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( Ex-lead singer of pop group 'Ivanushki International'.)

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Igor Sorin (10.11.1969 year - the year 04.09.1998)

Ex-lead singer of pop group Ivanushki International ". Attempted suicide on Sept. 1, 1998 - jumped from the balcony and three days later he died.

Igor Sorin was born in 1970. As a student of the second class, first came to the set (the movie was made on the works of Mark Twain). Happened by accident. Newspaper Pionerskaja truth "announced a competition for the role of Tom Sawyer, Sorin responded and unexpectedly won. However, play a major role he has not had a chance. The director quickly changed plans and instead Sorin took the lead role of another actor.

After high school Sorin went to vocational school to the army to get at least some specialty. However, when the time came to enlist in the army, the reserve Sorina - doctors discovered an ulcer.

Meanwhile, the school was established vocal and instrumental ensemble, which took the place of vocalist Sorin. The ensemble played well and one of the city competitions took 2 nd place. The jury noted vocal soloist, and Sorin invited to the club manpower - to engage in singing with the teacher.

After college, Sorin settled a stagehand in Theater Yermolova. However, he decided to continue their education and soon enrolled in the School of Music Gnesin.

The succession of chances in life Sorin continued. In the early 90's Sorin walked around Moscow and the chance to read some fence announcement that Warsaw drama theater troupe gathers to participate in the musical "Metro". Theater staged a play about the lives of youth with the participation of actors from different countries. In the qualifying round of Sorin met Andrei Grigoriev, Appolonovym: Igor held the contest as a vocalist, and Andrew as a dancer. After a triumphant speech in Warsaw performance flew to America, where the actors were contracted for five years. Everything was turning the best possible way. In America, Sorin even offered to study in the New York Academy of vocals ... However, in case unforeseen circumstances intervened. The director of the theater began with local counterparts, and this confrontation led to a split in the collective. Some of the artists stayed in the States, while others returned to Poland. Among the latter left America, and Sorin, who returned to Moscow and was able to recover in Gnesinka. Graduation performance Sorin became the musical "Wonderful Adonis.

After graduating from college Sorin some time in "free floating" - composed music, wrote scripts. But in 1994 came from Sochi Appolonov-Grigoriev ( "red") and suggested another place in the singer's new band, Igor Matvienko Ivanushki International ". Group quickly became popular, and its participants attacked sudden fame.

By mother and. Sorin Svetlana: "Igor has invited us to her concert only when it became apparent that Ivanushki" popular. Actually, he did not like fame and was always dissatisfied with himself. He said that his Ivanushki "closely and too ... easily. He hated to sing under the "plywood" and terribly angry, when they made comments on the matter ...

We had quite a tough relationship with its neighbors because of the female fans, who scribbled all our staircase love letter addressed to Igor. All the floors and elevators were filled with tear appeals to him. We got tired of it, and I made these crazy girls bucket of powder and said that if they respect Igor, you have to wash all floors. Washed.

Almost all the money that was to earn a Igorek Ivanushki ", went on his clothing. He did not like the standard things, so always merchandised to Tishinskaya flea market, bought up all the old. He would come home sometimes in boots or overcoats, which were 30-50 years ago ... "

Meanwhile, March 3, 1998 Sorin last made in the "Simons", then decided to leave the group. What exactly was the reason for this act - unknown. His fame was at its zenith, colleagues in the group treated him with respect. Apparently, Igor tired of monotony, davivshee on the psyche of all group members. But if the other two parties "Simons' nerves were stronger, then Sorin could not resist.

. At the same time, Igor has changed and the place of residence - from a small one-room apartment in the area of textile workers (where he lived with his girlfriend Sasha), he moved to Kuntsevo, where he rented an apartment
. The summer of that year Sorin began work on his first solo album. They say he is hoping for patrons, but his hopes were not fulfilled, no one wanted to help him, really very obstinate seemed Igor. Apparently, the refusal to cooperate with him played a significant role in the future behavior of Sorin.

In late August, Sorin actively worked on recording his solo album. Rehearsals are held in an apartment on the sixth floor of the house number 12 on the street Veresaeva. It seemed nothing portends trouble. However ...

Early in the morning on September 1 Sorin told friends that he was going to smoke, went to the balcony and more in the apartment does not returned. When concerned friends, caught him, Sorin has already stepped down. At 7.10 he was taken in 71-th city hospital. Doctors put the initial diagnosis - brain concussion, bruising of internal organs. But later it turned out that everything is much more difficult. Doctors noted fracture of the first and fifth cervical vertebrae, bruised kidney, complete paralysis of the lower body, partial paralysis of the hands. On the tragedy of the famous singer became known in Moscow Health Committee, whose leadership has indicated it is prepared if necessary to provide additional assistance and expertise. Urgently convened a consultation of doctors and leading neurosurgeons of the city. In the end it was decided to operate on a patient. The operation lasted about five hours, accompanied her famous professor A. G. Oganezov. You remove the fifth cervical vertebra, instead of which put the transplant. In an interview with Moscow News' chief physician, 71-th city hospital III. Gaitsullin said: "First, connect the modern American breathing apparatus, but after the operation, Igor began to breathe himself. There have been suggestions that Sorin jumped from a balcony while intoxicated, but I officially declare that these rumors are not baseless. Every patient that comes to us in the ambulance, we take a blood test for alcohol content. In the blood Igor its content - nil. In the presence of drugs tests are not carried out ... "

After surgery, Sorin came to himself, even said. Asked whether he himself out of the window or under the influence of something or someone, he replied that he did it on their own. Despite the successful outcome of the operation, the state Sorin remained very heavy - he was still paralyzed. Head of the resuscitation unit in. Fonyakov in an interview in those days, said: "In principle, if not internal damage to the spinal cord, one would expect a full recovery. And so ... and if the guy survives, it will be disabled ... "

Miracle did not happen. September 4 at 18 hours 30 minutes Igor Sorin died. The funeral took place three days later at the Kuzminskoye Cemetery in Moscow. The newspaper "Moscow News" reported: "Hundreds of young people dressed in mourning, mostly girls, sobbing loudly, lamenting his idol. From well-known in show coterie of persons correspondents "Vedomosti" were seen Ivanushki, keep aloof, Valeriy Meladze, Sergey Mazaev. Estranged parents took condolences Igor. Father for the past week so emaciated that many relatives did not recognize in him the old cheerful Volodya. Was here and the girl Alexandra, with whom Igor lived in recent. It turns out that he really wanted to have a child, but could not decide on this crucial step, until he gets on his feet. They say that in his suicide note Sorin wrote: "I invite all to fly with me to the stars".

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