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Sobinov Leonid V.

( Russian singer (lyric tenor))

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Biography Sobinov Leonid V.
photo Sobinov Leonid V.
Leonid V. Sobinov (07.06.1872 years [Yaroslavl] - 14/10/1934 Year [Riga])

Sobinov was born in a provincial merchant family, which was valued, above all, the ability to make money. His grandfather bought off the fortress, together a little capital, the father also lived all trades and his son in the merchants. The only weakness, which is currently allowed in the family is sometimes sing with a guitar. They sang everything: his grandfather, father and mother and brothers. Graduated from the Yaroslavl school, Sobinov submit a petition in the law faculty of Moscow University, at that time, he dreams of the legal profession. However, the voice is his game, . and even several student parties, . where Sobinov demonstrates his lyrical tenor is enough, . that it first attracted to singing in choir, student, . and then encouraged to polish voice in the Philharmonic Academy.,

. Gradually the musical Moscow louder spinning student in the funnel opera
. Sobinov become inveterate theatergoer. Yet, after graduating from university, in concert with the Philharmonic School, Leonid Sobinov becomes a serious lawyer gets more than an assistant to the most famous in those years, a lawyer Theodore Nikiforovich Plevako. And before that, serving more and annual military duty in the Moscow infantry cadet school.

After becoming an assistant Plevako, Sobinov enthusiastically goes to Russia, is preparing the case, speak in the courts, gives interviews, he dreams of becoming a new Plevako ... but the fate of their pressure, she does not care about passion of the young heart. Resting on the courts, Sobinov sings in the music room, usually in a circle of lovers of Russian music, where he observes and Stanislavsky and Ermolov. Rachmaninoff himself accompanies an amateur singing Rachmaninov songs until finally he could not hear the chief conductor of the Bolshoi Theater Hippolyte Altani.

Altani Sobinova invited to show his voice on the samples at the Bolshoi Theater. However, initially thought to change the lawyer's firm position on the fate of the singer, the total uncertainty of fortune, the public, music seemed unthinkable Sobinova. He had at first a lot of cajoling, and then hastily cavatina from the opera Faust by Gounod. But when a long queue at the theater singing the searchers reached him, Sobinov kept silent, hid in the back and called to the scene following the singer. Altani turned his head, not knowing where his protege had disappeared ...

Sobinov relieved to return home, it would seem fate left alone, but in the house raided his favorite teacher in college Philharmonic Santago-Alexander Gorchakov. She was ashamed of student weakness, angry, and begged Sobinov, reluctantly, went on trial again. And then the incredible happened - a young lawyer, amateur largely offered to sing at the Bolshoi Theater Party Sinodal in Rubinstein's opera "Demon"! And he sang it April 24, 1897. Novice steel encore, happy Altani gives the sign of the orchestra and debutant repeats his aria. Sobinov shocked the public reception of the opera. With his legal career is over once and for all, he signed his first singing contract.

. Just one season of 1897-98 years the singer had the honor to sing Lensky from Tchaikovsky's opera Eugene Onegin, Faust, Gounod's opera of the same name, and the Duke of Verdi's opera "Rigoletto"
. Repeat this debut of any of the lyric tenor has not yet been. Sobinov fulfilled almost all the leading parties of the world lyric repertory, Sobinov won fans all over the world, and died October 14, 1934 in an instant, as it should be the favorite of the fate of a broken heart, a singing heart. On materials RIA Novosti

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    Sobinov Leonid V., photo, biography
    Sobinov Leonid V., photo, biography Sobinov Leonid V.  Russian singer (lyric tenor), photo, biography
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