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Sterzhakov Vladimir

( Actor)

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Biography Sterzhakov Vladimir
photo Sterzhakov Vladimir
Vladimir Sterzhakov (06.06.1959 years [Tallinn])

For a long time among his friends, actor Vladimir Sterzhakov reputation of being an inveterate bachelor. Like the hero of the movie The irony of fate, or Enjoy Your Bath, he said to himself: Get married to a woman every day loomed in front of you and pointed out what to do? Horror

. Every New Year's Eve, December 31, Sterzhakov went fishing.

. While his comrades in the family devoured another plate Olivier, Vladimir sat on the icy river with a fishing rod and enjoyed complete freedom.

. - I love the bachelor life
. I was cozy and comfortable from what I have to dispose freely of time, fulfilled all his desires. Well, you imagine what his wife let her husband go fishing at night on New Year's Eve? Be sure to arrange a scandal.

And I could afford the luxury. Besides himself perfectly for a caring and did not need, as some men, wife-housekeeper. In my room in a communal apartment was perfect, I would even say, fantastic cleanliness. In the refrigerator products were in strictly defined order. And what I was chistyulya in clothes! And as myself spoiled when preparing all sorts of goodies! In general, all suited me, and I always laughed at friends who were by then married to a man.

. - But at some point on your horizon appeared Alla:

. Alla: I have not appeared on the horizon
. I just came to the bakery for bread. It was at that time very tired, because it was preparing to defend a diploma in Energy Institute. In the bakery, unfortunately, was a huge queue, and I was about to leave. Suddenly a man came up to me and said: Rise up instead of me, I'm almost at the box office. And somehow I got up, although usually on such scams do not go. I bought some bread and left the store, and Vladimir was waiting on the street. He asked for my phone and when I dictated the number, gave me a banana and toothpaste.

VLADIMIR: I do not know why went to the Alley in the morning in the bakery. I saw her face and caught myself thinking that I wanted to do for this man something good. The first half we were talking exclusively to you. But I was totally embarrassed. On the contrary, next to Alla, I felt a wonderful lightness. We've been walking around Moscow. I read poems. In the evening, followed her home and, as Romeo, stood under the windows and waited in her room lights dim.

I was a bachelor of reinforced concrete, but something inside melted. The turning point came after my illness. I returned from the shooting and was taken ill with a terrible temperature. I am shivering, I was delirious. And then at some point hardly ever opened up and saw that the door opens and the room is an angel. Well all - I thought - now go to heaven. And then, when I came, the angel was alive. It was Alla. Friends told her about what happened to me. And she arrived late at night, called an ambulance. Was left for me to care. At that moment I realized that I can not live without this person for a minute or seconds.

As soon as got out of bed, immediately made a proposal to Alla. She agreed. But her mother was in shock. She clutched at his heart, fell on a chair and cried out: He's an actor!

Alla: In fact, the profession Volodya me too scared. In jest, I say that her husband slipped into my food privorotnoe tool, so I agreed. He'll always fattening. When I came to visit in its communal, Volodya gave me something insanely delicious borscht, the unusual grub, which I had never eaten. Devised various salads, baked chicken with a crispy crust.

Vladimir: Shortly after I made a proposal Allais, we went to the registry office to apply. We were walking, something talked, suddenly literally in my face a huge icicle fell from the top and smashed. Just a little further, and this block of ice would hit on my head, would not go to the registry office, and in emergency station. But this is our adventure did not end. A few homes under our feet from the roof down a brick, this time he almost caught Alla. And when we came to the registry office, they offered us to sign on Friday, the 13th of. Naturally, we refused. Fortunately, we went along and offered a different number.

Alla: Even before the wedding, we decided that we would get married. And the next day after the ceremony at the registry office made the church ceremony. Surprisingly, when we painted, I am absolutely not worried. But in the church in my knees were trembling with excitement. Volodya then said that my skirt shaking went. We crowned a wonderful father. Then he baptized older, Deniska, sanctified apartment.

Vladimir: In the past year, we celebrated with Alla ten years of marriage. This is a respectable time, but until our parents we are still far. My mum and dad have lived together 54 пЁп+п¦п¦. And Allin parents this year will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the wedding. It's great - live life together!

- Psychologists assert that the most difficult family life - the third and seventh year. How did you have?

Vladimir: The most difficult year - this, the eleventh. I have not been home, he worked for 12 hours on the set and even rehearsed plays at night. Tired accumulated monstrous. In addition, we finally bought an apartment. All repairs lay on the shoulders of Alla. And in her hands two more children - the eldest, Denis, and Lesch-year-old. In this situation, everyone was waiting for someone else should pay more attention. Position tired people. This is very dangerous. But we coped. Two months ago, finally moved into a renovated apartment. It remains to arrange her furniture. And. I put a fat point in solving everyday problems.

- A year ago, you was born the youngest, Alyosha. There was no desire to be with his wife during childbirth?

- God forbid. If a man said that was present at birth, I have a question immediately arises: How many of you were vodka and cognac? Or how many pills you take tranquilizers?

It's scary. I splinters from falling into a swoon, and now so much blood. I'm afraid. In general, this question was not even discussed. And, frankly, I do not understand how some people do is come to mind.

- How to educate sons?

Vladimir: Lesch still very small. But Dennis try to convince. If this fails, then sit down to strap. I think this is normal.

- When there is spare time, as he spend?

Vladimir: Unfortunately not, as would. I love nature, boundless spaces, where there is no nearby shelter. I have this pathologically lacking.

There is one place that we have long chosen to friends. I remember one day the visa at the American Embassy (we were invited to the United States to play a show). The woman, who process documents, suspiciously asked: You do want to stay in America? - I? Do you? Never! I know a piece of land that is worth your entire America. This is a real paradise. I am no matter what it would not change. This aunt for a long time looked at me and then asked: This is where? - Do not tell.

But you can not open a secret. My paradise is in the Kalmyk steppes, in the bend of the Volga. There reigns pristine beauty. The nearest village 4 km, to Moscow - and a half thousand miles. Quiet. Here there and I dream in the first place to take their kids when they grow up a bit.

. - As a senior, Denis, reacts when he sees you on television in the series Dasha Vasilyeva, a lover of a private detective?

. Vladimir: To him, this is not surprising, because I often take it with you to the shooting
. He made friends with my strong partner Larisa Udovichenko. He just loves it and calls exclusively Dasha. It is very kind to each other are. Larissa calls him 'my youngest lover in life'. Gives him a book. And Denis in kindergarten all said: 'Dasha Vasilyeva - this is a very useful film'.

- At one time you were shot in a lot of advertising, but once said that this work has not brought you a lot of money. The current fees in the movie you're satisfied?

- Yes. There is an agency that deals with my financial matters. It works perfect girl. The only thing that is annoying, so this lack of professionalism on the set. Unfortunately, too often today's directors - random people.

- If you do not have to earn money, what would you have dedicated their lives?

Vladimir: Not for one moment would not work. Brought up to the kids. Would prepare them to eat, wiping his priests, walked, washed, ironed, and put them to bed. Unfortunately, the work does not allow to do it. Usually, I say: Hey, dig up a treasure! At least two pitchers of gold, well, or one.

- For the sake of a piece of bread you had to work?

Vladimir: Yes, and not just. At one time washing the entrances to the houses, collecting bottles, because of which fought bums. Unloading trucks at nights, and then, when the first machine worked bombiloy, drove the people.

Even in the travel agency working. I invited my friend, the owner of the steamers. I've been chief, and Alla worked my secretary. All this is done in parallel acting career. And you know, I caught myself thinking that the administrative work I like. I think that when enough nasnimayus, perhaps lending business.

Alla: You know, to believe it can. I think he's on the third day bored sitting on the ground.

- In your life today you are satisfied?

Vladimir: The house I built, a tree planted, and not one, the sons of the father. It remains only girl: And yet. I've long been a dream to go to the World Cup, when he will be held in Latin America. And that always played in the final of Brazil. Hopefully, someday it will happen.

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Sterzhakov Vladimir, photo, biography
Sterzhakov Vladimir, photo, biography Sterzhakov Vladimir  Actor, photo, biography
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