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SASHA (Aleksandra Antonova)

( Singer)

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Biography SASHA (Aleksandra Antonova)
photo SASHA (Aleksandra Antonova)
Sasha (Alexander Antonov) (05.02.1979 years)

Singer. Born 05.02.1979 in Moscow. She lived in Syktyvkar, then moved to Moscow. It was shaping a teacher, dancer. A well-known Sasha made a video for the song 'the dark town', 'It's just rain' and 'Love - this is war'. Autumn with the conflict and split up with the same producers.

- What did you study in Syktyvkar?

Sasha: She went to regular school. Received Law Institute, and a half years left him, and creativity.

- Sharp.

P: Yes, usually I think over all, but here went to such imprudent. Organize its dance team, recorded two songs. Involved in sports, and seriously. I am a candidate for master of sports of figure skating. I love to watch sports on TV, especially football.

- For anyone sick?

C: Actually, for 'Spartacus', but since a lot of friends is a fan of 'Dynamo', and I have to.

Sasha is very aggressive person. At least in the photographs. In real life she looks softer, but still in appearance it can not be called a model of kindness. Sasha herself with such an assessment does not agree.

C: Actually I'm a peace-loving people. Even diplomatic. But it's very principled and, perhaps, sometimes bluff. But when I then ponder, usually come to the conclusion that this was justified my behavior. I would say that I just, correct person, but sometimes Perebory in either direction. For example, such a situation develops when a person does not understand me. I tell him again calmly, quietly, two, and the third time I told him I could and be rude - if you see that people either do not strain to understand, or pretends not to understand. These things terrified me to deduce from themselves.

- Swearing obscenities?

C: Sometimes. But only when you need. What mat there? These are the words that bear a definite meaning. Some people understand only such words. Something you can mat easily explained, and common words you'll pick up a long time.

. - Have you ever fought in my life?

. From: Awful often! Until the fifth grade I went with a tail on one side, because I have always been Fingal - then under one eye, then under another.

. - When we had to use physical force for the last time?

. From: A year ago, at a birthday party for girlfriend
. One girl behind me unflattering about me sympathetically. And talking nonsense all ... I came up to her and ask: 'Why did you give me all this vyskazhesh? " She began to move away from the answer, and ... Somehow it all happened. She calls her husband - a husband she has some steep, - come, here I was beaten. My husband comes and asks who you beat? She shows me. My husband says: 'You're Th, mad, she called us Babskii showdown? " As a result, her husband will be added to the heap ... Over irrepressible language.

- What are you afraid of?

C: Blood. Even when taking blood from a finger, lose consciousness. We have to smell ammonia.

In 19 years, Sasha, fears blood fighter, took all her belongings and moved from Syktyvkar to Moscow. Time to start a new life was probably the most inconvenient.

From: I arrived in Moscow just the day after the crisis.

- One?

P: Yes, I there was no one. Month doing nothing. Brought with them a certain sum of money, initially normally dispensed. Then the money over, but I knew that I would be dancing. And it did. Started dancing in clubs, then worked briefly for 'Dolls'. Then she began to sing.

About his work dancer in 'Dolls' Sasha says without the slightest hesitation. 'Once arranged a party at home, - she laughs - took their old striptizerskie costumes, dressed in them and the boys and girls ...'

After the 'Dolls' Sasha came under the wing of producer-superstar Aizenshpis. Sasha said that very grateful to him. By the time the scandal that occurred with Sasha, with Aizenshpis they have not worked. Quote from: 'I was treated like a slave. Any dissatisfaction accompanied by shouting, stamping their feet, spitting, threats and insults. I was required total submission. Controlled everything: how I dress, to the person with whom I associate and who are my friends. After another threat to the conflict escalated into a reality. I just beat. And it was not a pair of slaps. I even lay in the hospital '.

From our mutual friends with Sasha, I have heard absolutely terrible things: appear, in particular, handcuffs. Now Sasha commented on all this calmly.

P: Yes, it was a bad moment. There was a personal conflict, I realized that working with people to be inadequate, and has drawn the conclusion - with schizophrenics will not work. And what it all led.

- You know, I farther closely connected with our show bizom, the less attractive it seems to me.

C: We really are very peculiar show-business. I can not say that everything here is subject to logic or even some kind of common sense. For small, in principle, the time that I'm here Virtue-cooler, it becomes clear that everything is very far-fetched, wrapped and difficult. On the other hand, vice versa, so simply, that further nowhere. There are situations where such a lowdown revealed that the eyes on the forehead climb. Perhaps years from now ... dtsat write a book - 'ABC of Russia's show business'.

- And now?

C: Now about reached the middle. Generally, we constantly need to seek compromise. In the West people feel closer to, say, the style r'n'b or soul, he is working in this style and does not reflect how it will sell, he will find a buyer or not. In the West, audiences omnivorous, they have every direction music can be commercially profitable. And we the people need to 'Bootstrap, two, three countersunk'. The kind of music do not want to, and have somehow squash, look for a compromise between their ideas and folk.

- Who told you we like from artists?

From: From Russian CDs in my collection only 'guests from the future'. I have no other. This is about something, but says. I think that the 'guests from the future' found a good compromise between 'lohodromom' and something decent. Their songs can be called creativity. But the songs 'Hands up' and all like them, I do not call creativity.

- A Western artists?

From: I often put the wheels Destiny's Child, Whitney Houston, Craig David, Anastasia ... If the Russian artist could choose their own direction, I would have chosen r'n'b and soul. I have this music is closest.

After the first clip, Sasha won comparisons with Madonna. Indeed, they even look there is something in common, not to mention the propensity of 'hard to put a leg'.

From: I used to not like it when I was compared to Madonna, but now feel about it calmly. I like her work. Any artist who is beginning a career, with someone compare. If you start to compare, then there is some sort of a face.

Speak Madonna - mean sex. The current Mrs. Guy Ritchie in his time did much to its name has become firmly associated with the most pleasant of all occupations known to man. Before talking to Sasha about men, I spend a little journalistic investigation. Namely, I ask the toilet. No signs of the presence in the house of a man - razors, 'aftesheyvov' ... Seat omitted. Opens a wide field for new issues.

- How do you give to understand that a person you like?

From: Explicitly. Spoke, trying to attract attention. I am not a supporter of the inverse method - to pretend that you do not notice man. On the contrary, to show that he is interested in you - in my opinion, the most effective way.

- And if a person does not pay attention to you, you can make it long?

C: It is me that people are interested. If it is very hard, I can be very insistent. But perseverance - also in quotes. This does not mean that I will walk on his heels, calling. In fact, for a long time to make someone senseless. Because I am not interested in a man who is not interested in me.

- You cast someone for my life?

C: It does not happen, that someone is someone throws. When people come together, it is a mutual, and when apart, the same. This in any case, the action, divided by two. I hope I'm living in the heart no one broke the. Fleeing away from someone, but it has never been purely my initiative. If a person ceases to interest me, this is his share of. And very big.

- Is sex without love?

C: Before, I would say that definitely ... No, I'm going to say that possible. But not always. The man with whom I work out sex without love, a long time I could not be interesting. Although it happens: have sex, something is missing. Imagine that you are the person you love, and somehow everything seems beautiful is ...

The conversation turns to the OM. Sasha began to criticize our magazine - for an excessive, in her view, dictatorship. But suddenly we have is a general point of view. 'Actually, - says Sasha - I really respect people who have something to strive'.

- Ambitious?

P: I think that is normal. As someone born and grows physically, so he should grow and develop internally. They must have some goal to which he must move. I'm not talking about some common things like money. Just a man should be in your head some way. Ambitions - but in a good sense of the word.

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SASHA (Aleksandra Antonova), photo, biography
SASHA (Aleksandra Antonova), photo, biography SASHA (Aleksandra Antonova)  Singer, photo, biography
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