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Jimmy Somerville

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Jimmy Somerville
photo Jimmy Somerville
Jimmy Somerville

The first jump in the popularity of 35-year-old resident Glasveshana Jimmy Somerville was in 1984, when but a handful "Bronskaya Beat. "Smoltaun battle" - their first single, took 3rd place in the British charts and became very popular throughout Europe. Students love this song, not only because of the unusual, high voice of Jimmy, but also for the image outcast, isolated, forced to live in a big city, a provincial boy. While this is not the first song on this topic, but the combination of popular electronic music disco and genuine experiences of three groups of artists have made this song very popular in Europe and in the world, too.

Songs like "Bronskaya bit in 84-85 years. regularly hit the charts, including such songs as "I feel love," Donna Summer, they sang it with Marc Almond.

. Year of successful records in Europe and the UK, many live concerts, new staff has brought fame to the group, but something happened to Jimmy, and he left the group to rest.

. Months passed, and Jimmy joined the group "Kommunards" with his friend, keyboardist Richard Coles
. During the next 3 years, the band performed a few hits from their popular album "Kommunards" (1986) and "Red" (1987)

. Works of Jimmy and Richard is a combination of good old-fashioned "gay"-disco and more blues, acoustic songs on the social and political themes
. Both had a significant impact on tetcherskie 80's, as well as perfectly reflected both sides of the personality Jimmy. Once Communards even took the first place, which is held for 4 weeks in September 1986 with her vivacious and energetic version of "Don't Leave me this Way" - a classical work in the style of soul. Later they were touching ballad "For a Friend", devoted friend who died of AIDS plunged audiences in stony silence.

. At the end of 88 years, Richard, a former church organist left the band to pursue a career in journalism as a religious commentator
. Jimmy started his solo career. As a result poyavilis5 new singles and 2 albums "Read my lips" (1989) and "The single collectoin" (1990). There went the same way and different remixes of songs Sylvestr'a "You Poppy me feel (Mighty real)", which reached the top five and compositions Francoise Hardy "Comment te dire adieu", is blowing in French with Jean-Michel Kingston. He also participated in the project Red Hot and Blue, Initiation AIDS, recorded a remix of the track Cole Porter "From this moment on".

. Regular expressions Jimmy Well the theme of homosexuality does not affect the vast number of his works in the air and huge sales
. His candor and openness as a gay artist even helped him poppulyarnosti.

. Since the disappearance of Jimmy from the charts in 1991, he pays less attention to their careers and maintain the status of celebrity, and as he himself admits, lives a simple life gay
. His new work is more than previously based on personal feelings and experiences during the ups and downs of his experiences over the past 4 years.

. Although he appeared in some films "Orlando" Sally Porter, . and founded a gay film company "Normal Films" with Isaac Dzhulienom and other, . to release the film "Postcards from America", . which was shown at the New York kinofestevale, . his singing career was interrupted for a long time,
. "Over the past few years, said Jimmy, I have lived a full life and has reinvented itself and realized what it meant to be representative of the group, which raised the fear and cruelty of AIDS, which claimed many close friends. New songs that I wrote concerning these very personal experiences of life, love, sex, death. "

Album "Dare to love" was released in June 95 and is a combination of dance music and serious songs, affecting gai subjects. One of the songs on the ref, who is in love with a 16-year-old boy, and therefore subjected to threats and harassment, is fairly typical of the new material and links to the last stage of creativity.

. "It's still pop album - commented Jimmy, - a little bit disco, jazz and some blues, but mostly gay priest gay priest, if you want
. I'm not going there to you nothing to say that I am now a mature artist, continues to Jimmy, though I am more satisfied with their current vocal. I am better able to control his voice and not afraid to sing in full voice. "

"Heartbeat" was the first single from the album "Dare to love", which was released January 16, 1995. He immediately got on the 24 th place of the British charts and won first place in the dance charts in America. To this day, the clubs play remix DJ E-Smoove, and Armand Van Heldon. Then came out a remix of the track Susan Cadogan "Hits so good", which in 1975 is among the four best reggae hits America. "I thought it was an appropriate song for work, said Jimmy, it's about how we must be strong in the face of emotional and physical humiliation and to be able to fight back."

. "Hits so good" burst into the British charts for 15 seats, followed by an outstanding performance in the show Top of the POP
. Within 4 weeks it was the most played track in Europe. The next single, "By you side" was released in late October 1995, to which was timed tour of the UK.

. Since then, Jimmy has toured extensively throughout the world, including places like San Francisco, Beirut, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Canada and the entire whole of Europe.

. Jimmy participated in a project called "Respect" which was organized by the TUC in London, which included the single's release and participation in a free festival, which took place on June 20
. The collected funds were transferred to alliance against racism. Until the end of summer, Jimmy and his team carried out a European tour.

In addition to live performances, Jimmy has released singles from Weathergirls and Sparks. He also worked on a project studio BMG titled The Heavensi recorded game Lark in child cartoon on the story by Oscar Wilde's "The happy Prinse", shot by Case Television for Channel 4 and was released in Christmas 1996.. He also completed composing music for the new series Chanell 4, entitled "Glasgow Kiss". Most recently, Jimmy received a license to release a new single in the various European studios under the name "Safe". Composition was taken from the album "Dare to love", a remix made by Todd Terry and DJ Tonka. Now it can be heard all over Europe and in Spain, he was # 1 in the hit parade in late June. This composition came to the following brands: SPV - Germany, . Austria and Switzerland, . Scorpio - France, . FMA - Italy, . Ginger - Spain, . FM - Greece, . Mega-Scandinavia, . ID & T - Belgium, . Netherlands and Luxembourg, . David Gresham-South Africa, . Form Records - South East Asia and BNE - Israel,
. And the list is not exhaustive.

After leaving his record company, London Records, Jimmy is currently working on material for a new album, along with Sally Herbert. He intends to release a new single in Velikobretanii called "Dark Sky". This single is very different from what he had done before. This will be one of many waiting for their turn tracks on his new brand Gut Records. Mixes performed using Sure is Pure, Tony De Vit, Dillon and Dickins and The Only Child. Autumn of the single will be followed by new album. Recently, Jimmy spoke at Europride in Paris, and in June, with a broken arm, took part in concerts in Germany: St. Christopher Street Day parade and festival in Hannover.

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Jimmy Somerville, photo, biography
Jimmy Somerville, photo, biography Jimmy Somerville  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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