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Olga Spesivtseva (8.07.1895 - 1991)

Spesivtseva came to the Mariinsky Theater on the eve of World War. Her dekadansnaya twilight appearance perfectly blended in the era between the two revolutions. Her role was Giselle crown. Said that Spesivtseva, which tied a close relationship with a prominent critic of. L. Volhynia, belonged to his art as a religion. She walked onto the stage as the church, ready to sacrifice.

Spesivtseva - one of the most tragic figures in Russian ballet. Passing through the revolutionary testing, parting with Volhynia and knocking some time in the circle of ardent revolutionaries, she earned a reputation as the Red Giselle. During the revolutionary terror, she continued to act. Friend Bolshevik Cheka indomitable, she broke with the last prima donna of the Imperial stage. It is unlikely that it expected to get some political dividends or strengthen their position in the company, just in the element of the revolution most of case the shelter seemed to her the iron embrace of the representative of the new government.

. That's when it first came on the terrible bouts of mental illness, which blur her mind for years
. To learn more about the symptoms of madness, necessary for the role of Giselle, Spesivtseva visited the hospital for the mentally ill. She knew that creativity, which she valued above all else, for which she was ready for any sacrifice, lose it. When the meat grinder revolutionary showdown killed her "red" patron, Spesivtseva already suffering from delusions of persecution, decided to flee abroad.

Paris, she won in 1916, speaking with Sergei Diaghilev's Russian Ballet. With his troupe went overseas on a tour to America, she danced with Nijinsky "la rose" and "Les Sylphides". Her permanent home was Paris. Prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theater finally severed from the motherland in 1923, . but the nightmare of bloody events of the revolution in Petrograd, . orgy of terror and cynicism, . shaken unshakable scaffolding of the imperial stage, . haunted her all her life,
. She woke up from nightmares: she dreamed of hired killers, brutalized sailors, secret police with a pistol at his side, led the art.

. Emigration to it reacted warily, "viewed with suspicion, called a" Bolshevik "and even thought the Soviet spy
. All these affect the already impaired nervous system of a dancer, "recalls Serge Lifar. Nevertheless, she took the position of prima ballerina "Grand Opera" and in 1931 was even the title of "Etoile". Participated in a lush, struck the imagination of his contemporaries Diaghilev production of "Sleeping Beauty" in theater "Alhambra".

. Another public Spesivtseva opened in productions of Balanchine and Lifar - bold, extravagant, passionate aesthetic avant-garde
. But life is cracking. Passion Lifar, its partner in the ballet "Giselle", "Peri", "Bacchus and Ariadne", an intimate friend of Diaghilev, prima ballerina has dealt another traumatized. Gifted with a handsome man was completely indifferent to women.
. Argentine Theater ColцЁn Spesivtseva worked with Mikhail Fokine, on tour in Australia - with Victor Dandre left without partner after the death of his wife, the great Anna Pavlova
. Last performance Olga Spesivtseva gave in Buenos Aires. Depression and mental illness never allowed her to go on stage.

Sick and tired dancer moved to the United States, where he soon fell into a psychiatric hospital. In a state of total amnesia, and the collapse of consciousness, she stayed there until 1963, and then suddenly recovered. To her memory back. Her partner Anton Dolin remained true ballerina in the days of glory, and in the years of neglect.

In recent years Spesivtseva held in the boarding house of Leo Tolstoy Foundation, organized by the writer's daughter, Alexandra Tolstoy for single compatriots. Spesivtseva died there in 1991, 94 years old, having to play in a documentary film: she dons a saucy little hat and goes to the Orthodox Church to the service, and then says, and even shows the dance moves.

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    SPETSIVTSEVA Olga, photo, biography
    SPETSIVTSEVA Olga, photo, biography SPETSIVTSEVA Olga  Ballerina, photo, biography
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