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Patti Smith

( Rock singer)

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Biography Patti Smith
photo Patti Smith
Patti Smith (31.12.1946, the [Chicago])

From the first plate "Horses" photographers adored Patti Smith. They did not have to make any effort to make a work of art: Patti Smith herself it was. She just looked at the camera, unblinking look foolish - a thin, almost dry, sexless woman Indian. Her blood was not anything special, just all at that time considered themselves shamans and descendants of Indians, Jim Morrison and even invented his father, the tribal chief than mortally offended his real father. Patti Smith when he died, Jim Morrison, was twenty-five years, but she was born there - from the days when parents were considered a burden, a range of world demand immediate changes.

. Patti Smith, even a child of his pervogo, from whom she was kicked out of college, gave a foreign family, that it does not interfere with her work
. Because she had been saving money to go to New York - it was in the backwoods of New Jersey, just the wrong place for a young ambitious girl. Then she had paid for his sin, to give the child, has paid a heavy full board, but then 6ylo a time - no one thought of retribution.

. Soon she reached the city of his dreams, and even further - she got to the end of 60-x to Paris, which soon arrived, as - to die, Jim Morrison
. But later, a while in New York, she lived in the Hotel Chelsea. They all lived, and Patti Smith lived there with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, the first of the photographers who came to love to do her shots and, in fact, created the cover of the album "Horses". He took Patti in a white shirt with tie, . She stared unblinking gaze into the lens, . there was no clear, . who he, . the man with the foolish and incredibly strong views - male or female, . and that he needed from those, . whom he looks with such a demanding,
. But this was in 1975, a before Patty read their poems on the club, accompanied by the same, as she, thin man named Lenny Kaye. They met at one evening, where Lenny was present either as a guitarist, or a journalist, or music store employee - he was all these and more he was with the strange music lovers to the early 70's flavor. He did not like the art-rock, he did not like many fanciful compositions, which was then filled with rock scene - he liked the music much more frank and aggressive. So, once in the club, he met the reading poems xyduyu woman with piercing eyes, who loved the same, that he loved. And he began ee loyal friend for life, because Lenny Kaye was a very loyal person. And now they went to clubs together, Patti read his poems rapid breathless recitative, a Lenny, played up her guitar.

. Patti Smith wrote poems such as insane, as she was: they were full of threats to peace, demanding atonement and narrated o the most unlikely people
. So, she wrote a poem about Marianne Faithfull, who at that time was dying in the slums on the other side of the Atlantic ctoronu. But Patti Smith wrote that she will not leave here so soon, and Marianne Faithfull has survived - because Patti Smith saw his 6ezumnym look far beyond the material world. She was shy, stiff, she was the last beatniks of the world imminent disco and the latter in anticipation of a hippie-punk era. Perhaps, . She was very committed to the reference rock 'n' roll in that era tired, . For this she said in the mid-seventies, . when no one in anything he did not believe, . thick Lennon ran through the streets of New York from his wife, . a Phil Spector did in his studio of Leonard Koena ladies' man: "Any very goddamned rock 'n' roll is able to lift me above, . than the Bible ",
. And this statement at that time was worth more than all the current pop stars vow to be faithful to Jesus.

. Then Lenny find musicians, and Patti Smith began to sing: sing the furious voice of thunder and lightning to the world, while Len-or with friends playing violent trehakordny rock 'n' roll
. In an era of art-rock that goes on cebe had more courage. Patti sang o the fact that she - "nigger rock and roll": the critic, attending her concerts, she got there stunned. One of these men began their report on such a concert with the words: "When I sat down at the typewriter, I wanted to write only:" It was great! "To the end of the page. Another critic said that Patti Smith - the only singer from those he had seen, that spits on the stage. A year later, started a punk-rock, and everything in it, from the Sex Pistols and ending with The Clash, argued that if they are who and what are required, it is Patti with ee "Horses".

. Patti recorded, and other records in the 70-x, but the "Horses" was such a breath of fresh air at the time of release, which overcome the inertia of this success in the minds of listeners Patty was unable
. However, it is not too worried. Her life did great change.

. Until a certain time, Patty did not need constant male - she surpassed them all by force of nature, it surpasses them with his talent, she was a feminist at the very simple reason: it was so much that men were lost in its shadow
. But in 1976 she went on tour in Detroit, where she presented there the living legend, a man who feared the producers - nicknamed Fred "Sonic", a last name - and it was fate - Smith. Fred was once the guitarist of Detroit MS5 and member of a clandestine anarchist group called "White Panther", which was designed to "all-out attack on culture by all possible means, including drugs and rock 'n' roll and sex on the streets". First record MS5 was the Prohibition on the sale because on its face wearing the slogan "Kick out the jams motherfuckers!" - It should be noted that the case happened in 1968. Fred was the guitarist: such, . he, . Guitar, . was a day of fire search, . but to this day people do not have it o not the slightest idea, . because the group refused to MS5 on the radio - had heard about the political statements and incredibly impudent behavior of its participants,
. A team assembled when Fred called Sonic's Rendezvous Vand, which called, among his former coratnikov yet another drummer and loud group of Detroit's "The Stooges", show business has decided that making fun of him. Not only were some MS5, so there are these - and Fred finally closed all the way up.

. Between the meeting and they were calm for another four years - Patti managed to break one of the concerts of his neck, a Fred - abandon all hope to do with her name on a legal career
. But in 1980, and he and Patty announced that the withdrawal of cases: a beautiful epoxa over, it's time to raise children. They are the couple already had two, but it was not even in this. Simple and Patti and Fred had been sane people. This may sound strange, after all that is known about them, but it was sheer truth: they were not just mad - they were still zdravomyslyaschi. So Patti explained in an interview: "I have long believed that a woman must fight to defend, must, must, a then I met Fred and realized that pose of the woman - lying on his back, and it has everything a woman could wish ". And they began to live quietly in a suburb of Detroit, and nothing reminded that they - the former star. And so they lived quietly all crazy 80's, recorded only one record - good, but the inertia of the non-existent in obscurity.

In the early 90's, Fred began to teach his wife to play the guitar: it seemed that can then try something to write. But Fred only had time to teach his wife to accompany me: November 9, 1994 he had a heart attack. Six months later, Patty went to the world: look, how people live, to try to remember what life meaning. She watched as the new generation of musicians, which she did not know, went on stage, as ono himself holds that sings. She remembered how she did it. I remembered that she still has a friend Lenny Kaye, called him, and they recorded a new Patti Smith - her first independent record over the past fifteen years.

In the songs it was no longer the former arpecsivnosti. It was replaced by grief - grief and boundless transpersonal and sorrow for all things that lived so little and dies so suddenly. Music from now on it was like crying - crying time, hopes, all retired and those who are still on some kind of misunderstanding is slow to leave. And this was in mourning last stoicism - stoic man of whom once wrote Faulkner - that he knew that death, still has the power to behave as if he were immortal.

. So Patti Smith and lives with those pores: a sober, dry and still slightly 6ezumnym glance
. In her collection of "Land (1975-2002)" everything is mixed: the former Patty, the current - all built in chronological order, a way that its rated current listeners, who have little acquainted with all that once made an important her life. In order that forced her to give her first child and then pacplatitsya for it's own happiness. In order that forced her to be who she was: the strongest and most perceptive woman on this earth.

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Patti Smith, photo, biography
Patti Smith, photo, biography Patti Smith  Rock singer, photo, biography
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