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Biography LEGRAND Michel
photo LEGRAND Michel
Michel Legrand (24.02.1932 years)

. Mention the name of the famous French composer Michel LEGRAND usually hear a phrase: 'A, . Well of course! 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg'! " And he wrote music for more than 200 films, . received three Oscar awards and five Grammy in the category 'Best Music', . worked with Frank Sinatra, . Charles Aznavour, . Barbra Streisand, . Liza Minnelli,
. In Russia it has exclusively work - he wrote music for the film 'Amber wings', which was withdrawn by order of the channel TVC.

- They say everything in the world can find his music. What tune you picked up would be for Russia?

- PF-f-f: A strange question! In any case, it must be a lyrical melody and romantic at the same time. That's right! It should be slow and broad. In the minor, of course, but - joyful, full of some colors of the future.

You know, happened to me a funny story. Once I wake up in the morning and realize that he has found a wonderful melody (sings something resembling a hymn of the USSR). Recorded by the notes and immediately called his friend. 'Wonderful! - He replied. - The only familiar, it's a hymn of Russia '. I could only say: 'Damn it! " I swear this is true story!

- Now more and more people replacing computer. He'll kill me if electronics composer's art?

- This composer does not kill. Yes, the computers give the illusion of lightness of the creative process for those who is not a real composer. My dog may also wish to compose music - he needs only to press his paw for a few keys on your computer. And he will succeed melody, rather rhythmic, harmonic. On the land now home to thousands, millions of such dogs composers, push a button on the keypad of their machinery.

. But these composers do not give up, because only the living, a talented person can communicate through music all the feelings that rage in him
. I wake up a storm of response in the hearts of listeners.

- Do RUSSIAN composers have a saying: 'The music just seven, but eat all you want', so no sin a good tune from a colleague download.

- No, no, things are not so. Music actually twelve. And when you connect them to the melody, must not think about how to eat well on the earnings, but that should try to maintain a vertical position, that is to be respected and: hungry. Of course, you can compose and lying, and lying more pleasant to eat, and money you will have more. But will you be happy:

- Why? Is the money - it's bad luck?

- Yes, well, when you have money, but it's good and proud of themselves. If you're going to compromise to get something in life, you become a traitor to himself. This definition is best suited to politicians. A political activist - a notorious scoundrel. The higher it climbs, the more he is forced to compromise and accept a completely unacceptable to any decent person things. It is necessary to make any policy in any country in the world. When I ask: 'What are you doing? " - And hear the answer: 'Policy', I immediately go away from this man, because I know that he's a bastard by definition.

And in the art of the opposite. Therefore it is necessary that countries led by the artists. This is a joke, of course. But it would be wonderful, because the artist, doing, not thinking about making money or about how to gain power. He's thinking about human beauty, and peace, thus, could be saved (rather laughs).

- And what about your personal relationship with money as the fold?

- I do not spit on the money, no! (Laughs) But I have with them is very simple relationship. When I was 22, I had never in his life made a transfer to the American radio. I paid a thousand dollars. Fortune! I thought a few months, what to do with them, and decided to still put them in the bank. Heading to the bank, walked past the shop, which sold a delightful movie camera, which cost just a thousand dollars. Was the shop opposite the bank. I stood there, torn by contradictions, and thought, what is the door open - a bank or store, but still bought a camera and have not regretted.

When I have money, I buy whatever he wants. I have a plane, I did it was manned by. I have a car, house. And if suddenly at some point not be a penny, I'm selling aircraft, selling their homes, and the proceeds from the sale money to buy new ones.

- You make friends, working with many famous people. What they really are - in my life, and not on stage?

- My friends are divided into two categories - the creators and performers. This is completely different in nature people. Creator - he was not afraid: inside him - like a rich-rich storehouse from which he will draw the components for his work. And the singer - afraid. Once he reaches celebrity status, it appears the fear fall below this level, and every time he has something to gain public. And more is yet to do so masterly. It turns out that the more famous artist, the more he risks and the more afraid to take risks. Same Barbra Streisand. She was trembling all day long. I tell her: 'With your a reputation you can do anything on stage. You are gathering the greatest concert halls in the world '. But she prefers to stay home and do nothing - is afraid to make a mistake in front of the public.

- Have you ever afraid?

- No, the fear was never. Perhaps because he never tried to work below their capabilities - I would feel sick. When I write music, I always try to be original to surprise yourself. Maybe it sounds frivolous, but the creators of very little sleep. They have been demonstrating in the bed, looking for a fresh place on the pillow. This is a fresh place on the pillow - something new in their work.

Can not believe it, but I'm afraid the first time here in Russia. In the West, I am well known, and this world is unfamiliar to me, your movie, I do not know, with the musicians did not work. I do not feel at ease. And this is wonderful! We must try to break the routine.

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LEGRAND Michel, photo, biography
LEGRAND Michel, photo, biography LEGRAND Michel  Music, photo, biography
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