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Kseniya Larina (03.07.1985 years [Moscow])

What does it mean to win? Take the grand prize, or to prove to myself that I can? First, of course, well. But sometimes the path to victory and winning is through a compromise with their own principles and conscience, and win - to lose your face. There is then a victory for the preservation of personal dignity, . gain experience of survival and resistance? Participant two projects 1 channel (Star Factory and The Last Hero) Kseniya Larina sure, . that the main prize, . who can win in life, . - Experience and a good number of good people,

- By the way, in vain you think - laughing Ksyusha, in response to my question about the factory prize - the microphone is not solid! Think of all stars have a microphone? Not everyone. And I have my own, which are all set for my voice, there is only the sweat of my palms. So I win. And our winners!? You've already seen clips Russo, Zatsepina? One by one and all. A car? Stas his scooter sold and bought a laptop, a car exploded Anton. My microphone is now he lies beside her.

- Just lie idle?

- No. I'm working in the studio and took away with Viktor Drobyshev songs for his first album. And we will emerge with a microphone on the stage in the program New songs about the main. When I went to the factory, I really wanted to sing on stage. My dreams coming true.

- You had to participate in the two most extreme Canal project. Where have to survive?

- Of course, the factory, but to live and have fun at Hero. But the factory, I got a great life experience. The island had time to reflect. So now I have no regrets and is ready for a new life.

- Strange. On the island you were far away from civilization:.

- Approximately the same as living in the house. Yes, participating in the factory, we are not left Moscow, but come in the evening to her mother and talk to her it was impossible. No one to cry, too. I felt like on a desert island, in the tribe of enemies. Know what the difference between the two projects? The factory people can fasten on the mask and this mask to pass the entire project, convincing people that they are. At the Hero of pretense simply no strength. All of these, what is. Immediately clear who and what a.

In Hero we all had our goals: to prove to parents that you are strong and adult, propiarit himself, sure in their own abilities or get out of life in full - adventure, the thrill. Of course, everyone wants to win, but everyone understands that the last hero becomes the most worthy. There can not juggle with facts. It is necessary to win in contests and win credibility. It is important how you build your relationships with people.

- Is the factory is not the winner-the most? (SSCC evasive and sly smile).

- Among the many worthy. It all means are good. But solve the case, good luck.

- I do not want to his factory to arrange something shocking. Undress, for example:

- If you have nothing else to take, and you can undress and history of a lewd think. But I thought, we must motivate themselves with their performances at concerts. But, alas! There, I am not the mistress. I am very glad when the first nomination, I was offered to sing The light of my love. It reminded me of my friend. But I imagine this number quite different. For example, I begged not to give me a dove, but I was not listening. In the end I realized that resistance is futile. I was offered the songs that I did not fit either in nature or the voice. Show me I could not. Others have not been many bans.

- But the producers know better:

- Probably (bitter smile). Apparently, for this reason that the last nomination does not give me songs, just set the fact that something needs to sing. I chose the song and invited the French. By the way I dress and sewed herself: Mom brought me two pieces of black fabric, stylists gave the belt and bracelet with stones, that was not so gloomy. I went barefoot and sang, produced the effect.

- Ksyusha, but when you went to the casting Factory-4, for you were not a mystery what kind of life awaits you. Certainly, my sister Maria told me about all the delights of factory life.

- But it all finally came good! I would have gone to the third Factory, but I have signed a contract to participate in the musical Wedding jays. Then I went to college and was casting for the fourth plant.

- But you are studying at the institute:

- After school I attended the University of Friendship of Peoples on the faculty of linguistics, but went with the first course. Understand that more than anything else want to sing. Here and went to the Institute of Contemporary Art on vocals. And now took a year akademku.

- I was the last hero:.

- Do not become. Although lived on the island almost to the end. And it is not important. I've found so many good friends and talked with these people! Well, when I could get acquainted with Nikolai Nikolaevich Drozdov, . Tatyana Dogileva? The same legend, . the heroes of my childhood! A Max Pokrovsky, . Zhanna Friske, . Sasha Matveev? We also made good friends with Sveta Svetikova.,

. - What's the worst?

. - When do you sleep at night, and you pour in a tropical downpour, and while you always somebody bites.

. - And hide under the roof?

. - And for what? We flew in a plane such steep, fingers fanning out in evening gowns
. Well, us and dropped, and themselves at the same time flew off with the words survives! We just explained that you can eat and what not, there you can walk, but there do not. At first they were all in shock. Of course, we were warned that, and how, but even when we signed the contract, no one could assume that we are facing is actually. Watch on TV - this one, but by all on your own skin feel - quite different. Nobody knew we survive or not. Some failed, others experienced the thrill.

- Well-slept where?

- The first time almost in the open. And then the tribe came Sasha Matveev, Max Pokrovsky and Zhanna Friske and began to help us. They have grown and strong, and they had the experience of living on the island. Old-timers have taught us all sorts of subtleties. We started the throne, berth, a table, a roof leak stopped. We have to eat differently. They taught us to catch octopus.

- What do you eat before their arrival?

- When we arrived at the pole lying fruit that grew on the island. From what we saw there, found only bananas, coconuts, mangoes, yucca (like potatoes), limes, cream. Bananas we ate very quickly. With yukkami got rid of the week and a half. It was there so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coconuts on the island was not, but we make a profit from the neighboring islands. (Incidentally, I ate them so that now taken for mockery, if someone offers me a Bounty!) Well were limes. I used lemon could not see, and now eat and not frowned. And what could I do? Where to go? Gradually, we have won contests, competitions, and we have the device for catching fish. Hands to catch unrealistic: they're such fun! With each passing day it becomes easier and easier.

- There were exotic dishes?

- Shark. We won on the same test network, it is a shark, and caught. She was very beautiful, but terrible. I'm terribly afraid, but then we have it boiled, roasted, baked. It turns out that a lot of shark meat. It has a sharp taste, dry. We ate oysters, pouring their juice, lime, and octopus. All in the best restaurants. Kaif! Prepared in our Max Pokrovsky. He is so professional with all the inquiries, that no one tried to compete with him.

- A fresh water?

- We had a well with rain water. He remained on the last project.

- With local residents - wild animals do not conflict?

- We tried not to touch. Boinae hung on trees, monkeys galloping, parrots flew. But we survived.

- Are there any robinzonskie skills come from?

- Coconut to chop a tree (laughs). And learn to go without shoes. At first, his legs ached terribly, and then for me cameraman barely had time to. Spoons learned from tinkering shells and sticks.

- By the way, on the operators and the correspondent. They also survive on the island or so - were flying to work?

- Film crew could live in normal conditions, they had the right and opportunity is normal, and sleep in tents. However, selected a terrific team. For them, it is not the first Survivor. News crews shared with us all the burdens of: lay down to sleep in the rain, hungry.

. - Girls of your tribe - the nation's public and used to be always beautiful, made-up, and on the island you were all in bites, scratches:

. - (Coyly) And what do we look bad? We ourselves have not seen, and it saves us
. We did not have mirrors. We take Svetikova every morning, biting her lip, saying to each other compliments, and have themselves a lip, a swollen cheek. All madly itching. I Sasha Matveev even hands tied behind his back, so I do not combed. And if the comb to the blood, the scars remain. We were smeared with lime, but missed five minutes. A few days later at the mosquitoes obtained immunity.

But honestly, it did not before!

The first two weeks to think only about what would be going to get and what clothes to cover themselves. And then you start to think about their loved ones, their dreams, how you live. I clean out his brains, soul, heart. Comes to mind only bright thoughts and feelings. You look at the stars and realize that you need nothing more.

- How completely?

- That is absolutely! When I opened my suitcase after the island, could not understand why so many things!

- Speaking of wardrobe. You all went to the island in some strange scarves, cloth.

- Initially, we were able to take on two things that can be there to dress and change. But we do not give. Then I led Janna Friske clothes Stas made a T-shirt and shorts. We had sticks poking holes in them, and pass through any strings. Still we won and found a cloth, napkins, and so cover.

- Something I brought with me except emotions?

- A plethora of seashells. I also brought a stick, which gave me one of the operators. He found her on our island, and threw into the ocean. Arrived on the second island, and there at the shore, this stick again washed his feet, he threw it again. He picked her on the third island. More is not thrown away, but gave me.

- Is it love?

- No. The island was not amorous stories. Specifically forces neither physical nor moral. We were always busy looking for food. And homesick for their halves. Communication, then no. Sometimes we heard news from home, but this country has had. We immediately started to cry. For example, I was told that the brother went to school and got good grades. I - cry. Monet said that her fiance bought a table in the kitchen, she was also in tears. Max Pokrovsky constantly talking about his wife and son. Stasyun, Mishka Grebenshchikov, Jeanne is bored by his favorite. Nikolai very missed his wife, even slept separately from all. He told me that when they were first married, he promised himself that he would either sleep with her, or one. Very touching to watch the interview of these two elderly people, but it was clear that they still love each other.

- And then had a visit with relatives:

- I have not even thought that live to see it. Everything that happened on the island, it was a complete surprise for us. We waited for their loved ones, but until recently did not know when and how much they will come. When the plane struck our family, we all cried. And my mother quite a bit talked. I told her nothing and only asked, as at home affairs. She saw and felt that I had all good. She said that we all look like adult children, such unearthly creatures.

- Your tribe was singing.

- And very funny. We do not know how to do, but all sang. Moreover, and Russian folk, and our factory. Ruslan their singing. We Couric won a guitar, because guitar is not without Couric Couric.

. - The philosophical approach to life is preserved?

. - As for clothes, unfortunately, no! For me, life on the island became a huge period of plowing the fields, now there is plenty of room for sowing
. What worries here, I think there is negligible. I am now sending to all on the island.

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