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Marlene Dietrich

( Actress)

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Biography Marlene Dietrich
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Marlene Dietrich

If today when pronouncing loudly the title of "sex symbol" each of us represents a different person, for more than one decade and the title belonged to the only woman in the world. Her name - Marlene Dietrich.

"Queen of Peace"

To become queen, should at least be born a princess. Marlene Dietrich called "the Queen of Peace", though she was born in the family of the Prussian police. But the role of Queen cope perfectly. When in the early eighties she was invited to the reception hosted in her honor one of the English princesses, Marlene responded negatively. "But why?" - Impressing Your Friends. "But she only princess. And I - Queen. Why should I go to her? "- She said. The aspiring actress took a job in the orchestra of the local theater, from which was quickly dismissed because, according to the conductor, she distracted musicians her tremendous legs. Legs Marlene conquered not only musicians. Soon they will worship the whole world. Meanwhile, sitting in one of the theaters, Dietrich went to the scene, falls and makes the "bicycle". In his spare time plays withdrawn in advertising tights. Dietrich was born around the first hearing - her legs are insured for 1 million marks.

Film debut in 1922 in the film "Little Napoleon" was not fatal to the actress. However, coming a year before marrying and having given birth to a daughter, Dietrich did not think to associate with film his life. She met with the star of the cabaret Claire Valdoff, makes no secret of his love for women. About Dietrich begin to talk more. She openly bisexual rotates in circles in Berlin, the public appears in tails and a monocle. But while Marlene only "one". Became fateful encounter with a famous director von Sternberg in a cafe, in which Dietrich was sitting in a break between filming the next movie pustyachkovogo. Sternberg then write that once he saw how she is intelligent. A rare quality for an actress, especially such a beautiful. They exchanged glances, and von Sternberg, invited her to dinner. Dietrich has not come. Directed repeated invitation. Marlene did not appear in the restaurant and at this time. Intrigued by Sternberg, which until then no one dared to refuse, personally came to the actress and asked what it. "And for what you want to see me?" - She asked somewhat haughtily. That settled everything. Directed by just looking at the role of a singer in his new film "Blue Angel" and decided to try Marlene. Such a stunning success, which will be painting throughout the world, did not expect anybody!

Sternberg, along with Dietrich-old go off to Hollywood, which has been eagerly awaited the appearance of celebrity overseas. According to the scenario of the film, she was supposed to appear on the film set in the men's suit - for America, this was a shock. However, not only for her. In Monte Carlo Dietrich was denied entrance to the casino, in London had to move from hotel to hotel, which the administration did not dare to lodge at the actress herself, talked openly about their lesbian passions. In Paris, Marlene, walks in the pants at any moment the police could arrest.

Her first American film "Morocco" has a huge desk, a plate with a hoarse voice diverge frantic circulation. Marlene buys a house in Hollywood - a luxurious villa, lined inside with white - her favorite color - fur. Directors and producers, it usually takes a dressing gown, "which shone all but ambitions.

Relations actress with her lawful husband were more than strange. Husband movie star lived with a Russian emigrant Tamara Krasino in the house that they rented for Marlene. But he took the education of daughters. And Dietrich in full swing this time turning the affair with the famous writer Remarque, aside from whom she was forced publication of a list of the most popular actresses in Hollywood and the box in which it was relegated ... 137 th. Dietrich seeking consolation in the arms of a ballerina Vera Zorina, which occasionally comes over to visit in Santa Barbara at its luxury Rolls-Royce.

Anomalous grandmother "

Dietrich did not like to talk about themselves and almost never gave interviews. Exceptions were only the last years, when the actress had nothing to pay the rent and being threatened with eviction to the street it for 20 thousand dollars agreed to answer questions of the magazine "Stern". In the seventies, before the concert Dietrich, one newspaper wrote that attend performances Dietrich can only necrophilia. Its called "anomalous grandmother", the first time in history was not afraid to go on stage in a transparent dress "topless". And when the rumor of her death and Marlene called reporters and said that she is alive, one of the magazines printed on the cover: "Dietrich calls and warns that she is still alive".

His last years Marlene lived out in Paris alone. In her apartment had two "special" wall: a wall with photos of the dead husband, friends, lovers and mistresses, and wall decorations, which hung Marlene French Legion of Honor, the American Medal of Freedom. From the creative awards, it was only the winner of "Tony". In his memoirs, she wrote that "the man she loves only two things - his hands and lips. Everything Else - Application. Among her friends were a lot of gay men, which she considered "a good and pleasant than normal men". Marlene herself was a person without sex - and men and women at the same time.


Marlene Dietrich was and remains one of the brightest stars of XX century. In men, it provoked a desire to possess her, and for women - to imitate it. It was never a great actress and did take it into account. She knew the price of its beauty. And paid for it dearly. Prior to conquer Hollywood, she had to remove several molars and become a plump and mischievous girl in a coherent and mysterious woman. And after every evening Dietrich, inclined by nature to the fullness, the maid left a tight bandage, why the actress looked like a mummy. In the early sixties in a Swiss clinic, she entered the fresh cells unborn lamb. But when viewed put two terrible diagnosis - cancer of the uterus and Berger's disease. Due to excessive smoking her circulation was disrupted, severely swollen legs. But Dietrich, having worked two-hour concert, steamed swollen feet in salt water, again wore high-heeled shoes, climbed on the roof of the car and signing autographs. Dietrich thought about death without fear. "We need to be afraid of life, not death". Actress died suddenly, just after the doctor confirmed that she is healthy. In France this day - May 6, 1992 - opens the Cannes Film Festival. Coffin with the body of Marlene was sent to Berlin, where he buried near the grave of the mother.

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Photos of Marlene Dietrich
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  • Huge priznatelnast and heart blogodarnost everyone who does not forget about so great in the world of music and art! This is about Marlene Ditrih.Spasibo you for eto.Tem (or something) who worked on this glorious page appeared NETE. That's just one hitch would like to hear her prikrastnuyu and muzyky and songs with the performance of Marlene Dietrich and no ..... If possible ispravte this gap. Total nailutshego and over Year to you all!
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  • Heinous article, nothing in common with the biography of a remarkable actress, obscene devices for describing the life of the great actresses do not gain respect, neither the author nor the site on which it is printed.
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