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Spivakovskii Daniel

( Actor)

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Biography Spivakovskii Daniel
photo Spivakovskii Daniel
Daniel Spivakovskii (28.08.1969 years)

Born August 28, 1969. Graduated GITIS (second degree). First - the department of psychology at Moscow University. As a child engaged in a theatrical studio. When he studied at the psychologist, attended Moscow State University theater student, played in productions. Since 1992 worked in the theater named Vl. Mayakovsky. Demand in the cinema.

- What are the qualities of the hero movie My stepbrother Frankenstein inherent to you?

- A situation in which we live today in our country, makes to defend, protect, love and be careful. Why must admit, we, in fact, is in the midst of hostilities. People go to the theater - they are taken hostage, go to the concert - they blow. In a subway ride - also blown. We are in such an atmosphere of fear. Unlike his character in Frankenstein, I would have done differently, but the film is an interpretation Todorovsky and Ostrovsky.

- Perhaps cinema, programmed by a feeling of fear?

- No. I do not think so. At least those films that I have recently seen - they are not programmed.

- Who is playing now?

- We have a very interesting project. 5 people are in the elevator, in real time. Elevator going down without stopping. This situation to some extent fictional, but those feelings, those feelings and emotions experienced by the characters - are recognizable to the viewer. And I'm playing a simple man and simple, not devoid of manic symptoms.

- Play a simple man, but in life what you people?

- Yes, and in the life of a simple. How it all.

- A sample schedule of the day Daniel Spivakovsky. That woke up - that for breakfast?

- I do not eat breakfast. I eat the first time or lunch or even later. So I was brought up. As for Frankenstein, I lost 14 kg. But then recovered to 5 kg, but nonetheless try to keep himself in such a norm. And what concerns my culinary tastes - I animal is omnivorous. I'm not gourmet. For me, food - is more appropriate.

. - How were the sample in x, f Lift?

. - Samples were traditional: given to read the script, then had a meeting with the director, and then make themselves up and began trial - after which I approved.

. - Curious incidents during the filming been?

. - How those curious cases were
. All oddity here is that 5 people are in a small space. And this space is really small, despite the fact that the rebuilt pavilion - it's like elevator. And the five of us, five spiders, five insects, we crawl over each-other, had no qualms about lying on each other. All the characters of the film joined at the hip. We even think and talk alike. This is an interesting project.

- Why did you decide to become an actor?

- Historically. Not know. I do some acting education second. First, I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at Moscow University. Although a child engaged in a theatrical studio. When he studied at the psychologist, attended Moscow State University theater student, played there in the performances. Then once in the company of friends, who year after year stormed the theater Higher education, he decided with them for the company to go. I passed, and once in three theatrical institution.

- Educational Psychologist in handy in the actor?

- No. I can not say that, having a role, I open the books on psychology. Psychology - only as additional experience. Meeting with any new man - always enriches the actor's piggy bank.

- Money bank enrich not only meet, but also books. Your reading of the latest book?

- I read a couple of Murakami's novels, novel Faulza, Strugackih Hard to Be God. In addition, 5 or 7 scripts that I brought.

- What about stories would recommend? What are your favorite authors?

- My favorite authors - is Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Gogol and Nabokov. That these authors I would recommend - this is what concerns prose. And in the drama is Shakespeare and Ostrovsky.

- Favorite hero, may of the tale, the film of the book ...

- Yes. I have a favorite character. There is a Fitzgerald novel, Tender Is the Night, the protagonist of this novel, Dick Diver, a psychiatrist. Here is the type I like. And if ever offered the role of this character, I would have played.

. - After the release of pictures of my stepbrother Frankenstein, you feel the special attention of the press and directors?

. - Yes, after Frankenstein, I felt the attention of journalists, has received a number of interesting proposals from filmmakers
. But all this calmly. Star does not suffer from the disease, and once, I'm too busy.

- How do you refer to work in serials?

- I have great pleasure to shoot, both in feature films and serials in. And do not think it is shameful. Soap operas - it is a wonderful kind of television creative. There is a very interesting scenario. On set you meet with great actors and directors. And therefore I gladly agree to serial project.

- Are you married?

- I had the experience of family life and not once. Someone that was a formal marriage with someone civilian. There have been various periods in my life.

- Now you are free?

- Yes. I am free.

- And what should be the woman next to you?

- I would like to see next to a beautiful and talented woman. I have to respect and love. But the main thing - it must be for me to muse, to inspire me to heroic deeds and deeds. I live for this woman. And if next to me will be a woman - that I immediately made her an offer.

- The most incredible myth about myself ...

- In the Internet on some sites write about me lie. Lists movies in which I have never filmed: Migrants, Hammer and Sickle. Similarly, with the performances. I can and rehearsed some, but never played in them.

- To avoid such misinformation - to notify visitors about their new works.

- I withdrew from Pavel Loungin in two projects. The first - a feature film, working title Relatives. In a scenario Gennady Ostrovsky (My stepbrother Frankenstein) and the second job thing about the dead souls on the script Yuri Arabova. In relatives I played Distinguishing role absurd myopic man with watery eyes, an employee of the Jewish cemetery. And what is most interesting in Frankenstein, I have no eyes, and a relative of my torn ear. The scenarios Ostrowski kind of self-mutilation (laughs). Besides, I withdrew from Yuri Kara in the project Love to you, as a disaster - the life Valentina Serova. This will be 8-serial strip, in the best tradition of artistic multiserial film. Here, I played the famous comedian's war and postwar era Paul Shpringfelda. He was a classmate and close friend Serova. Interesting role. There are projects, but for them I do not speak.

- How to keep yourself in such a way? Engaged in sport?

- I once played football. But now very busy and sports just do not have time. In addition to filming a movie game is 8.9 performances per month in the Theater. Mayakovsky. For each show I lose 2-3 kg of - and I think it keeps me in good shape.

- What Do you hate in people?

- Do not know. I do not like bad taste. I love people with a sense of proportion. I can forgive bust or shortfall in the art, everything can be blamed on the bad mood the director or actor. But in real life is not worth doing.

- If you can find a couple of days of free - as you spend them?

- We are pleased to spend time with friends. I love to play solitaire, sit HOUR. But in general, with regard to rest - the last 5 years I never went on vacation. All my visits have been associated only with tours and kinoekspeditsiyami.

- What is dreaming, perhaps, on vacation?

- No, do not dream about vacation. But to get an interesting role in the theater and film would have liked.

- And finally the wishes of your crush:

- It is remarkable that there are people who follow my creativity. It is very nice. And I, for some time now, going on the stage of Mayakovsky, I know - people sitting in the hall, and they bought a ticket just for this show, knowing that they see me. And it energizes. I will continue to surprise and delight the audience. Without them, it is impossible to exist. I really treasure their fans. Thank you!

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