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Nicholas Slichenko

( Theater Manager 'Romen')

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Nicholas Slichenko (27.12.1934 years)

. The last anniversary of the world-famous singer and actor Nicholas Slichenko, who also directs 30 years old Roma Theater Romen, again drew attention to this unique art to life and culture of Roma in Russia and abroad

- I do not know, Nikolai, congratulations on the anniversary or not? He probably just you tortured?

- Yes, there is little. With this always involves a lot of turmoil - and concerts, and meetings, and records. But in the end are always very pleasant feeling of human kindness, with love. We, the actors, it's skin feel. We are hard to fool. And I am very grateful to all.

- The jubilee concert, which lasted six hours, took place some kind of orgy: Walkers, congratulations. It is strange that with such a people love you in the past few years is shown on television. People got excited: maybe the Slichenko voice gone?

- Well, it does not matter to me. With a voice as yet I have everything in order.

- In short, do not fit into the current pop-screen life?

- How to say ... You ask naive questions. Is it not clear that it is now on television to pay for everything. The same market. After all, he is called - show-business. Everywhere the money, gentlemen! And for the issuance of the disc you have to pay. I say: We must earn. In general, all easy. The rate is in fact only the pop. Culture Channel have created any transmission on the Gypsy songs, Russian romances, but it is dosed. Sometimes ponder over this situation, and so hard to become ... Although I do not allow myself to dwell on this. Thankfully, while there is something to do.

- A strange situation, because the gypsy art of perception as many times and is identified with entertainment ...

- With tsyganschinoy. In vain! No, of course, brilliant entertainment and, as they say, drive there is and should be. But not only is this love for Roma and Pushkin, and Tolstoy, and Turgenev, and Apollon Grigoriev. In this art, such depth, subtlety and tragedy! And the particular acuteness of perception of life. Remember, Fyodor Protasov in the Living Corpse, listening to the Gypsy songs, says: This is the steppe, a tenth century, it is not freedom, but will ... That is, by nature, the element! And what is love! Probably, all at least once in my life heard in a fateful hour or Dark Eyes. Basis Gypsy - is always a high Russian poetry. Incidentally, one of the reasons for the establishment of our theater in 1931 and it was just the desire of famous singers, musicians, something to counter thrived while tsyganschine. They wanted to convey to the audience present, root gypsy art, not a distorted pop banality, but on the other hand - to live up to the time. Not for nothing was invited to lead the famous Moscow Art Theater actor Michael Yanshina.

- Roma Diaspora lot, but the art of Russian gypsies some originality is?

- Yes, it is very different. And you know why? Because those who came to Russia, to hear something unique - Russian song. Razdolnoe and banish. Complement its own temperament, rhythms, and began to sing in his. And here unite all - and longing, and passion, and passion. But the main thing, of course, the intimacy. The ability to openly express suffering and compassion, to understand the pain of another. And amazingly, that we, Russian Gypsy, took always and everywhere more enthusiastically than others. The audience fell into a kind of frenzy, and in countries where people are different restraint. We were warned, for example, before the tour in Japan: The people of indoor. Do not expect immediate reactions. And that closed after the concerts people shouting for half an hour, the curtain did not give close.

Unfortunately, now because of the economic problems we are totally deprived of the tour. And, in fact, the country cut off. And it is always very bad. We need a steady stream of fresh air, the exchange energy. But now everything comes down to finding a sponsor, in the same money.

. - And there is no general risk of extinction of gypsy culture? Do not dissolve it in the cultures of different countries, including ours?

. - In Moscow for this established Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Russian Roma, and before that appeared Educational Center of Roma culture
. They communicate with foreign countries and with the province. Aid agencies, the support of the Roma in our country, preserving national traditions. And in 1971, in London at the first International Congress of Roma from 46 countries established the International Union of Roma, adopted a statute where there is even a separate item on the Roma Court. But now he no longer has the character of public censure. Were taken as the anthem and flag.

- And on that flag? Horse?

- Almost guessed. Red Wheel on the green-blue background. And by the way, our Russia's Gypsies, scientists, professors who study the history of the people, traditions, took a worthy place in league. Fields of activity of this organization is also very diverse. This coordination, and education, and some international stocks. Established even the World Roma Day - April 8. But this, as you know, probably the day of memory, sadness. Too many losses, and for the whole Istria in general, and in the last war. The official figure - 500 thousand, but our data shows that it is 10 times more. For Roma before the war were mostly without passports, and the whole camp the Nazis shot without witnesses. Gold selected, it is now stored in Swiss banks. The first compensation to Roma victims of war, Trust for Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation has already begun to pay.

- The day after, and you directly affected?

- Yes, my father was shot in the war near Kharkov, where we lived. He was taken. And we do not even know where his grave.

- Tragic Theme. But now the growth of nationalist sentiment, you and your theater on does not feel it?

- No. It. Perhaps because Gypsies have more than five centuries (!) Fused with Russia, with Russian culture ... I'm hurt more - we often rush to equate crime with one or another nation. Attach a tag. Gypsies in Russia may be only a 1-2 per cent, but judging by showcasing our TV, the whole drug trade is concentrated in their hands. I think someone just put the blame on them beneficial any crimes. After all, they stand out from the masses and always in mind.

- And do you know how Gypsies live in the province?

- Course. Like all peoples, in different ways. Someone opened his business, someone has created an ensemble. Prophetess, gadalschits now more Russian - open any newspaper.

- And whether in Russia today downturn of interest in the Roma art? Rhythms other. Time more sober, pragmatic.

- I think there. Popularity remains high. Just TV, I repeat, is actively promoting only one type of entertainment. I do not want to seem bore, but every day for all programs, we see the same thing. Understand that the point is not to impose something - classical art, or a gypsy song, or so-called urban romance - and the need for vaccination of good taste, to expand horizons. After all, people must somehow form, lift! Especially young. But in recent years done everything in order to reduce the bar for audience taste.

- You'll have a very gloomy view of things. Here Verka Serduchka votes: Everything will be fine! She knows it.

- As for me, I often turn off the TV. But it is, I repeat, not me.

- But your grandson Nicholas Slichenko also participated in a project like the Star Academy?

- Yes, he begins an actor, singer, albeit trying, looking for himself, and let them be factory. Trouble, when it all comes down only to them. Any culture is interesting variety. We can not let everything take its course, measure only the market. But in general, I would not like to speak at length on this topic. It is very painful for me. I prefer to talk about his theater.

- Is it true that your Romain - the world's only gypsy theater?

- I, in any case, other examples do not know. This is really a unique group (now joined the company 70 people plus guitar band). At first, theater opened in the tiny zalchike in Gnezdnikovsky Lane. Then we have this building in the hotel of the Soviet. And in the war theater was all fronts. With his own money built bombers Romenovets.Teatr was infinitely loved by the people. Yes, and how not to love? Beauty Lyalya Black, powerful Ivan Rom-Lebedev, the venerable chorus Gypsy Maria Skvortsova, Ivan Khrustalev romantic ... They were gypsies, still well remembered tabornuyu life, retained a special type of singing ...

- And now, how are you? The future of the theater is?

- In terms of audience is. Almost always sold out. By the way, a lot of young people coming. All we had different performances, we are - music and drama. The repertoire and Leskov, and Tolstoy, and Merimee.

- But modern authors have no?

- There is relatively modern, the same Edgar Egadze. Soon the premiere of his play Blind. We are trying to find a new, modern forms. The theater should not be a purely ethnographic, then it quickly out of steam, dies. But the emphasis still on our traditions, I would call it romantic. For this, I think us and the audience loves this. A new drama and put in other theaters.

But, of course, our future depends on the actors' training. But here the complexity. If I were in his time, twenty years ago, had not opened a studio-based college Gnesin do not know how we live today. Of course, we were still arriving from all over Russia talented young Roma. But this unit. And they do not solve the problem. The average age of the troupe - 30-40 years. Looking for young actors, new blood. And I am very happy that next year when Schukinskaya college course will be recruited and eventually open studio at the theater. This agreement was reached with Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, and Mikhail Shvydkoi. While it is clear that the problems are many. This funding, and finding homes for 25 people.

- Roma youth prefer low-paid art commerce? Business?

- Where are we ourselves Denham? All the same blood is the blood. Heats the need for creativity, self-expression. My family is also connected with the theater: his wife, the granddaughter of the troupe. Daughter of the arts.

- Speaking of blood. And the historic homeland have you been?

- In India? Of course! Imagine, when I was at the press conference was told that they are approximately 300 million Gypsies, I nearly fell off his chair. And take us there as their. Oh, we are very much in common: plastic, rhythm, the spirit of art. Even the language closest Hindi. And this despite the fact that the exodus took place somewhere in the tenth century (the reasons for it before the end of the unknown). And in the world except India, over 10 million Roma. So in general we are many.

- And in recent years, besides the theater, something more heart warming?

- Yes, you know, it's amazing Romansiada movement, which gradually spread over the country. The annual competition of Russian-Gypsy artists, urban romance. It takes place in different cities of the past 8 years. And last year, with the full house final concert took place in the Hall of Columns. And you're talking about loss of interest! Participate in the competition quite young people, but with some fantastic data! How subtly they feel romansovuyu nature, its nuances, nuances ... By the way, our young actress Angela Battalova won the last competition the first prize.

- You are so enthusiastic talking about young. And what about you most like in a theater met? Probably, without intrigue and jealousy could not have done?

- No. I was passed. We do a special atmosphere in the theater, it is warm, friendly, almost family. I came to the theater in 1951 at age 16, when the company was incredibly strong, brilliant. And just when I show up: something sang, danced, poems honored, the hall stood a huge man - it was a famous singer, actor, я?п°п?п°пҐя?п?я?п? impossible Sergey Shishkov - and the shouts: Here, finally, my replacement!. And just three months, I began to enter into the repertoire. Its place. He was just obsessed with the stage, agree to any role. Even all the old beat. In the theater, for me, nothing existed.

- You Urban Gypsies have long. And how you live without a connection with nature, with the Roma will?

- Horses gather.

- Living?

- Toy. In the saddle now rarely sit down, no time. But when it turns out, it is with great pleasure. The horse I immediately felt listened. In general, giving love, nature, and another - messing with grandchildren. They are my five and one great-granddaughter. You see what I'm rich?

- What is life a success?

- She now goes gay. I used to enjoy each day. I would not want to erase anything in the life lived, but war, of course. All his life thanks to keep the common people, who after the war I went out, warmed. And live their love for me. I'm so happy at home, in the family. And if the day passed without the jokes, the wife of the alert: what to me? In general, no regrets, no pain, no crying ...

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Nicholas Slichenko, photo, biography
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