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Warren Buffett

( Businessman)

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Biography Warren Buffett
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Warren Buffett (30.08.1930 years)

A strange phenomenon - known to all the richest man in the world, but few people in Russia know about the second, third, fourth. And in second place for 2002, according to magazine Forbes http://forbes.com we are Warren Buffett (Warren Buffet).

. The great guru of America, . most famous investor of the last time, . living in the house, . bought them for $ 31500, . dinner rolls with sweet filling, . known throughout the country under the name 'Mae West' and at the same time possessing a fortune of 36 billion dollars (plus or minus a couple of billion at the moment).,

. Donald and Mildred look before (Donald and Mildred Othmer) were normal pair
. He - Professor of Chemistry, Polytechnic University in Brooklyn with a small consulting business on the side. She - the teacher who teaches art history at New York. Children they had not.

In short, nothing outstanding. But when Donald and Mildred shalt thou died (he - in 1995, and she in 1998), found that they were very, very complicated people. When the Technical University was on the verge of bankruptcy, suddenly he had the support of 175 million. And that's not all - a total of no remarkable couple bequeathed more than $ 340 million various kinds of charitable institutions Brooklyn.

. Those few who knew the thoughts are lost in conjectures: how ordinary citizens that kind of money? Fact, after the death of couple, their status was equal to approximately $ 750 million
. More observant man realized that his native city pairs - Omaha. And Omaha is known to any investor - the headquarters of Warren Buffett, the largest stock market investor of modern times. By coincidence he was also an old friend, and He came. In the distant 60's the couple ventured to entrust their accumulation in the $ 25,000 no one knows when Warren Buffett, who immediately invested in Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and, as we see now, not wrong. Under the guidance of Mr. Buffett and his company were held investment and bought shares valued at $ 42 per share. By 1995, when Donald died measure, the value of each share had jumped to $ 30,000 apiece. And this is not the limit - at the moment, the same action is already $ 68,000.

. Family He came was evidence of one of the oft-repeated legend: if you put the $ 10,000 in Berkshire Hathaway, where Buffett has taken a controlling stake, and more precisely in 1965, but now you would have had more than $ 50 million.

. Who is he, the magician, this superstar of the second millennium, which eats buns for lunch and at the same time is second in wealth in the world?

. Warren Edward Buffett (Warren Edward Buffett) was born in Omaha in 1930
. His father, Howard Buffett, a stockbroker and Republican congressman. A boy Warren showed excellent memory for numbers, surprising his friends. It is easy to remember the population of many U.S. cities. And in the age of 11 he began to show interest in the field of his father. In the same year Warren bought his first three shares Cities Service Preferred valued at $ 38 each. After buying their price immediately fell by 27 $, but after a couple of days established in the $ 40 mark. Young Buffett has decided not to risk and sold shares, earning operations first 5 $. Imagine his chagrin, when the shares of the same company during the week soared to $ 200 apiece! This was the first lesson in patience for Buffett.

Admittedly, the teenager was a tireless entrepreneur. That would buy shares, then sell any unsold product, and the age of 14 he bought for $ 1,200 40 acres of farmland of Nebraska, who immediately leases the farmer. And it is growing. Over time, Buffett became acquainted with a book by Benjamin Graham "Intelligent Investor", which became at the time of his Bible. The book advised investors to ignore the trends, which include Wall Street and instead hunt for stocks that are sold far below their actual value.

Detection of such - it was not easy. This requires great patience and intensive analysis of the balance of many companies. Here's the handy mathematical memory Buffett. After graduating, Mr. Buffett rejected the Harvard Business School. Do not despair, Warren continues to make its way to New York, thereby achieving space under the wing of the author of its bible of Benjamin Graham at Columbia University. After receiving his masters in economics, he finally accepted, and his immediate supervisor is himself Graham.

Graham approach to the market in terms of profit. Indeed, investing in undervalued quotes - this is normal, the correct approach, but Mr. Buffett soon felt border rules Graham. Warren begins to wonder what is more profitable: to buy good businesses at fair prices or dying cause an order of magnitude cheaper? Thus, in 1957 he returned to Omaha and established its first investment partnership. Interestingly, he was able to convince a group of investors Omaha, each of which gave him $ 25,000 for each. Buffett also at that time could only put $ 100 of their capital. He was appointed general manager of the company, and it starts. Warren begins to buy up shares that would be beneficial to his point of view. The aim he set himself a minimum: to beat the growth of its Dow Jones average of 10 percent per year. When the partnership dissolved in 1969, Buffett's investments grew by 29.5 percent (compared with the Dow, which over the same period grew only by 7.4 per cent).

. In 1962, Buffett began buying shares in New Bedford, Mass., Or rather, he was interested in a textile factory called Berkshire Hathaway with a price less than $ 8 per share
. At that time, the American textile industry was wasting away under the onslaught of foreign production, but Buffett is not confused, he began to develop the capital of Berkshire, including insurance.

It turned out the classical way Buffett. While insurance companies are better to invest than other. Insurance premiums - is a payment in advance, and thus ensured cash flow for further development of various funds. Such funds are called "floating", and soon became a Berkshire produce millions of dollars. The mechanism worked, and it was the biggest news after the loss of consciousness of the country since 1930. Buffett did not calm down and always in search of other valuables, while continuing to shop, filling your portfolio of shares of solid companies that rose in value, had only to regain their footing.

. At a time when Buffett became a legendary investor, his personal life was not so successful
. His wife, Susan T. Buffett, accompanied him in almost all public appearances, just worked on the board of Berkshire and is one of the largest shareholders of the company. But the couple did not actually live together since 1977, . When Susan - then still cabaret singer and a passionate champion of women's rights to abortion - moving from Omaha to the headquarters in San Francisco, . presented to her husband Astrid Menks (Astrid Menks), . Latvian waitress from the French Cafe in Omaha,
. It was her and became her companion and friend. Now even the gifts sent to friends and relatives signed by none other than from the "Warren, Susie and Astrid."

Relationship with his three children were also not easy and is unlikely to meet the high standards. Buffett children was equally tightfisted. When his son, Howard told his father his idea to purchase a farm, Warren offered to help her son, even though help was distinctive: Warren Buffett buys the farm, and a son takes his father's farm in this lease and pays interest to his father. Howard had agreed to any terms, just to get started. His father visited the farm only twice in six years. And this is not the only example with money Buffett. Once, when his daughter Susie asked him for money to pick up your car from the airport garage, he made her write him a receipt for 20 dollars borrowed from him.

This attitude characterizes Mr. Buffett as a misanthrope. Despite his immense personal wealth, Buffett is not particularly fond of charity. Despite the fact that, when it seems that life is coming to close, many magnates engaged in charity, Warren is not going to share their views. Therefore, it is very often criticized and called miser. His political views are close to the Liberal Party. In the late 60's, he was involved in the problem of abortion rights and working to unite rural clubs Omaha. But Buffett Foundation, which was established in mid-1960's, receives a pittance of his wealth, not more than 11-12 million dollars a year. While Warren and has three children, his wife - only until the heir of all his treasures. And even more recently, Buffett said that he intends to 99% of their wealth to bequeath to his fund, which, after such a gift will be one of the most influential in the country.

Indeed, sooner or later, the biggest investor will leave this world. And what then happens to Berkshire Hathaway? Surely this will be one of the biggest Wall Street drama. The high cost of the shares of the company depends on the largest holder of shares, as it had supported the performance of the company. I do not know whether someone is worthy to replace Buffett in this post. Warren himself stated that he has found an equivalent successor, but who it is, he never revealed: whether his longtime partner Charlie Munger, or Lou Simpson, President of Government Employees Insurance Co.

. Anyway, something will happen to Berkshire Hathaway or not, but the lesson taught by Warren, is being studied around the world, and these are still small 'Buffett' already contributing to the development of school investment.

. Remember Donald and Mildred He came from Brooklyn, lived a modest life, but had been well secured? "This is not the only modest couple, they are much more" - Buffett said in an interview with 'New York Times' in 1998
. - "Such pairs is much greater, and sometimes they are even richer than the modest He came."

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