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Ridley Scott

( Director)

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Biography Ridley Scott
photo Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott (30/11/1937 years [Sauza-Shields])

One of the most famous "vizualistov" world cinema Ridley Scott was born Nov. 30, 1937 in England. He spent his childhood at home and in Germany. Basics typical "skottovskogo" style had been laid during training at the College of Arts West Harpula and the Royal College of Art. Parallel Ridley attended specialized kinokursy.

. In 1958, Scott shoots 16 mm film his first fictional work - short film "The boy on a bicycle", . which felt the influence of the English "free movies" and the so-called "cinema angry" with its focus on the documentary style,
. Main role in the tape played the younger brother of Tony Ridley, then just who had gone on his heels and became a director. Among his best works include primarily "The Last Boy Scout" (The Last Boyscout, 1991) with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans starring. In this tape, Tony managed to find the golden mean between the rigid stylistic fighter and psychological, . almost melodramatic film, . who had so long eluded him in the Super-ACE "(Top Gun, . 1986), . in "Days of Thunder" (Days of Thunder, . 1990),
. The latest picture of the critics simply smashed to smithereens for overindulgence klipovoy technique of shooting and editing. One way or another, but Tony was not able to rise to the elder brother. Interestingly, "The Last Boy Scout" on the charges proved to be almost on par with "Black Rain" - a police detective by Ridley Scott and not the best of his paintings.

. After successfully graduating from college in 1960, Scott Sr. receives a place a decorative painter in the English channel BBC
. Work on the immediate specialty Ridley combines with the director of a number of series in the popular television series of the time "Zed Cars" 1962go, and "Adam Adamant alive!" 1966go. However, the work of someone else's bidding with the ambitions of the young film-maker is not satisfied, and in the early 70s's, he organized his own studio Ridley Scott Associates, dealing television and video ads. Later it was renamed as "Freelance". The enterprise proved extremely successful - according to various estimates the number of movies produced in the studio is close to 3000. Characteristic of this process, the merger of the director and cameraman and has further distinguishing feature of this brightest bands Ridley Scott, . a fascinating video series, . filled with literally sounding pictures, . exquisitely stripped-telephoto optics,
. Such stylistic features generally distinguishes creativity of an entire galaxy of British filmmakers of the time, . among which worth mentioning Alan Parker ( "Mississippi in the fire", . Mississippi Burning, . 1988), . Hugh Hudson ( "Chariots of Fire", . Chariots of Fire, . 1981) and Endriana Lyne (Jacob's Ladder ", . Jacob's Ladder, . 1990).,

. All this was clearly manifested in the first and one of the most successful, according to critics, full-length work of Scott "Duelist," withdrawn in England in 1977
. Assuming the functions of director and cameraman, Ridley Scott created a beautiful picture of the Napoleonic wars kept the saber fights. With love and care made the film was marked by the Jury Cannes Film Festival 1977 prize for best debut.

. After becoming famous for such a successful debut and earned recognition in a narrow range of connoisseurs, sorokadvuhletny director in 1977, hired by one of three recognized his masterpieces - science fiction film "Alien"
. This picture, . which is a free remake of the low budget sci-fi movie 1959 "It! horror from outer space" (It! The Terror from Beyond Space), . became one of the most cash in the 70's and brought the director to world fame, . to receipt of the main prize at the festival in San Sebastian,
. By combining a tape scale "Star Wars" and typical of European cinema psychological atmosphere, Scott managed to create a truly landmark for a fantastic movie now, set a new standard in this genre.

. However, the peak of creativity was yet to come
. In 1982, Scott takes another fantastic film that has become not just a landmark, but also gave impetus to the creation of a new direction in the genre "sci-fi" - "cyber-punk". Tape, filmed on the novel by Philip Dick's "Do Androids Dream of electric sheep?" 1968, Scott has become a most complex and suffered. The film has experienced six different versions - the working, the festival (for CF in San Diego) U.S. hire (all 1982), television (1986), an international hire (1987) and author (1992). It is the latter and became a recognized masterpiece and the leader videoprodazh, . because nothing in it does not violate the characteristic of a "cyber-punk" polycentric narrative (in the rolling version, . "improved" its producers violated voiceover monologue of the protagonist and bright "natural" happy-end),
. The atmosphere of '40s film noir, . hairstyles of the '70s punks, . strange linguistic mix of the future inhabitants of the metropolis, . hints at replikanstvo Deckard and the replicants ability of empathy (compassion) - all this eclecticism is in "Blade Runner" one unifying trait - the unity of temporary space, . Why the future does not seem unattainable far,
. This the best, in the opinion of many, the picture Ridley Scott is fully revealed his talent as an artist, the singer's visual poetry of cinema, through the images on the screen is able to transmit a coherent system of views and conclusions. "Blade-Runner" (the English transcription of the film's title) and dominated in the "cyber-punk" until the appearance on the screen "Fifth Element" (The Fifth Element, . 1997) by Luc Besson, . realizing polycentric not through the unity of temporary space, . and approval in principle by the pettiness of any creature on the scale of the Universe,
. In all the other implications of a "running ..." He opened the way to the elite of Hollywood actor Harrison Ford, who proved that he can play not only the cosmic cowboys, but also serious dramatic role.

. Changes to the director of the tape under increased pressure from the producers gave her a disservice - the first weekend were collected only $ 6 150 000 in 1290 rooms
. The film almost immediately was removed from rolled to only ten years to produce a sensation in the director's version. In his next project, the film-tale "The Legend" by Ridley Scott achieves a kind of limit expressive stylization. Extremely beautiful and rich picture of the tape The intention was then the critics to blame the author, despite the genre justification for such solutions. The film is really busy few artistic details, but this should be blamed on the particular author's style director. The traditional story of the tale of the struggle between good and evil are immersed in an incredible musical atmosphere (almost the entire soundtrack consists of the classics of symphonic music), the scenery amazing fantasy and imagination. This beautiful "fantasy", despite the failure of the rolling, found a huge number of fans.

And yet, "Legend", despite all its charms, was a symptom of the crisis as a director of Scott. What's next, and reaffirmed his film. In the quest for box-office success the director begins to use different combinations of genres. First among these was his tapes melodramatic thriller in 1987, "He who saves me". Should be recognized that the merging of genres, the director definitely has, however, in spite of that, the tape did not become a hit rolled. This stems from the, apparently, the same fascination with Scott's visual side of cinema. The story was again clothed in a very expressive form. The spectators saw in the film difficult to understand two-layer, splitting it into the content and form, which proved too difficult for the public, accustomed to the unique paintings, the works, where these components are closely linked.

. Scott's creative crisis deepened in his next film - a police detective, "Black rain" on the mission of the American police in Japan
. In this tape gap and visual scene components peaked. Screen image has become so self-sufficient, that a couple of police looked clearly out of place in a mysterious, filled with lights, shadows, fog and smoke atmosphere of the Japanese metropolis of slums. Again failure!

However long it could continue. In 1991, the search for a successful combination of genres led to what Ridley Scott shot a powerful feminist blockbuster movie "Thelma and Louise", which became one of the greatest hits of the year film distribution. Begin as a drama about the difficult fate of women to his final painting turns into a saga of the victory of mind over reality. Dying in the final explosion, the heroine, thus scoring a victory over the pursuers, Soaring up to higher limits. Previous professional, bordering on genius, painting deservedly received six nominations at the Oscars, including a separate - Ridley Scott as director.

. The success of "Thelma and Louise" and the subsequent exit of author versions of "Blade Runner" fully rehabilitated, the director, returning him to the recognition of critics and viewers and the title of genius of cinema
. In the year 500letiya discovery of America, he is involved as a director of one of the commemorative productions "1492: Conquest of Paradise". High budget, staging scale, the participation of international stars, Gerard Depardieu and Sigourney Weaver would seem to guarantee absolute success, but ... film flopped. A solid historical staging almost did not contain the characteristic signs of corporate identity Scott. Tested in "Thelma and Louise" Hollywood techniques merit, he quietly transferred them to the next picture and miscalculated. It is here that required the ability to take beautiful picture, not focusing on the achievement of deep meaning, because it guaranteed a quality script and amazing game GцLrard Depardieu in the role of Columbus. It is through these two components is not just a band description of Columbus' voyage to America with its subsequent colonization, but the story about the trip to other worlds, in paradise, which seemed to Columbus, and throughout Europe, America. But it was merely another land, not fulfilled the hopes and therefore looted and abandoned.

It seems that after the "Legends" Scott's entire career was managed by one - the chase for the cashier. In the quest for audience success the director has tried almost all methods. After the failure of the saga of Colombia, he decides to turn to prodyuserstvu and working in this incarnation of good British drama "The Browning Version" and the Mike Figgis film for family viewing "The Trouble with monkeys" Franco Amurri. More or less a good yield of these films, apparently Ridley Scott gave a new impetus to the creative impulse in an effort to create a commercially successful film. By taking the path of a trivial simplification of the semantic content, it removes the 1996 adventure drama "White squall". Painting was coldly received by both audiences and critics. The reason - not only simplify the semantic content, but also visual. Scott from film to film more and more leveled up to the damage of an average Hollywood director, losing their identity.

What and confirmed the following film - action movie "Soldier Jane". Utterly false and unnatural picture, though, and had quite a successful hire and contributed to hardening of the popularity of Demi Moore, still proved itself a failure for the identity of Scott, as director. The critics tore it to shreds in indulging bad taste of the public. As a result, the director takes a long time in prodyuserstvo, working on the television series "Hunger" (based on the movie of his younger brother Tony "Hunger" (The Hunger, 1983)), action comedy David Dobkin "target" and the telefilm "RKO 281". It seemed that the great director's career came to an end.

But in 2000, Scott became director of the blockbuster Dream Works about the times of the Roman Empire "Gladiator" with Russell Crowe in the leading role. In this high budget "peplum" Scott had finally found a balance between the Hollywood standards and its own stylistic dominant. Box office success of the film, gathered to date almost $ 190 000 000 with a budget of $ 103 000 000, allows for the quick return to the director lost the name. Very nice set, . with a clear emphasis on the European school of film, . with great actor's work (especially Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus), . picture has become a major contender for the main Oscar-2001, . gathered in their asset 12 nominations.,

. This success producer, . to which many have already closed their eyes, . allowed him sharply back to Hollywood's elite and become highly in demand (planned, . that he will be directing the third part of the "Terminator", . but ultimately refused, . preferring another sequel),
. This year he set the course of one of the best thrillers of the 90s "The Silence of the Lambs" (The Silence of the Lambs, 1991) - "Hannibal". The film became a box-office hit, has collected to date more than $ 150 000 000 and brought Scott in eighth place in the list of highest-grossing film directors of the world. However, it once again felt the loss of identity and stylistic director raisins. Critics only confirm this. It is a pity, but I think Ridley Scott once again, after the dramatic return of the creative well, gradually began to slide into it. His next project - a military drama Black Hawk Down. Plans - children's adventure "Captain Kidd" and the fiction of Isaac Asimov's The End of Eternity with Gary Oldman in the title role. I'm afraid it could happen again trilogy "1492: Conquest of Paradise" - "White squall" - "Soldier Jane". At least no one alive Scott cinema, there's still his son Jake, who had gone to his father's footsteps. Home - Plunkett and McClain "(Plunkett & Macleane, 1999) - proved to be quite successful.

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