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Dzhigurda Nikita

( Actor)

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Biography Dzhigurda Nikita
photo Dzhigurda Nikita
Nikita Dzhigurda (27.03.1961 years)

He was often in the bullpen and the madhouse, at one time could well crashing down on paper for the anti-communist activities. Many regarded him as an alcoholic, he was known as Casanova, even far from chaste acting circles. Today the previously hypothesized image Dzhigurda - 'extremist' (ruffian, revelers, shirt-guy, bard, actor) - added completely different incarnation: Theosophical, a preacher, vegetarian:

. - Nikita, in the film 'Love in Russian' and 'Yermak' you played a real Russian peasants, who are respected and vodka, and strong women like
. These images are close to you?

- Of course, I'm one of those actors who play what they are close, while remaining themselves. If at one time I went through what went through my heroes, it is unlikely that they would have me to be so persuasive. And that these roles have helped me in a moment to reflect deeply on how to get out of the eternal circle of suffering, which are my Ivan Koltsov or pilot Victor Kurlykin: They can be called a final accord in the tumult of my life.

. - What has replaced recklessness?

. - Tolerance, knowledge of the higher laws of the universe through love
. In recent years I have been doing Theosophy - the science of space and divine laws.

. - Why did you engage in spiritual pursuits?

. - Because it was beginning to realize the simple truth: the spiritual master the weapon is much more complicated than a cold, but just because I clutched swords and in the movies, and in life
. When freedom came, and my concerts are out of the ban, I began to ride with a lot of concerts, art meetings, after which, of course, a table made liquor. A couple of times drunk, that is, before passing out and then thought that enough is enough, it's time to tie: I quit drinking, smoking, began to starve. Do it gradually, bringing starvation to 48 days, 16 of them - totally did not eat or drink. Last 48 days dropped 32 kg. Starvation could get rid of the allergic asthma, stomach ulcers, benign tumors and other ills. However, I felt their unity with the world. I have at this time was extraordinary creative breakthrough, wrote many poems and songs, even went out a book 'Falling in love'.

. - Who are your spiritual mentor?

. - If you're referring to the earth level, the age of thirteen I grew up on songs of Okudzhava, Galich, Vizbora
. But once picked up a guitar and began to sing only the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. I do so and such a strained voice: I spent hours singing his songs, disrupting voice, which as a result of hardened, but he remained hoarse. At one time I was offered surgery to correct his voice, make it clean, but I do not agree.

. - Why did you, a professional athlete, a candidate for master of sports, the champion of Ukraine for canoeing, a student at the Kiev Institute of Physical Culture, abruptly changed his life and went to the theater?

. - Judge for yourself
. I was born on March 27, 1967. It was the day the decision of UNESCO started to celebrate World Theater Day. To me it was destined to become an actor, written. When I was taking exams for the first year, my older brother Sergei finished the Kiev Theatrical Institute. At this time there typed 'Russian' course. And I decided - this is exactly what I need. There was a terrible scandal in sports institute, where I picked out the documents at home, too, were against my leaving, as rightly believed that in the event of failure I can 'thunder' in army. But to the surprise of all, I became a student at the Shchukin Theater School.

- You have experienced a lot in life?

- After the death of Vladimir Vysotsky, I sang it, and their songs at his grave at the cemetery Vagankovsky. And I was sent to a psychiatric hospital, there to make me 'normal' human. Kololi any trash, treated with electricity. I felt at this treatment a complete idiot. They also found the police and the KGB, has passed through the broken fingers, because he was violent boyfriend, and, naturally, resisted, I was expelled from the institute.

. - How is personal life?

. - With the first wife of us united by the desire to have a baby
. I would then leave anyone behind, because I thought that I, in the end, or in prison, or killed. It was a girl from our institute. Our son. But soon I divorced my wife. She and her son now lives in Kiev. Then my wife was an actress, with whom we have lived happily for twelve years. Were different due to the fact that it did not take my current beliefs and not my own, well, well past. Simply put, do not believe me. My present wife, Jana 24 пЁпЎпЄп°. For the first time we met her eleven years ago in Kostroma, when she was only thirteen. At that time I acted in the role of Andrew Kurbsky in the film 'Ivan Fedorov', and the little blonde girl ran across the field. Two years later, John worked for backup dancers at the launch of my CD 'Moonlight woman'. I signed her album: "I envy the man who will be your husband '. After that we parted for another four years. They met in 1994. I told her then that he became a vegetarian, and she was not surprised, replied that, too, prefers this way of life. Appeared also that John studied at the Institute of Religion, where she studied Blavatsky and Roerich. She showed me the records in his diary, and most importantly - drive. It turns out that signing drive one of his female fans, I'm envious of myself.

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Dzhigurda Nikita, photo, biography
Dzhigurda Nikita, photo, biography Dzhigurda Nikita  Actor, photo, biography
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