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Barykin Alexander

( Musical Performer)

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Alexander Barykin (18.02.1952 years)

Most popular rock groups of the 70-ies started as a school, amateur team, then, having won some fame and laureatstvo competitions amateur band, then went into "professionals", ie. attributed to any official Philharmonic. And for the status of "professional" absolutely did not matter that the Philharmonic was, for example, the distant city of Khanty-Mansiysk. It is noteworthy that in the history of "Carnival" all started "exactly the opposite". Famous musicians have left the philharmonic vocal and instrumental ensembles to play their own music popular in those days, the style "New Wave". In the West, in 1979, might and main thundered "Police", "Blondie" and "The jam". We first group of "new wave" became "Carnival".

The initiator of its creation was a singer, guitarist and composer Alexander Barykin. He was born Feb. 18, 1952 in the village Berezovo Tyumen region, . with his parents moved to the outskirts of Moscow Lyubertsy, . where he graduated from music school, . participated in amateur ensembles, . and in 1973 began his professional activity in the Via Muscovites ", . a year later moved to the "Jolly Fellows", . where he worked until 1976, . and then two years playing in Sochi Via pearls ",
. Thus, by the time a Carnival Alexander had a broad background.

Second party "Carnival" - singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Vladimir Kuzmin. He was fond of early childhood music and his first song written, as befits a child prodigy, at age 6. Then there were performances in school teams, then professional work in the ensemble of "Hope" and "Gems", where Vladimir spent about a year. Together with him from the "gems" moved in "Carnival" bass Yevgeny Kazantsev. And the drums for a new group of villages Vladimir Boldyrev from Riga ensemble "Modo".

Here are a supergroup turned "Carnival" and ... ten months, all the musicians were out of work. For, even though they wrote the great hits in the style of "New veyv", and in Russian, to pass its program of artistic council could not. Then existing artistic council took the group to work not so much because of the quality of their songs, how many of the loyalty, of course, the "Soviet" repertoire. Even a perfectly mediocre group, which has in its composition graduate music schools could get a job in the Philharmonic - sing it five or seven songs by Soviet composers, members of the Union of Composers. But suddenly some fashionable, long-haired guys who keep regardless, sing their own songs about the sudden impasse and supermen? Was unable to "Carnival" to obtain official work in any Philharmonic. And musicians "gone underground": they give illegal concerts in the Moscow region and Moscow clubs and houses of culture. It is attracted to him many admirers, brought a little money, and brings to life music element of risk "of any concert could cover the police, and it can be put behind bars. One may well have been desperate, and his wife "popilivali": in the "Gems" and "Jolly Fellows" pay good money, compared to which they now receive a penny, and then only very occasionally. But approaching the 80 th Olympiad in Moscow, and in the collective ferment vague hopes.

. "Carnival" has prepared a good program in English, but speak on any Olympic team was not allowed to show: their music is very different from the rest, too, and was free to dare "at the time
. "Then we even want to emigrate, to leave the USSR, to go to hell!" - Now, already laughing, remember that time and Barykin, and Kuzmin. And added: "Thank you, that his wife was not allowed!".

In 1981 they recorded their first magnitoalbom "Superman" song in the rock 'n' roll and reggae. He was quickly replicated by numerous recording studios and had great success with fans of the National Rock. This album, thanks to one of the many contests in those years, suddenly fell on the country's only major record company "Melodia". Despite all his conservatism, All-Union firm decided to release "Mignon" with three songs amateur for the day "Carnival". And even supplied the cover photo! Two songs "Superman" and "sudden impasse" lightning became hits. This small plate is a breach in the wall of official denial, and soon the group went on their first tour of the legal Philharmonic Tula.

And then the disaster struck. He played "Carnival" in the same program with the Via poppies ", where the keyboardist was Yuri Chernavskii. He always loved all criticized and "if it had any hidden agendas" very successful intrigue. And he, indeed, not restore Kuzmina against colleagues. The conflict took place "Barykin with Kuzmin parted bitter enemies, and eventually appeared immediately two" Carnival ": barykinsky and Kuz'minskii.

. The name eventually left for Alexander, who was forced to recruit a new staff and began working with Kuzmin Chernavskii, as well as two other ex-makovtsa - bass Sergey Ryzhov, and drummer Yuri Chinas
. However, Chernavskii could not get along with Kuzmin and soon went away, using his popular project "Banana Island" development Vladimir Kuzmin, of course, without reference to the "source".

. Barykin, starting in 1982, a new era of renewed "Carnival", invited guitarist Andrew Vypova (he still works with Barykina), drummer and bassist Alexander Akinina Alexander Birman, who could then play a few trick "slemp"
. Four of them recorded an excellent magnitoalbom "Carousel", which for the first time the national anthem "new wave" - "The Island" (in other versions - "Wonder Island"). Relaxed, . rhythmically and excitedly played songs, . high raspevny voice Barykina (no wonder he had in his time to perform in restaurants songs by Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles), brings the group's phenomenal success, . Since then she has every year goes by magnitoalbomu,
. However, the plate record more until you can not.

. Were especially popular in 1983-1984 hits "Chile" ( "Give me a hand") and "Star Ship" (in another version of "Never too late").

. In 1984 Barykina invited on TV in "HNY" sing mischievous, stebovuyu song Igor Nikolaev on the words of Valery Sautkina "Schedule for tomorrow"
. At first, this song was supposed to perform Alla Pugacheva, but she refused, and the song suggested Barykina. This TV clip has played a major role in the career of the actor: on the one hand, . Barykin received tremendous popularity in the wider circles, . On the other hand, relentless rock tusovka negatively reacted to this event, . and he lost most of the old fans,
. And a group of "Carnival" in 1985, things were going badly for that matter, and many rock bands. Appeared infamous "black list" of artists, banned by the Ministry of Culture, was in it and "Carnival". Go broke tour schedule, were canceled concerts. And in this difficult moment Barykin turned to composer David Tukhmanov on whose disk "On the wave of my memory," he sang one of the best songs. Alexander asked for a few songs to perform and display artistic council program. Tukhmanov agreed, he realized that he could thus help the singer. "But I will do everything in its own way, and arrangements come up with myself, and sing as I want" - warned Barykin. Album "Steps": "Alexander Barykin sings songs of David Tukhmanov" left drive giant to "Tones", where the highly respected composer. The disc sold well. Among the songs Tuhmanova "under cover" Barykin "propihnul" and several of its. Including such a hit, as "substitute".

After the disk, "Carnival", as foreseen Barykin, the program took. Philharmonic rescued the city of Grozny, from which the "Carnival" went back on tour. Soon the group started and the new hit, "" Bouquet "on the verses great poet Nikolai Rubtsov. Alexander Barykina, singing, as he had "a long time to drive a bicycle," shown on central television, and had just called his name as a soloist, referring to "Carnival" as if in passing. "Bouquet" is impossible to call a rock song is pure Estrada. Perhaps to compensate for the sharp shift towards "pop", the next magnitoalbom - "Hey, look - Barykin makes hard, almost hard rock. What are at least the song "Hey, look," "Whirlpool" and "rock style". Decoration of the album was surprisingly heartfelt ballad "What a pity" (in the first edition magnitoalboma in 1989 called "Galoy"), a rare case when Barykin wrote the music and lyrics. "I was in the hospital after surgery was painful and had to think of something good. I thought about his wife, Gala, and eventually wrote these poems, and then the song, "recalls the story hit himself Barykin.

. It is a pity, but this album has never been released on vinyl: Alexandra tormented thyroid disease, and for a time he was not at all to music and not be bothered to do business with recording companies.

. In 1992 Barykin was gradually returning to show business
. For two years he slowly has recorded one of the most unsuccessful album "Russian beach" (which is today and he himself did not like). Sold the disc, too sluggish, although there were good songs: "Jamaica", "Lonely Day", "Under the rain" and a new version of the famous "Wonder Island". Alexander once again going "Carnival". Again invites guitarist Andrew Vypova, on saxophone and flute remains as eight years ago, Valery Ilyenko, on drums - Alexander Filonenko. By that time, grew up the son of Alexander - George Barykin, whose father produced in the late 80's, when his son was drawn to pop music in the style of "Tender May" and Roma Zhukov. But George has grown, the genes affected, and although, as his father says, "the guitar he puts nobody did anything," Barykin Jr. released a solo album, "Mystery on behalf of L." and moved to the guitar in "Carnival".

. Success for the group and Alexandra Barykina is contracting with the firm MOROZ Records, . which publishes a group of old drives in the original version with bonus tracks (eg, . album, "Hey, . see "supplemented hit" Chile "and the songs SFD - Beladonna", . performed "Carnival" at the festival "Robin Hood" in 1994 in the suburban Lytkarino).,

. Almost all of the 95 th Barykin lot of performances, sometimes calling in the assistance group, often treating small composition
. His repertoire includes a song from the new album and hits of past years. The name "Carnival" comes to mind is rarely in recent years, and the image of the group is now increasingly associated with the name of its leader. The same happened with Vladimir Kuzmin - everyone remembers that there is a group "dynamics", everyone knows that she plays with him, but still appears on posters fashionable name of the leader. Barykin and Kuzmin - now again, friends of past dissensions remembered as "mistakes of youth."

. In the 96-m Alexander Barykin releases a new album "Islands", which is considered one of his best in recent years, stating that "they all played well and recorded"
. For most of the singer and composer, the year the sum less successful: aggravated old sores, have once again go to the hospital. But in December, Alexander Barykin and running again and resumes its concert activity.

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Barykin Alexander, photo, biography
Barykin Alexander, photo, biography Barykin Alexander  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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