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Photo Gallery NASIR Murat (18)
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Biography NASIR Murat
photo NASIR Murat
Murat Nasyrov was born December 13, 1969 in Alma-Ata in a simple family - my mother worked in a factory of plastic products, Dad was a driver. Father and mother, like many other Uighurs, emigrated in the 58 th year from China to Kazakhstan. Although outwardly they quickly assimilated inside the house were preserved orthodox Uighur tradition. Murat was not allowed to go to discos, home he had to go back strictly to the nine pm and accountable to parents for all their actions. Homestay Nasyrova to be called the father and mother respectfully - "you".

Murat was the fifth child in the family - he has already had two brothers and two sisters, and he became the late. All the children were gifted by his father, who had a voice of indescribable beauty, he sang folk songs, played on different instruments. Murad's father was so well developed musically, that all children partly delegated his vocal gift.

Despite their innate abilities in the sultry Alma-Ata Murat did not dream of singing career. He nearly went to school and especially loved the "flip" puzzles in mathematics, for a change alternating with experiments in physics. And he became the standard Soviet engineer, if not the yard guys and, more importantly, the elder brother with his giant tape recorder "Bryansk".

Not spared, and his passion for sports: boxing, wrestling, fencing, but the favorite was football. Even played for the team "Enbek" g. Alma-Ata, mainly in the protection and midfield. However, at school tournaments have always been in attack. Rooting for "Kairat". Had to even give game balls for their favorite team. After school got to choose who to be: an act of Physics and Mathematics, or to devote himself to art.

"In the eight years I was taught to play the guitar. I very quickly grasped all, the chords and soon he was teaching his peers. And thanks to his older brother with a young age, playing "Beatles". Then came "Led Zeppelin", "Deep Purple", "Pink Floyd" and other. I know all this, of course, sang. And even then friends said: yes you have talent wannabe! "- Told in an interview with Murat.

When a country engulfed "Modern Talking", he was already a graduate school. Of course, Thomas Anders could not leave an indelible mark on the souls of schoolchildren Perestroika era. While the girls were crying in their pillows on the passionate love for the western idol, Nasyrov ... Copy him "penny". Familiar to hear how he sings, said that with such a voice, he should become a superstar. Perhaps then in his mind something and turned over. In general, thanks to the "pernicious" influence of Western culture, the country lost an average engineer, a football player and "kitchen-driveway" guitarist. But acquired - five minutes to the actor.

The first minute of this "pyatiminutki" flew ... Army. After school, Murat went repay the motherland in Ashgabat. Strictly, . there and began his active musical activity in the so-called creative team division under the name 'Time', . where he met with Andrei Merkulov, . who later became the associate of the singer and companion of the group 'New Port',
. With the first "military" tour came (and since then has not stolen) a sense of the scene. After such "conditioning" was nowhere to retreat, and Murat thought up to go to win expanses of show business in Moscow.

In Muslim tradition, the youngest son in the family should remain with their parents, their age skrashivaya. But Murat told them that he wanted to study music and quickly left.

After leaving a home, Nasyrov hoping for the warm hospitality of white stone. However ... Moscow appeared before the Kazakh youths as gray city - the exhausted faces, the empty shelves. Not a beautiful life, or beautiful women, he at first could not tell.

From a prosperous family, which did not have to think about where to get a piece of bread, he came in a very "hungry" (for himself) city. Before entering the Gnesinka Murat simply lived from hand to mouth, as I worked, to rent a room. Rescued friends and acquaintances - were invited to visit, watered and fed. Still, the first bastion of Moscow - exams Gnessin Institute - were taken. Competition in 40 people in the place Murat overcome and healed unforgettable student life in Moscow ...

Next conquered Everest for him was the competition "Yalta-91". Nasyrov carefully prepared for it, along with the teacher Gnesinka - and received the Grand Prix. Jury - Igor cool, Vladimir Matetskiy, Lyme Vajkule, Jaak Yoala - was unanimous in its decision, setting the highest rating Kazakh boy who first of all the contestants swung the performance hit of Alla Pugacheva.

. "I was lucky that I was in Russia is not perceived as, roughly speaking, chock
. I seemed not a pure representative of a certain nation, but a mysterious exotic mestizo. First of all drew attention to its appearance. Tried to be always neat, well dressed, groomed, stylish. Some person said: "Some strange it is, that Murat!" He's always showing off, boring, always somewhat dissatisfied ". From all the attacks I was defending a girl Manyasha. In her speeches, she said that I do not play a certain way that I like this, though boring, but creative. All that changed when I passed the qualifying round for the competition of young performers. And after the victory in all of a sudden I saw a myriad of new talent. People are quite different people perceive the success. I was at the height of his fame and love. "- Told Murat later.

Nevertheless, the absolute victory in the competition is not meant instant ascension to star Olympus. Some proposals have appeared, but after a while scattered. Desperate Murat decided to give up a comprehensive glory: "Then I thought that you can have your audience, not chasing popularity - and settled down to sing in the tavern. It was hard work. But many liked what I was doing, and I was invited to other places ". Thus, in one of the clubs in cigarette smoke, make out each other's countrymen: Murat met with the group A'Ctudio.

. Of course, the brothers-Kazakhs could not help and provided the young Alma atintsa then just starts producer Armand Davletyarovu
. After several speeches in the show get-togethers Murata Nasyrova discovered the bohemian capital, and with the appearance of their debut album "Someone just ..." and the broad masses melomanskie. It, incidentally, became a cover version of "The boy wants to Tambov, written by Sergei Kharin. Then she had the rights to the studio "Union". Composition endured on the first line music charts almost 4 weeks.

In 1996-1997, in the concert department Studios 'Union' worked Alexander Irati producer Alena Apina. Maitre, commending the young singer, invited to participate. As a result, Murat, and Allen worked in one program. Everyone sang their songs. Including the major hits: Nasyrov - 'The boy wants to Tambov', Apina - 'Train'. Therefore, the program was called - 'Train to Tambov'. But it soon appeared and the number-duet 'moonlight'. In the fall of 1997 - the same name program. 1 and 2 April 1998 the artists successfully showed her in the concert program of the country in the concert hall 'Russia'. By that time the repertoire Nasyrova, new hits on the beautiful love, the most notable of which - 'I - it's you'. And soon followed premiere new album 'My story'.

In 1999, Murat Nasyrov began to sing in English. New fascination with the singer was greeted by the cool fans that are still asked to perform at the concerts 'I - it's you' and 'The boy wants to Tambov', but not new English-language experiments.

. In 2000 Nasyrov carried away entered into the fashionable Latin American rhythms and released his third album 'All this was not me'
. Two years later, followed by a much less 'Latin' and much more intimate record 'Wake me up'. The first track album is dedicated to his son Nasyrova Akim, and track 'Alina' - the famous athlete Alina Kabaeva of Russia.

In 2004, Murat Nasyrov completed a full national color Uighur album 'Khaldym Yalguz'. All material for the plate, he wrote himself. Moreover, in the studio Murat played on most instruments used in the album.

. After this work Nasyrov did not release any records, though his new songs from time to time been published in various collections of popular music, and fell among the most popular tracks in various charts.

. Nasirov also sang Russian versions of songs for the Disney animated series savers 'black cloak' (in 1993) and 'DuckTales' (in 1994).

. Life

. Here is how about their hobbies Murat himself recalled: "In my mind strikes like the parents was that my wife should be only a Muslim, a girl of our faith and our nation, it is desirable
. And I liked the school beautiful Russian girls. But honestly, I forced myself to not even look at them. And friends with Kazakhs or other oriental girls. But I have a strong attraction to them has never been. And yet in the eighteen years, before the army, I am incredibly passionate love is a Russian girl, lost sleep and appetite, wanted to be with her. And I realized - no mother's instructions did not help - that will marry someday only Russian. Passion - it is an eerie sensation that changed my whole life. The first time I just kissed this girl. At the gala evening in the Alma-Ata on coterie were all drunk. It was fairly easy disposition, and the kiss was for her, I understand, is not the first. Returning from the army, I saw her, but she already had a child. In general, we have not emerged.

And in Moscow, I met Natasha, talked and realized that more than anything else I want to close it with this girl.

We were at Gnesinka. A met at the birthday party of my friend, where she also was invited.

In fact, I have long tried to draw her attention to themselves. I liked her a romantic image: a huge blue eyes and a cute innocent look. Now rare to find such a view, more - a strong, independent, hard. Here, she and attracted me. But friends girlfriend whispered to her that I was no match for her. Then I have gained a reputation as the turbulent guy who climbs immediately embrace.

As a result, I have six months to ensure that it has agreed bit of me closer to myself. Call it was nowhere. The apartment was with me and Natasha lived in a hostel! Just every day I stupidly went after her, brought her in a hostel presents different - fruit and flowers, toys ... Money vodilis then - after the competition will get the job with fellow musicians and my friend, now a producer Armand Davletyarovym, we worked on clubs.

Who says that love is beautiful - do not know this passion. Friendship, respect, habit and all other substitutes for love - it's all wrong. And true love, passion - it is a disease. And persecute the object of his lust for only one reason: to satisfy the desire to pacify the pain, to quench thirst. I was obsessed and this went crazy. Where did this insistence? Not know. Now I so could not. But still I won.

On that memorable party, we drank a little champagne, talked, danced, and then I took courage and passionately kissed her. On her part, no resistance was. And our guys from the course believed that Murat Nasyrov donzhuanisty this guy, the girls by themselves do not miss, and therefore none of them did not believe in the sincerity of my feelings. But I was set for a serious relationship. And the next day, when we met with Natasha, she asked: 'Murat, but that was yesterday - this is serious? ". I replied that worse than yesterday, I have never been. And since we are together.

Many friends told me: "Where did you find Natasha?" How fortunate you are! " They are openly envious of me. And if I tried to get rid of this feeling, . stretch, . many do, . - To preserve liberty, . to a longer stay bachelor, . - I would now have been terribly difficult! Despite the current popularity and material wealth, . with the current experience I would have been difficult to choose a wife, . and I would now also someone jealous,
. Yes! We were lucky: we agreed on the passions, at once, at the beginning. "

However, in a Muslim house Nasyrova Natasha, to put it mildly, was not initially accepted. After receiving an angry letter from the parents, Murat decided to wait: let them cool down, get used to the idea.

In 1996, the couple had a daughter, Leah, Murat tried to play to play on parents' feelings, and sent the mother a photo of a newborn. To the surprise of his strategy worked: the parents relented. Moreover, they even got married according to Muslim ritual, even though Natasha was a Christian.

In 2000, Natasha gave birth to a son Murad, who was named Akim. Singer believed himself the happiest man on earth. Despite his employment, Murat tried to give children and wife more time. We are pleased to help his wife Natasha at home, cooking, playing with Leah and Akim.

Murat Nasyrov has achieved much in life. I wanted to conquer Europe creativity. And to the question, what is his formula for success, replied: "The success, perhaps we could call it, when a person feels able to dream come true and goals, when achieved, what would. But, from my point of view, not an unambiguous concept of a successful career. After all, you understand, you can achieve the desired success of its usliyami or receive a gift from Lady Luck, but still wanting more. I, for instance, long sought to ensure that there is now in my life. And does not stop, I want to achieve even greater success. What is happening in my life, successful career, a loving family - is a godsend. I was very lucky. Is not happiness when you're doing something, and was pleased to come home to his family. "


In the night from 19 to 20 January 2007 at the age of 37 years Nasyrov fell from the balcony of his Moscow apartment, located on level 5.

Investigators have found the foreseeable picture of what happened. According to their data, 19 January Nasyrov met back in Moscow Civil wife Natalia Boiko. Together they came to the apartment on the street Vucheticha. At this point there was already a mother girl Greta Boiko and two children Nasyrova - 6-year-old Hakim and 10-year-old Leah.

According to Greta Boyko, 'since morning Nasyrov behaved not very adequately'.

He always walked quickly through the apartment, someone called, then jump up, then sat down, walked to the window. And then he continued to behave restlessly. 'In the car he drove his wife to the place where she had an appointment, then returned home and locked himself in his studio, fitted directly into the apartment. There he tried to sing. Then, in the vicinity of 22.30, went out and took his portrait, the children woke up and changed into concert clothes. He constantly was trying to go to the balcony, but Greta Boyko did not allow him to do. Then Nasyrov jumped onto the landing and called to the apartment neighbors with whom they were friends families. He's neighbors began shouting that he had a vision of God and the recently deceased guitarist 'A-Studio''. Then, according to witnesses, 'the singer came out on the balcony of his apartment, hung on the neck of the camera, picked up his portrait and jumped from the fifth floor. This happened at 22.30 '.

From his injuries, he died on the spot. An autopsy of the deceased, made to the Botkin Hospital, found no traces of drugs or alcohol. Officially, it was a suicide in depressed. According to Murad's wife, Natalia Boiko, death occurred due to accident. Murat was buried in the city of Alma-Ata.


1997 Somebody just
1998 My story
2000 All this was not me
2002 Wake me up
2004 Uygur album (Kaldim Yalguz)

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  • Angelique for NASIR Murat
  • He was a good man ... and talented ... a pity.
  • Adina for NASIR Murat
  • I will always adore him ... Yes, God be gracious to you! Amin ...
  • Milan for NASIR Murat
  • "This man was perfect, especially their inner world, he was well educated by their parents. He was a morally perfect. This is the most important thing in it, let alone the talent of the soul crystallizes. I still do not know the finer man than Murat. But they killed him, (again because of the money!) Talent unable to break free, parasites, and envious not allowed!
  • Heather for NASIR Murat
  • I'm sorry ... Well, it is still in ioem heart ... he is SUPER. And will they always ... Such talent
  • Lana for NASIR Murat
  • shed bitter tears ... what a pity, . that Murat, . not know, . how many people love him, . loved and will love! Without it, . light, . deep, . good, . intelligent, . the best man on earth ... the world is tarnished and faded from the sky ... the sun fell from his departure ... His soul flew free bird on the East ... But we will forever remain his magical voice, . his charming, . good, . sad and happy songs! Peace be with you and peace, . Murat!,
  • Muhabbat for NASIR Murat
  • Maria for NASIR Murat
  • Talent, what to say ...... Such people always leave the life of the young, to as much as sorry .....
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