And this "suit"-Ice obviously you are too simple and cheap :)))) very long time ago you saw in the "Golden Age", . was small, . but still you remember, . I think, . now it would be called "charisma"))), . now grown, . and how well, . you have started to appear on television! (In the theater does not always take of ((() How do you feel the music ! How to dance the tango! It can not be called just a dance, . it already looks, . as life, . only the music.,
    . Be the first one, I think, who began to change men's dance, created more Nijinsky, that is, you do the first name male dance. Continue, please! Even in the ice age you just acts out every musical nuance, and others it looks as acrobatic rock and roll, like a dance, a kind and no.. I wish you a very, . appeared to television project, . where you could finally realize your creative's ideas about the connection of Music, . Dance and Drama, . I think, . this is what you are trying to show in the ice, . but it is too small for this market and not so creative.,
    . Does not vanish anywhere! It is waiting for your new projects
  • Anonymous for Taranda Gediminas
  • Dear Gediminas! I'd like to see you in programs such as glacial. She looked to the project only because of you, Irina. You - artitichny, positive, talented, loved by the audience. Look at you with a fun Irina. I wish you continued implementation of your creative plans and happiness in all, good luck! Always remained an admirer of your talent.
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