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Biography DZHIANECHINI Reinaldo
photo DZHIANECHINI Reinaldo
Reinaldo Dzhianechini

He dreamed of becoming a diplomat and traveled the world. Fate decreed otherwise, but Reinaldo did not upset about it. "Apparently I was destined to become an actor was written and I bo that no zhaleyu.A traveled the world I'm more of any diplomat, so that the dream has come true!"

He is considered the most beautiful, the sexiest and most desirable man Brazil. Women go crazy on his charm, a magic radiant look of this brave, handsome, and get young girls and mature ladies. Devotees showered with letters and messages by e-mail, editorial fashion magazines, with a request to publish an interview with Reinaldo.

. Hundreds of women, madly in love with the actor admitted in Internet chat room on one of the Brazilian sites that are ready for everything for the night of love with Reinaldo.

. But he remains faithful and devoted to only one woman, the woman of his dreams-known journalist Gabriele Marili, which he affectionately calls "Lady of my heart."

. When you have been my first love?

. R. "My greatest passion occurred in 10 and 11 years."

. These girls learned with you in school?

. R. "Yes, and they were the only women in my life, that age was younger than me
. All the rest were older. "

It's your preference?

R. "This is not a preference. Just all my friends were much older than menya.Eto was natural. In 17 years I have met with the girls 25 years and it was perfectly normal. "

Prior acquaintance with Marilia, you were her fans?

R. "I am always interested in it. I remember her more for the television program "Women." Marilia was always surrounded by young admirers, who admired her. I was one of those fans. "

You admired her as a woman or as a professional?

R. "As a professional. Funny, . but we crossed it five times before met in person and pogovorili.Pervy time I saw her in Sao Paulo, . when first arrived and the first time went to teatr.I such accidental meetings were neskolko.Odnazhdy at one time we were in Paris, . was in 1998, . I then had 25 let.Ona never did not notice me, . thought I was a child, . But I under it for 17 years. ",

. How many of you took the first step towards each other?

. R. "We both
. My friend once asked me, "Do you want to dine with me and Marilia?", I answer "None. poydu.O not what I'm going to talk with this woman?". But a friend insisted I called her. I say "Hello. It Gianni!", . she asks "Do you want to go?". When the Marilia opened the door for me, . visited her amusing thought "my god, . a man for whom I marry! ". That's how it all happened, . Our dinner lasted all night and morning, we met with,
. Not parted five days after etogo.Eto were the early days of our love. "

What are you most attracted to Marilia?

R. "Even now she can surprise me. It is a fantastically sexy, attractive. I thought I found it dry intellectual, but found a clever, amiable, charming woman, who occasionally utters rubbish. "

You are loyal and faithful?

R. "Yes, I am faithful and loyal. I do not want to say that I was wrong before it with others, but I never considered it so important. "

. You seem very passionate man?

. R. "That is so."

. How do you cope with the sudden nagryanuvshey fame?

. R. "I am generally not changed, not blinded! Maybe I lost a bit simple-mindedness and naivete
. My inner maturation was rapid, I learned to live and fight one on one with his "I", with vanity, with power. "

. Have you ever felt a sense of embarrassment, fear of failure in their profession?

. R. "Almost never, I realized that being an actor is my calling, my life
. It was only a few moments when I am scared to continue his work. But Marilia helped me very much then, she already knows how to cope with difficult moments in his career. "

. It was something to do with criticism of your address?

. R. "Yes, it was feeling of complete nakedness of my life, loss of control over the situation, loss of control over sudboy.Ya felt uzhasno.Eto happened to me while working on the series" Family Ties "
. I was inexperienced in every magazine I was ridiculed critics. Each strove to comment on my sexual life, my professional. Today I know his worth and not let other people control my life! "

. How about a kiss and Vera Fischer?

. R. "Do you still remember it?"

. Gossip, connecting you with Vera Fischer had under the soil?

. R. "How can I deny our onscreen relationship, if they occurred? And kisses were just so real relationships in the life we had
. Directed demanded of us a realistic scenes, the passion of the audience to believe in the love of a young man to a woman who is much older ego.My with Vera is not rehearsed, did not discuss the scene. Just started to kiss, when we finished, the studio was dead tishina.My then thought "Well, it must have been well executed!". "

. Do you consider yourself a handsome young man?

. R. "A handsome young man?" (Laughs). I am not handsome and not ugly, neither good nor bad
. In my little bit of everything! "

Do you have any drawbacks?

R. "I am very neterpeliv.Ya not stand it when the fans too hard climb in my life. A case, . I was very tired after the shooting of the day, . arrived at the hotel hoping to get some sleep and rest, . and there I was waiting for a crowd: the journalist and his daughter, . administrator and her daughter, . crowd of fans and all are eager to communicate and fotografiy.Odna of the girls began pestering me "take off your glasses, . clear that, . Turn so. "I said" do not take off ", . they continued to insist, . Then I said "well, . I'll take off my glasses, . and you remove the clothes! ". They were just in shock, . told me "on the screen you are very kind and sweet, . in life is not so! It's just a lie! ". But I am, . what is, . I can not always be kind cute, . very sorry! I respect their fans and usually patience, . but I have moments, . I do not want anyone obschatsya.V eventually fans started to quarrel with me, . I am with them ... Of course I showered then a lot of extra,
. After all, I must maintain its image as a good man (laughs). "

. And what are the disadvantages?

. R. "In addition to snoring?" (laughs)

. Many snore?

. R. "A lot!"

. And what about bad breath?

. R. "Oh, bad breath, yes, my breath does not smell flowers, when I wake up (laughs)"

. Have you thought about getting married, building plans?

. R. "I always thought only of material goods, about the time when I become financially independent."

. You are going to have children?

. R. "I am married to a woman who has two children!" So that the children I already have, one 30 years old, he's older than me, and the second-23
. And they are my friends. I do not think now about the children and not worrying about how I will ever have them! "

You do not kompleksuete because of the age difference?

R. "Never. I do not care about the opinion of other people. Moreover, I was no difference in age do not feel. Who knows close to our family, know that this is true. "

You like night of fun?

R. "I love to dance, love your friends' birthdays, I love to invite friends to our home. Oh, I drink, dance, be merry ...!"

You drink a lot?

R. "not thought about it. I just love to drink good wine. "

You get drunk?

R. "I just drink and never losing control. It was really a case of Belo Horizonte, I'm with my agent, were invited to a restaurant ... But perhaps I will not go into details! "

. What do you do when you lose patience?

. R. "I can tell a incredible things! In a tense situation I scold
. You know the noise in the rear, where the earthquake starts? So when I was angry, I am publishing the same sounds! "

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