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Rutberg Julija

( Actress)

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Yuliya Rutberg

SHE - Star Vakhtangov Theater and the wife of rocker-intellectual Alexis Kortneva. About her not much known, because she does not like to be read on the pages of the press.

- Julia, you have repeatedly referred to herself as stubborn. In relations with Aleksei you too can be like that - try to have his own? How do you decide these issues?

- Of course, it happens and such, but sometimes I can not give. Generally, when the family lived in one of two 'drunken alcoholic', who are seriously engaged in different kinds of art, then in a moment sure to disputes. I respect Leshin view. He - an enormous credibility for me. Thanks to him I do not dwell in this life.

. - He is not afraid to express his negative opinion of you?

. - Why be afraid? Our family there is a code of honor: we are talking to each other what we think, and it is not necessary that our views coincide
. It's codswallop. Just as it seems to me the need to respect the opinion of another person. This should not be solo for hours with the battle, and dialogue.

- When I watched the transfer of 'About Love' about you with Aleksei, I had the feeling that you have such fresh feelings and attitudes, as if you met yesterday. At the same time know and understand each other with poluvzglyada: How many years you have together?

- Nine. And this is just wonderful that, looking at us, created a sensation.

- You immediately feel as each other?

- No. Although, of course, some things we knew - this is true. The fact that we have the same IQ, same attitude to life, it was clear at the first meeting. Although in general, his IQ, by definition, higher. And for me it is not a minus, but a huge plus. One of my friends are funny relationship with a female, he is always in search of life partner, and no it is not suitable. And recently I asked: 'Tell me what you want? " - He was so nice he said: 'My erogenous zone - is the brain'. Here it seems to me, . that Alyosha, . and I at the end of a primer and youth in addressing the sexual ambition (as he says in the song) comes a moment of understanding, . that the most serious - this is, . how deeply you get into a man,
. Especially if you live life with him, but eventually becomes boring and painful, if you do not understand, do not appreciate. It becomes a co-existence and hell. And here is not to sexual ambitions, not to what. Unfortunately, such examples is not so rare.

- You hang out with his friends?

- Yes. Its range has become our. That and the guys from the 'Accident', and some university friends. Andrei Makarevich, which for us, on the one hand, the godfather, on the other - brother. All of their albums, new songs Lesch shows Andryusha V.. But he's a friend. It allowed us to enter the 'spiritual' sphere of his life, and we come to him not only as the nestlings greenhorns. Maestro shares with us, and sometimes even the Council. And I'm happy that Andrei V. I is not seen as a cloak for a bullfighter Alyosha, and with interest and respect. He comes to the performances, it is interesting that I do. In my life there is one such person - Alla Kazan - my professor, my teacher. And we have a unique relationship with her. She is my close friend.

- Julia, you almost always do without cosmetics. This is your image or simply do not have time to sit in front of the mirror?

- So often on stage to be in war paint, that does not want to use cosmetics in everyday life. Recently, if beautiful, something quite moderate. First, because the person is tired, and secondly, I think, all the time to be painted - so wear a mask.

I trust the words of his face, and most importantly - the people who love me so, painted will love ten times more. I try to be kind. Crash only hair for three years. Initially it was linked to the shooting, now with the show. And in the end, this resulted in his style.

- And in your dress style - sports?

- In general, yes. It is convenient. I think that people should not dress fashionably and comfortably. By following this criterion, you are always in the eyes of those around you will be perceived as a stylish man. Now the deficit, thank God, no - you can buy things in shops and in the sports-style, and in the style of grunge, and classical English. The main thing - to understand what you are. And since I'm running like crazy kangaroo, it's convenient.

However, at my house hanging evening dresses. This summer I led the balls at the Pushkin Museum, Pushkin went out every night in the new amazing dress. When it all on me trying on, I felt like Julia Roberts, and I thought that somewhere around the corner is Richard Gere with Casey, which are bundles of dollars. One dress company owners have given me, and I 'Kinotavr' shone in it.

. - Do you like the process of trying on the costume?

. - Love it! Spinning in front of a mirror - with pleasure.

. - Very often runs into a shop to please yourself with the new thing?

. - Very rare - there is no time
. And the desire to be, otherwise I can run in, but still did not buy. That's when I leaned on the 'Mother Courage', I obkupitsya. From all boldness.

- And, conversely, to go to cheer up buying? It's a well-known women's reception:

- This also happens. But the system is difficult to build. Do not spend much time in stores, buying everything on the fly. For me not afford - saunter around the store.

- And how do you deal with food at home? You love to cook and delicious to eat?

- Eat delicious love. But in general the food for me - also on the run. I always dine in the theater. We breakfasted at home, usually coffee with milk, yogurt, curds, sometimes porridge soluble. Very fond of Chinese restaurants: all in a sweet and sour sauce, shrimp, noodles.

Houses for something special, time consuming, I cook very rarely. Here yesterday celebrated the birthday of my mother and I Kuhar. But this exception. And then - I can not stand it when you need to pile 764 salad is not clear why that owners were umote, flour, and then came to visit, get drunk till blue in the face when no one can say the word 'mother'. What is it? I do not understand. Therefore prefer furshetistye feast.

- Is it easy for you to part with money and what you spend with great pleasure?

- I told him: Taxi and new shoes. Shoes and a new taxi! Then, boots, shoes - and a taxi: I just do not feed bread, let me buy shoes, I'm a mum. I can not have all day, but do not go in the subway, but only in a taxi.

And good cigarettes. Save - it's not about me. If suddenly something very want to, I prefer to take. We must live as long as live.

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Rutberg Julija, photo, biography
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