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Ute Lemper

( Singer)

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Biography Ute Lemper
photo Ute Lemper
Ute Lemper (04.07.1963 years [Myunsten])

Ute Lemper's voice is compared with the roar of a tiger and the singing of angels, but it itself called diva and "one of the most spectacular and exotic female singers". Exceptional musicality and the gift of reincarnation allow Ute Lemper with equal success to work in the genre of cabaret, playing in musicals and perform rock hits.

German girl nationality, Ute Lemper was born July 4, 1963 in a small college town Myunsten, family banker and opera singer. About his childhood years she remembers no particular pleasure: "Parents are constantly saying to me - be normal, not stand out, do not make any noise". The situation was a bourgeois mediocrity and authoritarianism that prevailed in the family, Ute helped carry music lessons - with nine years she studied piano, singing and dancing.

. Ute Mother wanted her daughter became a dancer, but the independent nature Lemper not linked to the strict discipline that prevails in the ballet
. Career as a singer, in which the Ute could be more self-reliance, attracted by its more. Her childhood liked American jazz, and it is not surprising that the fifteen-year Lemper began her career in show business with, began to sing and play jazz compositions in bar. A year later, she joined the punk group The Panama Drive Band.

Then Ute seriously interested in theater and worked for two years in Stuttgart Municipal Theater, playing in Fassbinder's plays, and Chekhov. His acting skills she perfected the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna, while leaving music lessons (Ute studied in Salzburg, Cologne and Berlin).

. Debut Ute Lemper in musical theater took place in 1983 thanks to Andrew Lloyd-Webber, who invited her to play Grizabellu in Vienna staged the musical "Cats"
. During the year Lemper sang Grizabelly Bambulariny and, in addition, she participated in writing the German version of the musical. In 1985, in Berlin, Ute Lemper has played a major role in the musical "Peter Pan".

In 1986, the Ute met with a French theater director Jerome Savary, who invited her to the musical "Cabaret" for the role of Sally Bowles. The performance was played in Lyon, Dusseldorf, ROSMA and Paris (in the theater Mogador) and brought the actress prize Moliere (in a nomination for best actress in a musical).

Since the end of 80-x Ute mainly engaged in his solo career. In 1987, she presented in New York, a program dedicated to the life and work of Kurt Weill. This show opened the door to the scene of the most prestigious halls of the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Germany and Israel. Suffice it to say that Lemper performed on the stage of La Scala, the Sydney Opera House and the Kennedy Center, accompanied by the best orchestras in the world.

. "Specialization" Lemper - cabaret songs to the Weimar Republic, which it re-opened to the public, and, of course, Kurt Weill
. According to many critics Lemper - the best contemporary performer of his songs. In addition, Ute was not afraid to turn to the repertoire of Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf and French chanson.

. In musical theater, she returned ten years later, on Nov. 18, 1997, when London's Adelphi Theater opened resumed production of the musical "Chicago", which she performed the role of Ute Velma Kelly
. For this role, the actress was awarded the Laurence Olivier Award (in nomination for best actress in a musical "). In 1998, the play opened on Broadway, and next year in Las Vegas, where Ute performed on the same stage with the first performer of the role of Velma, the legendary Chita Rivera.

. Discography Lemper is extensive - from 1983 (when she took part in writing the German version of "Cats") the singer has recorded over 30 albums
. The first solo album by Ute Lemper - "Ute Lemper Singt Kurt Weill", subsequently reprinted, left in 1987. The singer has released two more albums songs by Kurt Weill, took part in the recording of "The Threepenny Opera" (as Polly), opera - ballet "The Seven Deadly Sins" and "Mahogany-opera. In addition, she released her album of songs from the repertoire of Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf, as well as a collection of Berlin cabaret songs, the very "decadent" music of the Weimar Republic, which was banned by the Nazis as "degenerative."

. Lemper also worked with the famous British minimalist composer Mike Nyman
. Nyman - author of music to films by cult director Peter Greenaway, in which the painting - "Prospero's Books" - she was shot. Especially for the singer Nyman wrote the album "Songbook", released in 1991. This project, according to Ute Lemper, opened for her new creative heights, because it had nothing to do with what she did before.

Ute recorded several French albums, and, of course, paid tribute to musicals. She participated in writing the German version of the musical "Starlight Express" and has released several compilations, which sound works Sondheim, Lloyd Webber, and Candor. In 1998, out of the original record of the renewal of the London musical "Chicago."

. Ute Lemper's voice sounds at the German saundrekah to the cartoon "The Little Mermaid" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney.

. The singer is not afraid to perform and popular pop and rock hits
. Her latest album, recorded in 2000 - "Punishing Kiss", includes songs of Nick Cave, Elvis Costello and Tom Wates.

. In 1989, Ute Lemper co-starred in the French film "L'Autrichienne" in the role of Marie Antoinette, who became its first notable work in film (although the actress made her debut on screen in the mid 80's)
. Since then, the record Lemper has added about 15 movies, . whose names we will tell the audience a little, . except, . perhaps, . "Prospero's Books" by Peter Greenaway, . "Prorva" (Franco-Russia pictures, . removed Ivan Dykhovichniy), . and "Pret-a-porter by Robert Altman,
. However, according to most actresses, she was withdrawn, as a rule, non-commercial films and has done so for his own pleasure. Among numerous television work may be noted Lemper Ute participate in the project "Not Mozart" and televeserii her concerts.

. Interestingly, studies have not been choreographed for Ute Lemper in vain - in 1993 she starred in the ballet "La Morte Subite", delivered to her by Maurice Bejart.

. Among her other passions - painting (an exhibition of her paintings were held in Paris and Hamburg) and journalism (Ute Lemper articles published in such prestigious publications as "Liberation", "Die Welt" and "The Guardian")
. In 1995 came her first book - "Unzensiert" ( "Uncensored").

Ute Lemper was able to win the European and American audience, but at home her career was not so easy. In 1992 she performed the role of Lola in the musical play "The Blue Angel" (self-titled film once made Marlene Dietrich a star). Critics responded to her work smasher.

Some of the critics noted that Ute is too talented for Germany. Anyway, . since Lemper, . brilliantly speaks German, . French and English, . prefers his homeland Paris, . Berlin and New York, . where they were not only now has come the recognition, . but schacte family - she married an american actor David Tabatski, . They have two children - Max and Stella.,

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Ute Lemper, photo, biography
Ute Lemper, photo, biography Ute Lemper  Singer, photo, biography
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