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Frederick Difental (26.07.1968 years)

Lucky Star Frederick Difentalya (genus. 1968) has risen above his native France in 1998, when producer Luc Besson called him to play the role of policeman Emilien in-action-comedy "Taxi". Before Difental mostly played telepostanovkah. Fulfilled the same role in two sequels "Taxi" (2000 and 2003), . actor dabbled in thrillers ( "Six", . 2000), . fairy tales ( "Belphegor - Phantom of the Louvre", . 2001) and art films: one of them ( "strong spirit" of Raul Ruiz), even to close the festival in Cannes in 2001.,
. - What makes you agree to this or that project?

. - First step - learn about the history
. If I want to take part in it, half the job done. Second, the most important stage - meeting with director. If human contact took place, then we work together. I'd rather play for a mediocre movie with a nice director than I will have to deal with unpleasant genius. I'm not a careerist, career of little concern to me. I do not have such a dream - to go down in history! Besides, no one can predict whether he will ever Marlon Brando or Gérard Depardieu. Some stop very quickly: look at Nicole Kidman! By the way, I would like to become someone like Marcello Mastroianni, not Brando. Brando was a lunatic and occasionally starred in mediocre films.

. - What you are interested in the plot of "tenant"?

. - First of all, my character, Alexander, was not so comical and even grotesque, as demure policeman, whom I played in 'Taxi'
. Alexander of 'tenant' is much more realistic type, recognizable. Of guys on the street every day you meet. He, of course, romantic, and the film quite romantic, but romantic at the very worldly way.

- What inspires you - the old French comedy? 1950-1960's?

- I would say - most movies end 1970 - early 1980. They seem less likely fall into the Soviet rent than the classic comedies: But to us they are influenced. Ask - what they look like? On the 'lodger' and similar.

- Tradition back? Why?

- No, would not say. Just two young guys decided to try his hand at directing, and when they were fifteen-year boys - just as they clattered and comedy that they were inspired by. Everything just. Well, yes, this movie is not built on the burlesque, no one person in the puddle does not fall. Classic story: a character uses another in their fraudulent purposes, embedded in his apartment, his life: The man that is my character, all the suffering that inspires the audience affection for him. Classic!

- In general, not too much like a 'fashion' comedy studio Luc Besson, the same sort of 'Taxi'.

- Yes, here is another: 'Human Comedy'. This does not go out of fashion - never. That pleasure, which the viewer gets> - What, just such a story?

- Imagine yes. Spoof - the most common cause. People accustomed to deceit, laugh at others cheated, but especially their happy that as a result of the betrayed and resentful meets a beautiful girl and becomes a popular musician.

. - If you return to the parallels with life: why it so often you are invited to the role of fearful people who are possessed by various phobias, as in 'Taxi' and 'tenant'?

. - How would I know? You ask about directors
. I remain a simple tool.

. - But what about you have their fears?

. - Full-complete, but tell them I'm not going.

. - Call yourself a 'tool', and meanwhile filed a Producers:

. - Come on you, I managed to co-produce a total of two independent film, and one of them - short, while the second has not yet had time to rent! No, I'm not ready to take the burden of producer responsibility
. Maybe later, after a few years: As long as my profession - actor. A producer I'm trying to become only when necessary to help to some hopeless project start. And not for the fact that someone monitor. All because I know.

- And what is to be a star in France?

- I do not know, my problem - not to lose modesty. I'm not Luc Besson.

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Frédéric DIFENTAL, photo, biography
Frédéric DIFENTAL, photo, biography Frédéric DIFENTAL  Actor, photo, biography
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