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Ozolina Lilita

( Actress)

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Biography Ozolina Lilita
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Lilita Ozolinya (19.11.1947 years)

In twenty years, has such a person who gave him the nature of. In the thirty - what he himself has created. And after fifty had a person that he deserved. Actress Lilita Ozolinya - March from the cult-Soviet Baltic film's long road to the dunes - citing Chanel, said that it is absolutely true. Looking at her, it seems that the beloved by millions of viewers across the former Soviet Union after thirty actresses time passed differently than other people. Article: From Martha to Martha

. - Lilith, the tenth year in Riga, there is your personal studio unusual profile in which you teach adults to be directors of life situations and teaches how to communicate with the masses of people or one person ..
. What can explain this in words?

- Officially, I do for this not done, but independently studied psychology and communication. And then resulted in the knowledge system, in order to not only feel it intuitively, but people could explain why it is necessary to do so and not otherwise ... It all started with the fact that, together with their friends, doctors, I opened a beauty salon, where it was all for face and body. Why do I tackle this problem? Most of my first profession after graduation was nursing, while the practice in-service training. I thought that the knowledge gained in school nurses, for the beauty salon enough. But the year saw that still need to learn in Pharmaceutical Academy, and went away, leaving the idea, thinking that I myself should be something new to think. Why? Because invitations to the shooting in so many films have been reported. Theater is not too worried when the best times. I wanted to do something. Not because of the fact that one must choose for themselves a new direction in order to exist - no. During the year, held in conjunction with the doctors, I saw that it was terribly exciting world. In mathematics, the definition of a line, in which both ends are marked. My position - that my allocated line of life went with little incident. Suppose, with tiny, but only that it was not just a straight line.

- Good actors, willy-nilly become psychologists. What are the dividends when you create a personal studio you received from your primary occupation?

- The fact that I am an actress, of course, helped me. Although, to tell the next episode. I wrote all the papers, was all business plans and had to approve them at the lawyers of the Ministry of Culture. In the office sat a remarkable young man. I enter, I start to tell him that I wanted to do, why the studio should be a. What people have forgotten a little culture of communication, they have one, you only need to recall. What is the biggest value - is the man himself. What is that you can leave your children if you do not have significant assets - a confidence in themselves. After all, consciousness - the first major step on the career ladders. Most important - find the one brick, the talent, which you did not guess, take it out of the subconscious, to fill out his knowledge and then they were consciously used - then get the ability to. It takes half an hour, hour. I feel that I have nothing more to say to him, and I need his signature. And then he looked at me and says: You know, you are my most favorite actress. I think for this hour you have played all their roles ... And I understand that I failed miserably. But to leave because it was impossible. I say: Well, excuse me, but imagine that I was not here. I'll come and I will come again. He was very surprised - from business people do not act like one. And so I went back to his office. Very businesslike greeted. You should have seen what happened to him: he could not get up from his chair. All red. He was in a position where he did not know what to do. In the second approach the situation was already a director, I. And he said: let's, let your paper, I will sign. That this was the most convincing start my school.

- For you to come learn more men or women?

- Women in many respects elastic. But, as everywhere in our school are more. Look at the theater, concerts, exhibitions are more women. But I do not work with groups and with individual customers. Because in the theater (Lilith Ozolinya - actress Latvian National Theater.) Keeps me going is my repertoire. Plus the Riga Russian Drama Theater, I had already played the role of the third ...

. - If your in March in a long road to the dunes was a symbol for all women's fidelity, then march from the play I'm not afraid of Virginia Woolf Roman Kozak could be called the personification of the mutual hatred of marriage
. And - at the same time - just a pathological attachment to her husband. The situation - a riddle for your school: how people manage to decades of hate and love each other, with an emphasis on the first, and at the same time living without each other do not represent ...

. - Heroes of the play Albee - Martha and George - live in a small campus
. In a closed world where all people are familiar, and where for years nothing changes. The only way to break out beyond it - that's their fantasy. George is alone, lonely and Martha. Everyone has a fear of loneliness. But they found a kind of living together, which helps them to exist in his solitude. To overcome his fear of my loneliness, I need a guy. The man who would rip me out of here, will reach that summit, one dream that we dream about me, and I will open a new world. What in their relationship more - fear or love, do not disassemble. This is a contract, the game that they feel that they are alive. The most crazy game in the world. And the most popular, in which people play ...

At Albee heroes rather strange, but still very fond of each other. The game, which kept their lives - they are in the imagination gave birth to a child. They note his birthday to celebrate his successes, discuss their children's illness. In nature, their son does not exist. But in their minds, he has lived for twenty-one year - so long thought to nuances.

- Generally a terrible social experiment ... Especially the part when George comes up with the release of the Child and Martha kill him. By destroying the fruit of her imagination, and depriving her of the possibility of further fantasy.

- Do Strindberg borrowed hostility against a woman. It is Strindberg said that the greatest punishment for a man - is to take the woman he loves marry. But we will not go into these complexes. Take a married couple: George and Martha. They are both very strong personalities. They know everything about each other, and their passion has passed. This is normal. Then it all depends on how developed a person, what his philosophy and how he wants to justify its existence on this earth. From the moment when my daughter was born, I can say that I have the right to walk on this earth. Film, theater - it's nothing. Praise, recognition, greater role, the role is less ... Purpose of women - leave rights. And bring him up a real man, not to be ashamed. I is formulated, when expecting a child. And since then never lost faith in this no.

- It is impossible not to touch in a conversation the film's long road to the dunes. Precisely what should have been withdrawn by its continuation, but - not held. In any scenario, there still develop relations Martha and Arthur?

- Were written six or eight episodes, but Alois Brench (director of the long journey in the dunes.) Remained dissatisfied with the script altered. Years passed, the actors getting old ... Take the new, to shoot new faces - it dropped out ... What there was bound to happen with Martha and Arthur, though I do not remember. However, she did not read the written versions, because they have not been approved, she heard something jingling with the words, but it erased from my memory, because the story had no real continuation.

. - Give at least hope - to the plans they had to be together?

. - But if you insist, well, let them be together ..
. In fact, in art, it's much more interesting, when built on the contrast. When it is not entirely predictable justified expectations of consumers.

- For a long time after the movie, you get a letter from the Belarusian farmer, who called you in marriage, promising to give their cows and one elegant dress. Perhaps that's all he had ...

On-letters were very much. Now after hits people also write, but in a different tone - more relevant. Each actor is familiar with the standard - three letters from prison. First letter: I am the same man whom you can help change the life, because it is in your eyes I saw hope for the future. When I do not answer, comes a second letter: you probably did not get my news, because there can be such that you do not want me to answer. And the third letter: you are so-Rastak, go beyond the worst words, and I thought ... Or write that person in prison has decided to change his life, he wants to learn, and for that I must help him to buy a TV with a diagonal and such a mark that he could see it my face. He understands itself, I can not bring him a TV, but wait, so I forwarded this much money ... Incidentally, the latest version of the letters - the most common.

- And what is happening at the Riga Film Studio?

- Nothing. Riga Film Studio, as such, does not exist. There a lot of companies occupying space. Pavilions are dealt, often comes your cinema Russia, because we have it is quite cheap. There is a private studio, cinema, which creates an independent television, joint projects. But like the old Riga Studios phenomenon, which had its own laboratory, I will not mention the creativity - no. Under the brand Riga Film Studio does not leave any film.

A new movie ... I get scripts. But do not accept the invitation - I can not afford to participate in television projects, when polfilma have money, but in the second half is not yet known, give a. Yes, and planning problems there - not physically get to combine the movies with my work in the studio. And I prefer the studio. Firstly, my answer is there for 20 teachers. And secondly, I am more profitable to engage in the studio, because this work for a year. And here one must be broken, leave for a fortnight in the movie to find out that the shooting varies. I have a repertory theater, a very precise schedule in the studio. If we agreed to remove so these two days, I can not extend them longer or move even one day. And in this film, alas, does not happen.

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Ozolina Lilita, photo, biography
Ozolina Lilita, photo, biography Ozolina Lilita  Actress, photo, biography
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