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Loya Alexander

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Alexander Loya

The first time he was on set in the age of five. As it should be, thanks to good fortune. The picture was called "Dubrovsky" and a tiny episode in which - by virtue of his young age, - the newfound artist is not so much played a role, but simply present in the frame, has done her good service - a debutant notice. Today, . when fifteen years have passed since the accidental, . but fateful moment, . behind Sasha Loya has a dozen movies and characters, . the most significant and memorable among them - red rowdy-dowdy Sidorov Vova from commercials drink Hershey and seriously-ironic Yuri series of "NEXT",

- You got a movie with the exterior, which is associated by many with the way red rascals. You really had a childhood shkodnik?

- As with all children - you say one thing while you do another. But basically, when I was very young, I was very obedient child. They will say: "Sit" - sitting. They will provide you - stand. They will say: "Shut up" - silent. Not a child, and dream of parents. Well studied in school, and then, in a class of eight or nine had an idea: "Why all this need?" I still do not understand why people are trying to get to school a gold medal. If a person chooses his profession, it means that all forces need to be applying to it. And what will the gold medal? Well, you will not pass on admission to the institute and had some items. So what? All the same, more than half of what they give you in school, in life do not need. Well, what do I know, for example, about the integrals? And when I was in ninth grade, he thought: "At the fig I spend so much effort" - then the whole thing out of me quickly evaporated. And in grade 10 I was on the verge of expulsion from school. But then still catch up, rehabilitated. But what I really am: I, of course, change over time, but I do not shkodlivy boy. It's just such a texture. We had to pay tribute to my appearance - "red-haired, red-haired, freckled boy, killed his grandfather with a spade". I can not say that I was a hooligan. But to call themselves a home, quiet and calm, good boy or a botanist, I can not either. I love the company of friends, a certain close range, very small - and suspicious of all the rest. Love pobuzit, relax, like all normal people my age, but much more like to be one. And it gives me pleasure.

- What are you doing one?

- It's not even that I do. I just love to be one. I live with my mother and feel great. I was very uncomfortable - though it may sound bad, - when the extended family, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters. I love solitude. I was so relaxed.

- And with such a love for solitude, you went to the actors?

- But the actor, after all, must be one. Because the desire for you like this - is:

- I'm not talking about you like this, but the publicity of the profession.

- But there is the concept of "public solitude". And this is the problem an actor. Actor is always with himself, even if it is someone on stage or in the frame. When you are alone, you may think, to analyze something, etc.. And when you're with someone, even with the closest people, you can not think.

. - The fact that you decided to become a professional actor, was a conscious decision, or inertia, stemming has some involvement in the profession?

. - It was quite a conscious choice
. Even if fate had not brought me to the cinema, I would still go there. When I finished school, thinking: "Here, let's say, would not be all that. Where I'd gone? "I came to the conclusion that nothing would it fundamentally changed. For me, the actor - the only interesting profession. Really interesting. Because for me it is the only possible meaning of life. In order to know themselves and others.

- Not too high say?

- Why high? What else? Why even go there? To be famous, famous? For me, all the other professions - is a field service person. But the actor still working for himself. When I was a lawyer or a doctor - I am for someone.

When I was an artist - I naturally exist and for the audience, but the kicks from this. I have every time for yourself something possess

- But this buzz is very expensive price. And the complete lack of stability.

- Now I have yet to own this bread did not earn, but I think that if a person is talented, he will always be in demand. If I have these talented, that means, do not perish. And if not one of those - so, I will seek some other job. But I still do only the first steps in the profession.

- And how you to Oleg Fomin hit the "Next"? After all this time your acting break was delayed, and you're five years is no longer filming.

- Yes, there was a big break, a simple. And I felt that I stick to one image. Then I grew up from it and that was all and end. But then the film basically no shot. Then came the wave of a serial. And off they'd go. How to Fomin's got, I'll even myself can not say exactly. But I advised him to assistants with previous work - when he was searching for an artist on the role of Boris. I was very lucky with this job, and I do not get tired of talking about it. Good luck and with the group, and with the cast of, and with the director Fomin, and with the operator Vasya Sikachinskim. Now for the third film was made. Actually, the continuation was not planned. But since the first film a success, we decided to make a second, and now even the third part of series. But the third film should be like a final.

- Is the third boy will be?

- No, the third boy did not appear. But will someone from the past.

- Again, be mafia showdown?

- Yes, including. The film will be longer - not 12 series and 16. And he will be more dynamic, more sharply. Happened in different events, and breaks the whole stable, the whole family. But this is the scenario that I have read, and what happens - I do not know.

- Here you are talking about success. And the reverse side of it you already know? I asked about the rumors and gossip surrounding the famous people.

- Once the person has some kind of popularity, just come and gossip. About all. It does not matter how old you are at this moment. There are publications and journalists, which I do not want to give interviews, because I know in advance what will be a set of questions, and that they are a result of write. This scheme is well known to me. For example, I have a girl friend, with whom we were shooting the movie "The Year of the good child". She lives in Chisinau. I know her for more than 10 years. And I'm somewhere mention that I was going to visit her - I was asked what plans for the summer, like going to rest. And besides, I'm one of the friends told me that I have read, though I have a fiancee (in the literal sense of the word - not just a girl, and the bride) and I'm going to it is not something to Latvia, not something to Estonia. But definitely not in Moldavia. In general, I'm going to endorse it, etc.. Well what could I say? I want people to think, so they come up.

- How do you think will be properly respond to such allegations?

- Do not pay attention. This is the best way. When you tease, provoke - no need to pay attention to the provocation. Clearly, this narrow-minded people. And the problems they are interested in other. They are interested in scandal, and they will pursue them.

. - In addition to the scandal of many interested in your rare name, which translates from German as "fire."

. - Yes, the name I inherited from his great-grandfather on his father - Ernst Hugo Loya
. He was a linguist and came here from Berlin, in Peter. It went to university, married a Russian.

- And besides the name, in writing, there is something from the Germans? The roots of German as a reminder of yourself?

- Yes. I can not boast of discipline. But I'm very big akkuratist.

- Pedant?

- It is a pedant. Perhaps this affects a mixture of Russian and German: I live in an unkempt apartment, but everything should be exclusively so: (has in front of a rigorous series of cutlery - note. NK). I love when I was all clear, all clear. I love all lay out on the shelves, to analyze. Maybe it is German, can not - no. Not know. I always try to keep myself in his hands, to control myself. Rarely pluck and let any splash of emotion. Here in everyday life I'm a pretty emotional person, but when they touch something serious, I try to restrain myself, to smooth the corners until the last moment to seek compromises.

. - And then the situation within a long grind?

. - Yes
. Yes. I do love all the grind, with himself all the talk. I can not call myself a Samoyed, because I did not love myself for something to blame, but: Of course, I believe that if you do not like something, then usually your own fault in this situation. But to blame myself for it, saying "how can that be" - I do not like. I rather Analyst. Let's just say, I try to be aware of what is happening. And do not think: "Oh, why?" Oh, why? " Generally I try nothing to regret. Because it makes no sense. Exclaim: "You fool, and why I did that - it's a waste of nerves. Well, done and done. Nothing to. It should simply be removed from this lesson and in future not to repeat mistakes. Of course, with all caution and can not avoid, but I try not to step on the same rake and does not lie to yourself.

- Well, that himself is frank, it is logical and understandable. And others?

- Not much I be frank with others. Now I trust most of all to himself. I do not know someone who would know me better than myself. Simply speak frankly I do not like. No, of course, that sometimes have to tell you something else to share. Whether you realize it or not, but we must speak, cry. When nabolit or scale. Someone, and gives valuable advice and really helps. But the desire to cry - it's still not the frankness. Frank - this is another. When you delishsya secret with someone and you give yourself in his court. And what did he say about it, so it will. Before me this was not, and now appears. I became more open, with people more likely to become something divided. But still do not like it, because I know for myself that for another person other people's problems - it is someone else's problem. When come to me crying, and I see that it is sincere, and that I am waiting for help, I, of course, help. And when you simply come in and start howling and wailing "I feel so bad, and I have to perform the role of the therapist's free - not like. It probably does not like anybody.

- In such cases, try to turn the conversation to finish it?

- No, I have been listening. But the strong man is not accepted spiritual striptease. If you go down the conversation, he tells me about their everyday. Or it. Incidentally, it. And they tell us less and less.

- They - this girl?

- Yes, women. Because they are much stronger than men. And, in general, do not like to cry. I can not say that it was good, but nonetheless.

Women are more straightforward. Man has always questioned. Man is always afraid. The man thinks: "Do I not have to be". And if wrong, is on the subject is experiencing. Let's just say, men - are theorists, and women - the practice. In women, about their failures is much less emotional than men. They do not surrender. It did not work - try another. In men more experiences and stories about their problems.

- Stories at each other?

- Yes. But it's good, because it is characteristic of creative people. Still, the creator of man, not a woman. I even read somewhere that a study as a difficult situation go man and woman. Different. If there is any problem, the woman represents all possible exits of the situation and chooses the most optimal. And the male line of thought other. He comes up with something new.

- In other words, to reinvent the wheel:

- Yes, every time reinventing the wheel. - And do you agree with this study? - Strongly Agree. Moreover, if there is a medical fact:

In general, women are much stronger than men. Women think less and because they are stronger. There are more women working intuition. They are closer to nature. Man looks more like a man than a woman. On a thinking man.

- Hinting that the chicken is not a bird?

- Absolutely. Chicken is not a bird, a woman not a man. And that is why the woman is stronger.

- Interesting, but how do you treat for feminists?

- Poor. I am a feminist - it is as a female bodybuilder. It should not be. Feminists why there? After all, in their appearance to blame the peasants themselves. There could well be that man was created, was created woman, and that they had to do the same thing. This can not be! If they are created by different means, are designed for different purposes and objectives.

. - And who, from your point of view, for any problems it created?

. - I'm still a conservative and a supporter of the classical theory that a man - a hunter, protector, builder, creator
. A woman - this is his assistant, a keeper of the hearth, the mother of his children and so on. Feminists appear because the guy does nothing.

- But now such a lot:

- Very much. Those who sit on her neck. Again, because woman stronger guy. Do not become depressed and always will feed their children. Every mother. A guy goes into the booze, upset, experiencing failure. Feminists - this abnormal phenomenon, it is not a good life. If every man has his own business for real, then there would be no feminists. And do not be a woman shaking right and climb on the podium.

- These words should be understood so that when you marry, your wife will sit at home and engage in farming and raising children?

- Not fact. Of all the rules there are exceptions. There are simply active women who are bored sitting at home and raise children. And here is a thing not in the man, but in the nature. This woman wants to lead an active life, in politics, art or something else. This is wonderful. I welcome. But do not like to argue that. It happens because that girl to shake hands when leaving the car or bus and you see with horror in her eyes and wounded pride:. I do not like when it becomes a principle. There is a certain strained: "I'm here, alone. It is usually said by people who want a completely opposite. And so my wife was a housewife - well, no. Why? It's boring. This can then hire a maid. Naturally, the next you want to have a person of interest. And in general can be a bachelor and live and thrive. There is an omelet with dumplings every day and not worry about it. It's not the point.

- What do you think he'll be a bachelor or not?

- I do not know. Not gonyu horses. I expect. Now everyone is looking, and very actively. Very wrong, but everyone is urgently right now need to find its second half, marry, give birth to children and live happily ever after, until death do. I, too, at one time it has suffered and suffered from. But then I thought: "Why this should be aged 17-20 years?" Absurd. We have fun, enjoy youth. And for family life time comes a bit later. The meeting is now its second half - then a meeting. And no - I will wait.

- Yes you are, it turns out, romantic:

- Yes. And idealist. I'm waiting for true love - to the grave. Maybe, I'll die in 85 years, so its not met. But still I will sit and wait.

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