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Tom Selleck

( Actor)

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Biography Tom Selleck
photo Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck (29.01.1945 years [Deytroyt])

. The appearance of Tom Selleck noted that elusive old-fashioned, which makes us mentally transport ourselves to the blessed era of "golden age" of cinema, when the heroes of the screen was perfect gentlemen like Clark Gable and John Wayne.

. Selleck nature cut to the same standards: the impressive growth, athletic physique, dark wavy hair, eyes, in which posverkivayut intelligence and wit, wide-open smile
. It would seem that this Superman is born to be a movie star. But ironically, this "luxurious texture" got in our times, where it is to appreciate not been able. Maybe that's why Tom Selleck and failed, as he tried to become a movie star of the planetary scale, and remained the character of television militants.

Tom Selleck was born January 29, 1945 in Deytroyte, and grew up in sunny Los Anzhdelese. Dreams of becoming an actor he is, in principle, was not, though Selleck acknowledges that was a real fan of the movie. His true passion was sport for many years, allowed Tom "mold" as an outstanding figure.

Situation whereby Selleck became an actor, was quite amusing. Volume came to go to university, planning to become an architect. However, already in place became clear, . that recruitment to this specialty is already over, . and Tom, . not thinking long, . enrolled in "drama", . is on the list stood very close parallel Selleck moonlighting as a model, . and due to this and noticed it.,

. Tom's creative career began with television
. The first movie was the notorious "Myra Brekendridzh" (1970) - film adaptation of the famous novel by Gore Vidal, starring in a sex-bomb performed Farah Fawcett and Rachel Welch. Role Selleck was too small, that he somehow proved himself particularly, but it was enough to "big-eyed" finders talent from the studio Fox discerned in a promising debutant actor. As a result, Selleck has signed a seven-year contract with the studio, which allowed him tolerably well survive several years. However, higher commercials and serials Selleck at this time and not get up.

His finest hour has struck only in 1980, when Tom met with the role of his life. You have not guessed, what is at stake? Well, of course, it was the role of Thomas Sullivan Magnum - a private detective from the same series. During the eight years of "Magnum" Selleck became a rich man, TV stars on an international scale, the winner of the prestigious awards.

But back in 1980 Tom could not even suggest that it will take a turn. Just before he broke up with his first wife, Jacqueline Ray Selleck, with which they have lived together for nine years. Nevertheless, the actor began filming "Magnum" with great enthusiasm. However, he liked to play in the other, no less interesting to him, though not so popular and successful in commercial terms, productions.

"Magnum" can be called the greatest success in the career of Tom Selleck. However, as with any coin, there is a downside: this series has become a curse Selleck, making him "an actor in one role."

Signing long-term contract to the shooting, Tom became a slave "Magnum". George Lucas offered him to play the role of Indiana Jones. But producers did not want to let the actor from the shooting, and he missed his chance, which is given only once in a lifetime. Later, the role of Indiana Jones made an unknown until a guy named Harrison Ford a star worldwide.

What the critics say, the masterpieces in the filmography Selleck will not be able to detect. The most famous film with his participation - is the picture of "Three Men and a Baby" - a remake of French comedy of the same name, the only decoration which has Tom Selleck. His playboy architect was so charming and amusing, that everything was already decided: Selleck is destined to become this big star. But this, alas, did not happen. And the spectators, and the directors saw in him only the Magnum, and no more.

. The image of the Magnum has become so popular that the producers simply have to invite him and other series (for example, in one of a series of popular detective show "Murder, She Wrote")
. But despite all this, the 1988 series "Private detective Magnum" ceased to exist.

Tom said that the closing of the series to blame only him. In 1987, he met with British dancer Jilly Joan Mack, who bore him a daughter, Hannah Margaret. Tom decided it was time to devote himself to family, child-rearing.

Another reason for which he asked the writer to "kill" the hero - wild physical fatigue. "Despite the luxurious environment of paradise of Hawaii, where the shooting took place, I was squeezed like a lemon, working ninety hours a week. I did not know who I am, where I go, that, in the end, must do: "- says Tom.

Role played by Selleck in "poslemagnumovsky period", many appreciate as an attempt to "throw the old skin," to beat in the comedy vein, the crown role. But all that he has turned out - a crude caricature of a popular hero: "Her Alibi" (1989), "Innocent Man" (1989), "Quigley-Australian" (1990), "Christopher Columbus: the conquest of America" (1992 ), "Ancestors" (1992). At the same time were removed continuation of "Three Men" - "Three Men and a Little Lady" - and the sports comedy "Mr. Baseball", where Selleck played baseball-American, the fates decreed caught in Japan. Then there were the films "Destroyed Faith" (1995), "Love and Rodeo" (1996), which were once unnoticed.

But the next kinorabotu Selleck "Input and output" (1997) called his return to this great movie. In the painting by Frank Oz Selleck played the role of the journalist-gay, and corona point the film became his sorokasekundny kiss with your partner for shooting Kevin Kline. By the way, to lift this episode, it took the entire thirty-doubles - so easy that kiss was given two heterosexuals.

Here we should mention the fact that for several years before the events described Slleka been attributed to homosexuals. In 1991, tabloid The Globe publicly stated that Selleck - Gay. The article was entitled "Love Secrets Thomas Selleck, told his father". With a shudder remembering it, Selleck said that the court could apply only for a person who was with his father when he saw something in the newspaper. Enraged Selleck sued for 20 million. "I may have missed the article in The Globe by attention - explains the actor - but it dealt with not only me but my family."

It has already happened once in his life. In the press when it was reported that Tom started an affair with actress Victoria Principal. "I did not even met her!" But even then my ex-wife and son took this very painful. "

Revolutionary film input and output for Selleck did not yet because for him the first time an actor has shaved off his famous mustache. First he asked them only slightly reduce. "The result was simply disgusting, and I shaved them completely," - recalls the actor.

. Spectators were favorable to his work as follows: "Fight for Saber River" (1997), "love letter" (1999), "The candidate and his women" (2000).

. A real gift for fans was the appearance of Tom in six episodes of comedy series "Friends" where he played an elderly lover, Monica
. He often asked how his wife reacted to the fact that he appeared next to the charming young partner. Tom replied that she is too smart to be jealous of his work, as, indeed, to the numerous love letters, which come to Tom - not only from women but from men. "I have all this, one answer - says the actor. - I'm married, I have children and I love my wife. "

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Tom Selleck, photo, biography
Tom Selleck, photo, biography Tom Selleck  Actor, photo, biography
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