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Frederick Neznanskij

( Writer)

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Biography Frederick Neznanskij
photo Frederick Neznanskij
Frederick Neznanskij (27.09.1932 years)

The name is now well known to Russian readers. His novels came to the West for 12 languages, appeared on bestseller lists in the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany. Himself the author refers to the so-called "anti-totalitarian branch in Russian literature". But it is in Russian, although 1977. lived and wrote abroad.

Detective novels Neznanskij entirely based on Soviet life experiences. "Soviet" in this context in any case does not speak of the former nationality of the author.

. Just novels Neznanskij "soil" on our political situation brought up, human painfully familiar names of senior officials, military leaders and "other", and in any case, the details of the author is not mistaken
. But Neznanskij works in the genre of "Faktshen", that is in the style of a mixture of fact and fiction. In one interview he said that's the point: "I reject the fact of life, only then dissecting it not so, as it was in reality as well as your imagination tells me". One of the rare properties Neznanskij feel and understand the political atmosphere in the country, to anticipate events. In addition, expatriate writers in the highest degree of freedom from the internal editor is not afraid to "upset", disclose, without fear put in the text of some very real (in t. h. and still alive, and capable, influential and retains a solid position) historical helper.

Former police novel died. Due to the disappearance of a competitor market was filled detective overseas, but to reign for long and very quickly became annoying. The solution was found thanks to writers returnee Neznanskij and poplars, who together wrote the novels "A journalist for Brezhnev" and "Red Square". It was a very good tandem in time. Connect low and dirty criminality with "high" politics - a connection that is totally denied in this country until very recently - in these detectives became syuzhetoobrazuyuschey.

. But the authors and individually written a fairly in the same vein detective.

. However, it is Neznanskij can see in the momentary, here and now going on future events, often fantasizing and domyslivaya storyline, given the reality
. Such, for example, "Pandora's Box". It's not in several episodes which tell you directly about the days of the coup - they could be finish and later, in the few weeks that the book goes to press. But the story of the maturation of the conspiracy, about the ominous atmosphere, thickening time every day - all this even surprising.

Novels Neznanskij not claim to be literary masterpieces, although the artistic merit of their undeniable. He's bestseller and is not required to be impeccable literary. He only has to appear at a time when the public need in that reading.

. Bulvarnaya Romance mercilessly exploited gold-plot scheme, "Who killed him?" As available to anyone who has mastered the craft, does not require the writer's talent.

. What kind of intellectual game, in this case can there be? Following the best traditions of detective fiction, . Neznanskij seeks to entertain and captivate the reader, . give him a special joy - of understanding the motives of human actions, . the very process of thinking based on logic and intuition,
. According to the author, "a detective - a surgeon's scalpel in the hands of a writer whom he strip society in order to make it better."

. But who is this very Neznanskij?

. Neznanskij Frederick Evseyevich, lawyer, journalist, writer, born September 27, 1932 in g.Zhuravichi, Belarus, where he lived for only two months
. Childhood was spent in Moscow and Sverdlovsk. Since 1948, again in Moscow in 1950 graduated Mytishinskiy 11-th school, Moscow Region. In 1950 entered the ILI, the Moscow Institute of Law. Finished it in 1954. As was sent to the prosecutor of Krasnodar region, to 1957. worked as an investigator in Staro-Minsk and regions Tikhoretskaya. In 1957. returned to Moscow, worked as a scientific secretary ROSNIMSa, Building Research Institute, then bailiff of the court of the Sverdlovsk region, then returned to the prosecutor of the Moscow region, from 1960 to 1969, Mr.. worked in the Moscow city prosecutor's office. Since 1969, and 1977 g. - Member of the Moscow City Bar Association.

September 27, 1977 emigrated, in 1978 the first in the U.S., and was a simple job (guard, watchman), taught at Columbia, Harvard, New York University. Posted 5 monographs, the main of which - on the right policy in the USSR, worked for Radio Liberty, a journalist for three emigre newspapers, has written a number of alternative work for the NTS (joined the Union in 1979). In 1985, he moved to Frankfurt, from this time working in the Center of the NTS and the publisher and the magazine "Sowing". The first Russian authors adopted an American writer's club named after Edgar Allan Poe, in 1986 recognized "a man of achievement" by the International Biographical Center.

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Frederick Neznanskij, photo, biography
Frederick Neznanskij, photo, biography Frederick Neznanskij  Writer, photo, biography
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