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Soloviev Sergey

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Sergei Solovyov

Director Sergei Solovyov is known for his films 'One hundred days after the child', 'Assa', 'Black Rose - an Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose - the emblem of love', 'The Stationmaster', 'Tender Age'. Despite the anniversary (August 25, he is 60 years old), Solovyov is known for stunning modern, often unexpectedly provocative tapes. Now known director is working on filming a new movie - 'Anna Karenina' with Tatiana and Sergei Bezrukov Drubich in the lead roles.

- You are brave man, Sergei Aleksandrovich. Hope that the heroes of Leo Tolstoy will now anyone interested?

- Every nation has its eternal themes. Whatever new-fangled currents may appear in, say, the English youth, but when it ceases to understand who this Hamlet, it will be possible to say that Britain is no longer. So we. If Tolstoy cease to be interesting if the story of Anna Karenina - an empty sound, it means that Russia's place has emerged a certain geographic area, it is unclear state and nationally oriented. Judging by what happens in the film - it is oriented 'pro-American'. But I have hope that Russia still exists. Itself.

- Only hope or is it confidence?

- No, there is no certainty. The times in which we live with every day which selects whatever confidence, but leaves a ghostly hope. And then, even today came an unexpected fashion classics. The whole country watched spellbound 'Idiot'. Knowledgeable people say that it became very fashionable to go to the conservatory. And coming to the concert, no one falls asleep while listening to Mahler. And if you do not want to sleep, then begin to try to understand what was there that Mahler's music and grieved, and in general, who he is, where did. This is an important cultural shift.

With those same fashions I connected another story. When I mounted the 'Assu', I suddenly thought of the film to throw out everything that is connected with the storyline Paul I. I called Bors Grebenshchikov: 'Do not write the music for Paul, I have it all to hell cut'. Boris wondered why I did it. 'Well, you know - say - for once ever once took modern viewers now, well the hell they want this Paul? " Boris paused, then said: 'Oh, yes, you even can not imagine how these people love about the incomprehensible! "

. Of course, I'm not going to do 'Anna Karenina' in the form of fossilized academic stalactite
. After all, those people, even if they were dressed in other clothes, lived in the same passions that in us. A careful reading Tolstoy: Anna Some tablets which are. She's almost committed suicide while in the drug panic-stricken. Any other, I repeat, do not need to invent. It should simply read the book carefully. The exclusive underground Russian classic.

- You are ready to charges of desecration of a great writer?

- I'm used to it. All my paintings are at first met with howls of criticism. I can not remember any of his movie, which would be met somehow sympathetic. When left 'Assa', in the press wrote that I - an old idiot who does anything is not understood, and therefore attach themselves to the younger generation and sucking their blood. Then the film somehow quietly and calmly flowing in the discharge of domestic Kinoklassika. 'Religious Paintings' and stuff like that:

- Do you think that is why we keep committing the same mistakes? Because of their stupidity?

- No. People we still are not as stupid as we'd like to meet all national government follies. Just take our history. 70 years to build communism, and then one day it suddenly closed down and began to build some kind of liberal democracy. At the same time in leadership positions remained the same universal people. YA, . example, . I can not get here, and waved his hands and exclaim: 'Ah!, . how much has happened in my lifetime! " What I experienced in reality? Some unscrupulous idiots taunted labor ordinary people, . Then came other more unscrupulous, . well, . maybe, . slightly less 'stupid', . but just continue the process of bullying,
. The same state hooliganism, but in other forms. I am even ashamed to say that I have something in their life experienced, so all of this, in essence, wistful and funny historical farce, and no history. Yes. Horrible, poor and tragic farce.

I think our people's drama lies in the fact that, until the man himself did not commit any mistakes, do not stumble on them, he did not understand. From the abstract is difficult to make things whole people practical conclusions. But we can and should be done Still any conclusions spiritual. Well, for me today, for example, there are only two have not compromised themselves public institution - the art and the scripture of God. I can not say that so deep and original understanding this and that and live by these understandings. But, . from time to time leafing through the text of Scripture, . I'm surprised has read, . because they still do not find it any demagogic nonsense, . about which he could have said: 'Yes la adno fool people, . I, . I do not understand, . that there, . Why all this is written! " Know, . as happens, . when watching TV and, . switching programs, . is not on one of them at least one word, . which might be believable:,

. - Today many people choose money, which you can buy everything - ranging from office and ending with life itself
. What happens, Sergey?

- There is a doomsday. What is happening with us all, without exception, institutions, almost irreparably. And to blame but themselves, in all this a certain. So I did the same in his time, too, 'led' to this: I have felt in his youth, some hidden and seemingly shameful talents to the leadership of public life. If I were, say, want, then under the Communists could well become a great chief of the Soviet government. I'm learning to VGIK and not paying Komsomol contributions, almost the same was approved by a member of the Komsomol Central Committee. But I did not even know where it is! But nothing but fun youthful cynicism, all these social miasma in my soul, of course, never called. But on Gorbachev, I bought into it seriously. When he arrived, I thought: 'Maybe now really be everything humanly remake? " I spoke somewhere, wrote some articles. Now, . sure, . seems ridiculous to me the whole thing is - well, how could I almost gray and quite a lot in my life seen a fool to kupitsya such nonsense? Well could not I do not understand, . that one even 'good Gorbachev' with all this insanity can not cope,
. And then, still a brilliant phrase once said Anna Akhmatova her then husband, a wonderful poet Nikolai Gumilev: "Anya, as soon as you notice that I begin to 'jaws peoples' kill me'.

. - Do you believe that when one begins to engage his soul, come?

. - On this account I, too, some ambivalent, perhaps, a sense
. On the one hand, I certainly understand that a catastrophe does not come, as long broke. We senselessly lost that great spiritual and geographical phenomenon, which until recently was called Russia. Judging by the many external signs, Russia in the sense in which we would like to remember her, no more. This is the third, I think, or fourth generation of fun and well-dressed young guys weekly briskly move the movies to American movies in order to understand how one must live: I'm not saying even that it is, say, bad. Simple things work so that personally I suddenly begin to cease to feel Russia with the authenticity with which I had felt her. On the other hand, I still bump sometimes quite amazing things. Here's a story that I saw in scraps on some TV channel. Since the former home base decided to drag somewhere in the new location-based submarine. But in the midst of something there is over - not the means, not the kerosene. Contact was lost, the boat was abandoned and forgotten. The team tried to continue on the course in accordance with the original order, but maneuvering, the boat suddenly found herself in a kind of swamp and also ran aground. Six years after the boat no one remembered, but every morning her team raised the flag of St. Andrew, while continuing to log and lay alert. Gradually somehow managed to carry on the family boat. I'm on TV personally seen on this boat played a wedding. Groom, . in dress officer's uniform submariner, . with a dirk at his side, . carried on thrown into the swamp gangplank bride in a white dress billowing, . and aft, . in accordance with the statute, . solemnly lined up crew, . next to which stood, . near tears, . enlightened relatives,
. And then I thought again: 'No, this country just still can not do anything'. Of course, this boat, probably, and now lies on his belly in a swamp. And her boss, perhaps, to this day is associated with the naval leadership, trying to find out the fate of the unfortunate craft. And yet it still raises flag of St. Andrew. And, if pripret, somehow I am sure, let a torpedo boat, and they will fall exactly where needed.

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Soloviev Sergey, photo, biography
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