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LINES Oscar Davidovich

( Music)

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Biography LINES Oscar Davidovich
Oscar Davidovich Strok (18.01.1892 years [Dinaburg (now Daugavpils)] - 22.06.1976 years)

The first romances began to appear at the Oscars, when he was 10 years old. When he was twelve, both music sheets Petersburg publishing house has issued a note of two of his songs: when he studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory in piano and worked as an accompanist on stage and in film. Quickly his works were included in the repertoire of various orchestras and vocalists ... And what a wonderful pianist, he was! Told me about K.T. Sokolsky. Once in Riga, came to speak Hope Plevitskaya. She began to represent the best accompanists, but it gave only the lines ...

. Oscar Davidovich recalled: "I was not yet fourteen years old when I plucked up courage and decided to show their songs first pre-revolutionary pop star Anastasia Vyaltseva
. She was the idol of the public, but this good-natured plump woman greeted me cordially, overfeed candies and, most importantly, reacted favorably to my life. It was an amazing artist. Even sing a rollicking song, "I traveled to the fair Ukhar Merchant" she sang so earnestly, with such unfeigned remove that room, where she sat sometimes prim and satiated the audience gasped and then burst a storm of applause.

. In the twenties I had a lot on tour with another outstanding singer - Hope Plevitskaya
. My song "Simple Love" - about the experiences of peasant women who lost her husband in the war - she sang so touchingly, that I believe, could not accompany emotion. And the most subtle interpreter of my waltz was the owner of a velvet baritone Yuri Morfessi.

To my most vivid memories is familiar with Fyodor Chaliapin. Arriving once in Riga, Chaliapin found me, invited to the hotel "Metropol". And after food, a sly look, he began accompanying himself on piano, sing my songs. He knew how pleasant to me that he, the great Russian actor, knows my modest works. Then he asked to play something from my instrumental things, then known as recorded on the plates of the English orchestra.

Deep memories of me and to work together with Viktor Henkin. At one time, Victor, a gifted artist, was cut off from the motherland, was abroad. I remember him as a great artist songs of Beranger, and everything else that he had not acted, it was great. We spoke with him in the Far East: in Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing and everywhere Victor Henkin won the hearts of listeners and viewers. Returning from exile, he, unfortunately, was very coldly received. Friends on the scene do not like stars, for fear to fade away, if possible, put out their own ... This opera scene lost unrivaled Herman [Pechkovskii], and Estrada - Victor Henkin ... "

. In the thirties, Oscar line opens his own restaurant, where his songs performed by such masters as Peter Leshchenko, Konstantin Sokolsky (who later became the first performer of nearly all works written line).

. Throughout his life, Oscar Davidovich gives art, it manifests itself in a variety of genres: writing fantasy, suites, overtures, waltzes, songs, ballads
. During the war created a lot of patriotic songs (among them - "We will win", "Front Driver"). In these war years were at the bar and joint tour with Claudia Shulzhenko. He appeared as a composer, soloist and accompanist. Not chasing fashion - in fact can not be compared drum, mechanical pop music, which appeared in the 60's, with smooth rhythms of the waltz, tango or the song, each chord of which performed the work of the soul. That's a real music and create rows, and so love it and know the art connoisseurs worldwide. The plates are produced by Oscar bar and to this day in America, England, Finland, Japan and many other countries.

June 22, 1975 did not become a pianist, no composer has been wonderful, "King of Tango". But the press did not report on this. At the funeral, only his true friends. K.T. Sokolsky said: "There was complete silence. No official speeches or telegrams of condolences. And suddenly, like a thin silvery stream flowed melody - sounded "black eyes". It is played on the violin Paul Muller. Then the violin was silent for a moment. And once again began to sing - "Sleep, my poor heart". Tears came from my eyes at his last journey escorting his friend ... "

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  • Tamara for LINES Oscar Davidovich
  • The beauty of his talent will live forever in his music
  • Oss for LINES Oscar Davidovich
  • Weц?can п©п?п?пЇ, where you can download his songs (free)
  • Irina for LINES Oscar Davidovich
  • Music of Oscar line is very thin, stylish. It pleases my heart. Many years ago, accidentally found her in the library and to enjoy playing. Son even illustrated silent films early 20 century, the music perfectly suited to them.
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    LINES Oscar Davidovich, photo, biography
    LINES Oscar Davidovich, photo, biography LINES Oscar Davidovich  Music, photo, biography
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