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Yuri Loza

( Singer, Composer)

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Biography Yuri Loza
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Yuri Loza (01.02.1954 years)

In dashing years of perestroika, which was the peak of his solo works, not many artists have been popular of Yuri Loza. And in the post-perestroika times, when it seemed that he had gone into the shadow - it is not forgotten. He did not stop either compose or perform, or record albums - he is nowhere that we did not go.

And so it stayed in our souls - a solitary wanderer on a small raft, on which each of us would like to swim "through the storm, rain and thunderstorms - the world of" happiness and peace ". Composer, poet and singer Yuri Loza wrote many other songs, including "hundred hours", "Sing, my guitar," "Dedication to Wysocki," "I'm not worse than all, and many, many others. But at every concert the audience waiting and asking the legendary "flesh".

This song could not come by chance. He had to be a person had to be a poet, endowed with a spark of God, which is called the talent to write such lines.

. How do you feel about the current enthusiasm for "retro", in the wake of which a great success are concerts in the style of disco 80's? Can I take your return to the big stage a tribute to this fashion?

. - I have a "retro" does not believe, because both did not stop writing songs, but if people like the old repertoire - and they do have to give, we are working for them.

. Recently, I participated in the filming of "Disco 80" concert hall "Olympic", and in the company of such stars as, say, "Kaoma" with its famous "Lambada", Riccardo Foli and Puppo, Thomas Anders -- there was a place for me
. Normal?

. Do you fit into a modern show business? Whether to accept it the rules?

. - On today's show business in two words do not say, but I try to be near the most convenient place - a folding chair in the hit parade ": the expulsion and no one can gaze at Tusovka" down
. Now on stage - a generation of "users". If in the 80 years, somehow trying to impress his own program, songs, everything is something invented, something written, something the current generation of composers and performers enjoyed accumulated up to them. They take a proven content, wrapped in new packaging - and sell. Uses. Understand? So now, at this point, the creators of life is not very good, because new stuff nobody cares about.

. I write a good song - and I say: why did you wrote it? It does not fit into the format, it is useless.

. Now I wrote a great song about New Year, which is not cool in the air and which can not be removed in any New Year's Program
. Because you need to stand in line and pay money to show himself on TV. Absolutely nobody cares about what this song - good, bad or no song. There is such a thing as ether net. It is painted, how much to pay for any broadcast of any program. But any incompetent may untwist itself - would be money. Appeared even a concept such as "Singin 'purses'. So we say in Russia. Mistress of a wealthy person can become popular, even if it is without hearing and without a voice.

. Please tell us a story of your most famous song "The Raft" - you would agree with me that it was your business card?

. - "The Raft" is written, like all the other songs: wrote and wrote - written
. In 1982, on foot, by sea, on tour. However, I finished the her then about another year, so it is so "polished" in terms of style and form. I never thought that this song will stand out from the rest. But it happened. Apparently, she appeared at the right time and raised the necessary strings. This is a good song. If she was bad, I would not love her perform, but it is good - why did it not to sing?

How to compose songs? I understand that it is difficult, but describe the "moment of truth in art". As born-line lyrics, a melody comes to them? I read in your biography that in youth you write songs, even in the vestibules of EMUs. What you need today, the conditions for creativity? Or you remain undemanding man?

. - I compose, building on the idea: there is a good idea - have a reason to work if it is worthy incarnation theme, then the proper perseverance can almost guarantee a good song.

. Actually now composed "chips"
. I'm told people in the know: First, create a chip, and then compose a song. The chip - it could be some kind of phrase or an exclamation such as "Jaga-Jaga" or "Musi-pusi". There is need to think, then to come up with this rhythm, that "rolled". That is "drum structure, then superimposed it on all the other instruments: This is if you want to unwind now in commercial terms. And if you just want to write a song that you listen to yourself, then write the way I think. And I used to write songs - and now writing - in a different. First comes the idea, then it is embodied in the rhythm, then develops the melody and the text.

We'll finish one and the same institution - MESI. I do not think it's time for a lost: in those years, coming twice a year in Moscow at the meeting, I received a "higher theatrical education, neglecting the study in favor of theatrical performances. What do you give a higher economic education? It you do need to be?

. - After the economic high school, I weighed ten times in all kinds of "smart" programs where I had to talk but not sing, which is very nice when paid for the television actor
. And the extra knowledge does not happen.

Once you dreamed of the open door, behind which you "trust, love and waiting". This is your dream come true? Who is waiting for you at home?

. - Now many people: wife, son, cat, dog, fish: As a matter of turned out - had grown belongings and wildlife "under the most eyeballs."

. Loneliness, in my opinion - an indispensable portion of creative people
. Very often they are lonely even in a busy crowd, even among friends, relatives, friends and loved ones. How do you feel about the state of loneliness? Whether you love this state?

- It's hard to answer this question. Definitely does not work. Different cases have different desired degree of loneliness. Hemingway said: "It is good to be alone, but must necessarily be someone who could tell how good it was one". It is difficult to talk about loneliness. Loneliness - the most favorable condition for creativity. To fulfill the composed better together.

Better than a candidate from any party. One, for example, it is impossible to have sex. Otherwise, it is called by another. In general, the loneliness - it is a condition that for some reason - good, but for some reason - not very.

In one interview you said that, probably, you still have to become a producer of his wife - Svetlana Loza. How is this project?

- No moving. No money, so beautiful songs are dead weight.

You were born "solo album" - and any experience of your co-operation with VIA for you to be called successful. They, then, of course, for you have won and earned, but that it gave you? Even the registration, not to mention the apartment, Bari Alibasov you did in Saratov. And Glory Angelyuk from an ensemble of PRIMUS "simply arrogated to itself your first record. Looking back, you will not regret that cooperated with VIA?

- In nature there is no subjunctive mood, I do not know, "what would happen if" - it happened. I still love to work with the group and, by the way, the group is going to soon come to Israel, and I in this group is not the last person as a musician.

You started as a restaurant singer. "Kabatsky" experience something returned to life?

- I have long worked in restaurants. I went through all this school. I was a soloist in the restaurant. I still have three very fat "Talmud" of those times, where written about a thousand songs. I'm only seventeen Greek songs he sang! Kabak - great school. When you sing a thousand songs in different languages, unintentionally penetrate various cultures and styles.

. What is your attitude toward money? Do you agree with the statement Zhvanetsky: "The money required to be spent on women?

. - Money must be in sufficient quantity to life
. Unfortunately, they never have enough - particularly for women.

How do you relax? There is a common belief that man - servant of the three "T": slippers, couch, TV. It's all about you say?

- Ask a question already knows the answer at least eighty per cent. Yes, I like to lie on the couch, he had already received my form, and all the more difficult to force yourself to do something over and above the required. The man really - any man - loves the coziness and comfort. Those men who burned at work - abnormal. Man itself is quite lazy. I agree with the words of the actor Steven Seagal: "I am able to work as needed, and lazy to oblivion."

All are absolutely. Work as long as necessary. If necessary, all the work - someone more, someone less. Someone enjoys more. But to say that creativity pereshibalo everything else?.. I think it is - stupidity. And for what work? To burn at work?

. But, perhaps, in order to compose new songs?

. You can be called a gourmet? I know how to prepare yourself? If yes - then donate his trademark recipe.

. - No, I'm not doing anything
. I'm very bad cook. It is better to do it to his wife, who is preparing well. I animal is omnivorous. I am a long time ago to eat well: that is, then eat. Absolutely unpretentious! But I myself can make only "egg with mayonnaise". More than anything good I did not get. Recipe to give?

Many creative people leaned in policy, although successful, in my opinion, only Govorukhin yes Shvydkoi. As you are not thought to whether the opportunity to care for themselves in politics?

- Let's see what happens next. To exclude such a development can not. I am not very fond of the old artists. When the old artists go on stage and sing the same as singing in his youth, it looks a bit unnatural. Already filing is not the one eye in another way off, he does not meet his songs. It is better to sit in old age, surrounded by disciples, followers, dictating his memoirs, or sit in the Duma and puff. We need to do something useful - why not politics?

. What in life you do not stay indifferent? What you really surprised? What to admire? What are you outraged?

. - I admire less and less, almost ceased to be surprised, outraged even more often - about without
. I am a normal person. Universal human values inherent in me and. I, like all normal people, I rejoice when I meet something beautiful, and irritated when hurt the weak, not like cutting trees: And so on.

. If you had to be top of their own songs, what would you say your main?

. - At different times different songs like the more or less
. The most popular are the past - they have not yet priestsya.

I can not ask you a question: Have you found "the world of happiness and peace" on his little raft?

- My answer is in verse: "And the eternal battle, the peace we can only dream of". Fight with yourself, fight with laziness and circumstances, and peace - ahead.

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