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Abu Muin Nasir Khusraw

( Islamic thinker, poet, writer, preacher Ismaili)

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Biography Abu Muin Nasir Khusraw
Nasir Khusraw, Abu Moein (1004-1075), an Islamic thinker, poet, writer, preacher Ismaili. Born in Kubadiane (sovr. Tajikistan) in 1004, in a family of small landowners. Clerk in Balkh and Merv. Three-year stay in Cairo made Nasiri Khusraw supporter of the Fatimids - dynasty, to form a new, opposing the Seljuks caliphate centered in Cairo. Religion of the caliphate became Ismailism. In 970 in Cairo was founded by 'al-Azhar', which later became the main Muslim University, a training center of Muslim Scholars. Fatimid Ismaili quite tolerant of other religious beliefs, which together with other circumstances that created the country's stability. Nasir Khusraw was a fervent adherent of Ismaili, who took upon itself the mission spread his ideas to the east of the Muslim world. At this time, Khorasan was invaded Seljuk nomads and experienced people to the ruinous reign of Mahmud of Ghazni. Nasir Khusraw has traveled (Armenia, Azerbaijan present, Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine. Arabia). After his return to Khorasan in 1052 Nasir Khusraw was accused of heresy, fanatical mob smashed his home. He was forced to abandon profatimidskoy activities and eventually fled, seeking refuge in one of the Pamir fortresses. Umer Nasir Khusraw in Yomagane in the Pamirs in 1075.

Nasir Khusraw known not only as a poet, he passed for a connoisseur of mathematics, astronomy, medicine, surveying, philosophy, music. According to the teachings of the Ismaili, God is only a starting point, impulse generation, resulting in an understanding of the World, which already creates the soul of the World, and with it creates the universe. God commanded the creation of the Mind, but it's 'on the merits, the nature of Mind is the creator, the first being and the cause of all causes'. In fact, the name of reason, and not God creates nature and embodied in the man an instrument of knowledge of God through his creations. Mind, cognition, knowledge, knowledgeable, thoughtful people, according to Ismaili dogma - the highest values. In nature, the mind is identical with the law, the order in which it exists. Divine book, the divine revelation - this is not the Koran, namely, the nature. Quran - is only the translation, the embodiment of 'the book of nature' as the divine word in human speech. It must be understood, taught Nasir Khusraw, the signs that nature is written in the divine command, and then opens the essence of God as creator. Sharia, religious law, also has a terrestrial origin, representing the laws necessary for the life of society. Arguing about the world as a divine creation, Nasir Khusraw emphasized the unity of God and the world and eternity of the last. Because God is eternal, everlasting and his generosity, which is the product of the world, but it means that the eternal and the world itself. Peace and God are inseparable from each other, and this is one of the manifestations of 'Tawhid' - Monotheism. It also means that to the world, human nature must be treated as a supreme value. Discovering the world, taking advantage of its benefits, it should not destroy it in the divine order, but should not support the life of nature '- this is one of the theses of the treatise Nasiri Khusraw Face of Faith. The progress of the glorification of 'natural' was the glorification of labor rights, its crafts: 'Hosanna to the craft! Artisans glory! '- Poet. Nasir Khusraw elevated and labor farmer: 'Kormilec he creation of any kind'. Such an attitude to 'physical' side of life, recognizing the value of physical, human body opposed the teachings of some theologians, including the Sufis, that the body leads to the degradation of the soul, that it is the prison of the soul and foundation defects.

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Abu Muin Nasir Khusraw, photo, biography
Abu Muin Nasir Khusraw, photo, biography Abu Muin Nasir Khusraw  Islamic thinker, poet, writer, preacher Ismaili, photo, biography
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