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Biography DASS Joe
photo DASS Joe
Joe Dassin (real name Joseph Dassin) was born November 5, 1938 in New - York, . the son of renowned film director Jules Dassin (By the way, . Russian on - the origin of the mother - from Odessa!) and the virtuoso violinist, . soloist Pablo Kassala, . Beatrice Lohner,
. The family was not always on the crest of success and fame. For his film about the life of ordinary Americans, often because of unsuccessful job search becoming a slippery road of theft and murder, Jules Dassin was 40 - e one of the first who got blacklisted in the days of "McCarthyism". For a long time could not find a job, rented a small theater on the stage which was trying to play, and implement a number of productions. Often - unsuccessfully. There were days when the whole family just sat on their suitcases, awaiting deportation.

Rescued in concerts mother. Besides Joe, grew up in a family has two girls: Ricky and Juliette. Since childhood, Joe was not afraid of no work and even though he was the type of careless and reckless, was able to make their own decisions and be responsible for them. Very worried about my sister, feeling like a real older brother.

. In 1945, for political reasons, the family Dassin all - yet was forced to leave America for a while and wandered through Europe in search of refuge. On these wanderings Joe later tells in his famous song "America"
. Decided to settle in France. During the ordeal, Joe learned to fly several languages and dialects, and was replaced by 14 schools. However, he was on - a boy liked the wandering life and travel from place to place.

When he was twelve, his family moved to Paris. Joe was in love with France to abandon a child, fond of sports, skiing, swimming. It is not too zealous in their studies, but, at the insistence of his father, by then the European masters of cinema, passed the exam at the end of the Lyceum, on "good" and received a bachelor's degree in college in Grenoble.

. Marriage father and mother, Joe at this time gives a thorough crack
. Parents parted. This is a big blow for Joe and that both - then recover and get used to the idea of separation of parents, he had three hundred francs in his pocket back in America. Received the University of Michigan, "Ann Arbor" to the Faculty of Ethnography. Without much difficulty defending a doctoral degree.

In order not to depend on family and support them in the evening moonlight dustman, dish washers, bartenders: Christine Gato recalls in his article "A year later. Joe Dassin. "

"Since his studies at the University Joe retained a passion for serious reading and interest in all the socio - political issues. Every day he bought a few magazines and French, as well as major American newspapers, two or three - Required. But he did not suppress relatives and friends their knowledge in presenting them with jokes and laughter. He also loved beautiful furniture, amenities, fine wine, food, children, flowers and elegant clothes. He loved life! "(* Kristin Gato" One year later. DzhoDassen. "Article from the magazine" The days of France, in August 1981. Translated by plain prose-I - CB. M.)

Joe free evenings with friends listening to music and lyrics by Jacques Bresanssa. That's when he was first visited by the idea: pick up a guitar and become a singer.

Privately he decides that he would never be a star one-day. He has been working hard and voice and guitar, sings in the evenings in cafes, earning $ 50 per statement. Then he decides to return to France with only his treasure - gitaroy.On again moonlight, . as in America, . then become a radio broadcaster at the Paris station RTL.Po proposal Maryse Massera - employee of the same station, . Joe joke agrees to record its first 45 - minute plate,
. He could not remain indifferent to the persistent persuasion charming Maryse. The record was not too successful, he even advised more "messing singing", but Joe was stubborn in achieving the goal.

. Nothing loving diletanstva, he aspires to heights of professionalism, working day and night ..

. How to write in his book "Souvenir of Joe Dassin, Michel and Catherine Rochon," in 1963, Dassin finally elect artistic career
. He met with Jacques Scourge, who later becomes his art - the director and together they create a series of songs that have taken the top ranks of musical parades on the radio: "" Bip-Bip "," Ca m'avance a quoi "," Guantanamera ".

. "Joe Dassin does - indicate Ronshony on the pages of the book, only excerpts translated into Russian," a dizzying career
. His voice - is the foundation of his success: low, exciting, full of charm and warmth, he literally charmed the audience. The appearance of Joe, his elegance, comportment on stage were his main trump card.

In 1965, Joe recorded "Les Dalton", the disc will be golden. The title song from him will be heard on all radio stations. Voice of the sheriff belongs to Jacques Pleto, my companion. He has appeared on stage with a small pistol, loaded with blank cartridges to simulate the shots, but the recording sounded insincere. In the end, we had the idea to use the echo chamber in the Hammond organ. It was in London, and British technology to take us for dangerous lunatics "- Joe recalled in an interview.

. Orchestration wrote Artey Johnny, a young pianist.

. Joe, by his nature, - a tireless worker, all striving for perfection, as Claude Francois
. The song "Siffler sur la colline" quickly rises to the top of the charts. Since then, he will go on stage without any preparation, and is fully confident of victory. Inspired by Joe said before his first appearance at the Olympia: "The scene - a pleasure that I cast a spell."

Since 1969, life Dassin no recreational. Begins series of continuous touring. He was especially popular in Canada and other francophone countries.. Recording of songs exceeds millions of readers. One after the other songs are born, is now included in the golden fund of the twentieth century. In 1972 and 1973 tours followed one after the other. He goes to the island of Reunion, then in Djibouti. In February 1974 the first Joe is once again in all the charts with "Fais-moi de l'electricite".

Before a series of concerts at the Olympia, he and his friend, photographer Bernard Lelu, flew to Las Vegas to plunge into the world of show business and entertainment. Then Joe comes back to Paris to speak before the public.

In 1975, Joe moved to the suburbs of Paris, at Saint-et-Oise, in a spacious house, where, besides the living room, is also an office and recording studio. In March 1975, the Claude Ziv and Pierre Delanoe, friends Joe and authors of the texts of many of his songs, composed for him "Si tu t'appelles melancolie", which falls into many tops. Summer 1975, the company will, without doubt, in the summer of Joe Dassin. It will take place under the sign of his superhits - "L'ete Indien". This song is a great advantage bypass all sales records and over time will be heard on all radio stations.

1976: Joe goes to a new tour with a group of Martin Circus. "Ca va pas changer le monde" - hit of the season, as well as "Il etait une fois nous deux". 1977: "A toi", and again heard the voice of Joe on all radio stations.

. Then came the turn of such hits as "Dans les yeus d'Emilie", and "Le jardin du Luxembourg" - it is worth noting in particular, is very long and very beautiful song, which lasts for almost a quarter of an hour
. "The most amazing thing - say, Joe - that with this song I was on top of the charts of the Canadian Radio. "The whole world is dancing under the" Indian Summer "Dassin - recalled Christine Gato.

Against the background of aggressiveness and rigidity of rock 60-ies, on top of the world was a man, far from this direction: Joe Dassin. While the French singers act in America, this quiet, reserved American, who came to France to conquer the hearts of the French in his own voice, makes an excellent career. His seriousness, commitment to excellence, talent - the main conditions of this success.

For several years, Joe Dassin becomes a real star. His records - the four or five best-selling in France. The stunning success!

The audience adores him, and he loves the public, which, of course, it feels. Enough to hear the enthusiastic welcome in the concert halls, to understand the love that the audience had for Joe - so complete was his perfection.

Children and adults all want to see performances of Joe Dassin. In jukeboxes in cafes always bought his songs such as "Siffler sur la colline", which can be called one of the most successful.

. Singer with an affable, but slightly sad smile, he is the ideal to which everyone wants to look like, with which everyone would like to encounter
. In the next few years, Joe is a veteran of Olympia, where his concerts every time created a sensation.

. Given this popularity is based club, Joe Dassin, which logs thousands of fans.

. Even if not everyone likes his songs, everyone recognizes the obvious: there is the phenomenon of Joe Dassin
. And it is not too strong a word.

. But, despite such a successful career, Joe, however, nothing is sure.

. Usually, when work on a new disc coming to an end, he assembled all the house, and each gave his opinion, evaluating each song
. Especially Joe valued opinion mother, Beatrice Lohner.

He was so modest that he often had to persuade them that what he does - well. Because of this early in his career he had many difficulties, but he loved so much to bring all to perfection ... Often, his modesty were given for the lack of professionalism.

Journalists wrote about Joe Dassin, that he was "the least known of the famous singers. Former Doctor of Ethnology, whose songs took the top of the charts, argued: "It's hard - to be famous, but very pleasant."

. Joe belonged to a new generation of performers, but welcoming, smiling, he showed remarkable modesty.

. "Dassin always carefully guarded his privacy from the curious." - Wrote in his book, Michel and Catherine Ronshon
. Despite this approach, rather unusual for a celebrity, an American who described himself as a Parisian, made a brilliant career. The famous singer, constantly appearing in public, Joe was very secretive in what concerned his private life. He said he did not want to arrange a moral striptease and that his audience expected of him songs, rather than anecdotes and stories of scandalous. "Everyone has the right, coming home, close the door behind. I also reserve the right to it ". For all those who touched his personal life, he was adamant.

He could not stand when someone from interfering in his private life. When questions were too immodest, he exclaimed: "My personal life is nobody's business!". Due to this, he managed to shield reporters from his home and his family. In Saint-Nom-La-Bretesh he realized his old dream, building a house in France, California style. There, he experienced many happy moments. NAV stliv he was among his many friends, . among which the book Ronshonov most frequently mentioned names: Olivia Newton John, . Dave, . Gene Munson, . France Gall, . Carlos (great friend Joe), . Hugo Ofrey, . Gerard Lenormand, . Mor Schumann, . Louis Shedi, . Michelle Dryukov, . Catherine Lara.,

. Joe Dassin was 38 years old - quite mature age
. The main theme of his songs, with whom he made such a brilliant career, was love. But he seems to have not found it yet. But, behold, one day ...

# # #

In 1976, Joe Dassin was on tour in Rouen. In one of the free day, he went at the photo to give to show the film. Clients serviced by a young girl. She looked after his father's shop during the lunch break. Joe drew attention to it and not wasting time, invited to lunch. They liked each other, fell in love and decided to no longer leave.

. Joe Dassin married Christine Delvaux, on the one he met by chance in a photo studio of her father two years earlier.

. The wedding took place on January 14, 1978 in Kotinyake, a small town in the Var department of southern France
. Joe Dassin played here ten years ago. This concert was free, and to thank the singer, Committee for the holidays offered him a piece of land for development. Over time, Joe built a magnificent house in the Provencal style. So he decided to arrange a wedding there.

On the eve of the wedding a heavy rain. All were hoping that by tomorrow it will stop. But these hopes were dashed, though: a meeting held in love in the rain. However, this could be the name of another song, Joe. The weather did not deter residents of this charming village to attend the wedding of the stars.

Joe and Christine appeared, surrounded by friends, who on this occasion came specially from Paris. Among them, Serge Lama, Jean Manson, Carlos ... Witnesses on the part of Joe were Pierre Lumbroso, his manager, and Jacques, artistic director; by Christine - A. Atta and Isabelle Regamey, her childhood friend. Joe and Christine have put their signatures on the marriage certificate.

. Canada was the first stage of their honeymoon, but a real honeymoon began with the arrival in Los Angeles, against the backdrop of palm trees, lit with a dazzling sun.

. Soon, Joe and Christine go to Palm Springs, a small town, where the singer spent his childhood
. Peculiar return to basics with the one from which he decided to share his life. Is it possible to find anything better than this spacious house, surrounded by a garden, which can only dream of, with a pool, always lit by the sun?

. Joe and Christine have lived there for a week, similar to those described in the wonderful novels about love.

. The singer of popular sports: golf, swimming
. In the evening the couple dined under the palm trees in the morning, Joe, an expert on American cuisine, demonstrated his culinary talent Christine. He was preparing to work in the studio, quietly learn new songs and waiting the emergence of a new man in the world.

Christine Gato wrote in his article "A year later. Joe Dassin: 14 September 1979 Jonathan Dassin comes into the world! "Joe absolutely mad with joy: Six months later, when this long-awaited baby is not gone, Christine Pregnancy pregnant again, this time is difficult. The last three months, until birth, Kristin spends in the hospital.

Bohlen and Joe. He was immediately hospitalized at the American hospital in Neuilly, with the diagnosis: mikroinfarkt. "The first warning of Fate.

. I think it was caused not only severe stress of concert activity, which the singer did not actually stop for a single day, but tensions in family relationships.

. Marriage of Joe Dassin and Christine Delvaux began to give a strong rift
. Did not stop quarrels and scandals. As soon as the singer returned to the concert or on tour, as his house, waiting for clarification of relations and the loud slamming of the door. What caused the rift, huff impressionable, like all talented people, and in spite of everything, madly who loved Christine, Joe - unknown. Banal jealousy toward the stage, studio, songs, fan, auditorium, friendly warmth and love, which he bestows upon the singer thousandfold?: Hard to say. Christine Gato tactfully silent about this. Ronshony - too.

Auditorium and the people sitting in it, Dassin gave his heart and soul. Even with the TV screen you could see it.

When the stage of "Olympia" on his last, dying paarizhskom concert, in June 1980, he danced an Irish jig, beating heels tap, you could see the clouds of dust under his feet. In the face streaming with sweat. At the end of this song, he immediately, . almost, . without pause, . smoothed long cord microphone, . which managed not to get confused during a dashing dance, . and quietly sang melodic lyrical song "Cafe 'Three doves'" - an unofficial anthem of love Paris! Hall picked,
. The end of the song was drowned in applause and beyond the concert hall almost sang along with him ....

March 22, 1980 was born the second son of Joe Dassin - Julien.

Three weeks after his birth, began divorce proceedings spouses Dassin.. Joe lived through all this agony. He was literally going crazy! Christine Gato wrote "Waiting for a divorce, Christine leaves with the kids to their parents in Rouen and lived there."

It jealously protects children from meeting with father. On this ground again, Joe brings a massive heart attack. Reaching the age of forty, he decided to phase out concerts and more to deal with children. "My sons are growing, and I do not want to miss". But - in the short-term plans. And yet: While the singer, obsessed with perfection in 12 - 15 hours a day working on the stage.

With his mother unable to reach a delicate truce with Kristin. Together with his sons, she agrees to live in the house, . which he builds for her on your project, . and accepts an invitation from her father Jules Dassin and his second wife, Melanie Mercury - the famous Greek actress and member of parliament in Athens - a summer vacation in 1980 in Greece.,

. After a brilliant concert, . last of which was this singer on July 11 in Port - about Cannes (during the second part he fell unconscious and was taken to hospital), Joe, . despite the ominous warnings of doctors, . allows himself only a short break - relax in Tahiti in a circle of friends,
. These were his last days.

# # #

Christine Gato describes all this: "Usually, he was dressed in white. He loved this color. But then, in that environment, he offered a sacrifice fashion Tahitians, the people who loved and wore a red shirt. Equally at noon, the twentieth in August 1980, he opened the restaurant door "Michelle and Elian in Papeette (Hawaii), to dine with friends. At the bar he drank orange juice, then went upstairs, came to the table on the terrace. Sended the requests for the fish, boiled rice, papaya. He sat down on the right hand of Natalie (friends who were with him on vacation), and Maryse Massera, continuing to move the audience to tell your friends about how he played golf every morning with Jonathan: In his story about his son had so much tenderness. Last tenderness. Tenderness gesture, a glance: ate a piece of fish, he barely had time to put a fork and immediately fainted, leaning over the shoulder Claude Lemuzlya. "

. Kathryn and Michelle Ronshon complete story Gato:

. "The doctor, who among the visitors, immediately began to make him a heart massage, which lasted 15 minutes
. Then he rose from his knees and said: "It's over. Nothing more can be done. He's dead. "

In the restaurant, where for a few minutes before that sounded a loud tune "Indian Summer", there was deafening silence.

Outside the hot breath in August. August 1980. Last summer Dassin.

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