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MORGAN John Payerpont

( Banker, philanthropist)

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Biography MORGAN John Payerpont
photo MORGAN John Payerpont
John Payerpont Morgan, uncrowned king of the United States, died March 31, 1913. The world economy has lost a genius bank, opponents of monopolies - a favorite object of attack. On the New York Stock Exchange opened light Panic.

On the night of the thirty-first seventy billionaire tried to get out of bed, repeating terrified nurse that he needed to go to school. He was not at noon the next day. Louise, eldest daughter of the late, all morning was holding his father's hand, recorded in his diary the last words of John Morgan. At 11.35 the father opened his eyes, looked her in the face of clear eyes, in which there was no trace of pain, weakness senile, and said: "My dear Sally West ..." After this agony began.

. Louise was the favorite of his father, his devoted companion and guardian of secrets: she knew all the father's secrets, led by all his mistresses (many of them she even became friends) and could have sworn that there was no Sally West in the life of John Morgan has never been
. Thus began a long, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes tedious marital investigation, which continued with short intervals for several decades. Louise's father was for all (because of that she married only 32 years), and the heiress Morgan has spared no money on fees detectives and archivists.

. ... In his childhood he was weak and sickly boy - Detective Peter Fortescue, a renowned expert on private investigations is described in detail in their papers
. Skin diseases, pneumonia, arthritis, mild epilepsy - the neighbors said that little Johnny bad blood, and it was pure truth.

. Payerponty, my mother gave birth to John, the distinguished ancient origins and obvious signs of degeneration
. By the end of XIX century from the former glory of their family were just good manners, . transmitted from generation to generation, . Yes attraction to the elegant: the Rev. John Payerpont, . priest of one of Boston's churches, . read a great sermon, . feed his wife and six children, . wrote bad poetry and stand out in a crowd of shining blue eyes and huge red nose,
. (The disease was hereditary in Payerpontov - to the old nose Payerponta John Morgan grew to fantastic proportions.) Mrs Payerpont suffered hysterical seizures and severe dermatosis. Marital duties, she could not perform and terribly worried because of their appearance, so that the life of a poor pastor's time becomes hell. Their daughter, Juliet Payerpont, also inherited skin disease - but not from the mother and father, who suffer from rosacea. Nevertheless, it was quite a pretty girl: in love with her Junius Spencer Morgan was considered the most eligible bachelor among Boston businessmen middling.

. Junius began with a simple trade, and by the age of forty had a capital of several million dollars and was a companion of the famous millionaire Peabody
. Son of Morgan Sr. was brought up with an iron hand - the heir was to surpass his father. In the statement of the detective story of the little John Fortescue Payerponta Morgan was read as a novel by Charles Dickens: fragile, . squelchy always stuffy, . affected by a nervous breakdown and sudden convulsions, . ache in the bones, . migraines and colds boy grew up under the relentless pressure of his father - a small person with disabilities was to be always and everywhere the first,
. My father saw to it that the son to choose his friends, often translating it from school to school and did not spoil warmth - a boy, for months in bed, desperately short of love. Morgan Sr. was a hundred percent Victorians: a stern, closed, do not let anyone into his soul. The mother in the tenth year of marriage finally lost his nerve, and it is forever locked in a dismal little world full of real and imaginary suffering and sorrow at the ruined youth. A Payerpont John Morgan, despite all these circumstances, ishitryalsya grow bright, cheerful and lively little boy. He never did learned and yet excellent student, loved animals and was terribly fond of excursions in the woods and mountains. Until then, until he was twelve years old, no Sally West in his life was not - for this detective Fortescue was willing to vouch for his professional reputation.

. Adolescence father's life, Louise Morgan, charged with another man - Charles Henderson meticulously and carefully compiled a list of all the girls, . whom befriended the young John, . tracked down all the girls, . for which he, . grown up and leaned, . tried to drag,
. After reading this voluminous, numbering several dozen pages of work, Louise was moved: she felt desperately sorry for Daddy. She had a good imagination, . and she paints imagine his entry into independent life, . prelude to the first novels: two servants emerge from the spacious family coach, and, . stepping heavily, . climb the gangplank moored in the port of Boston's paddle steamer,
. They dragged big stretcher on which lies crouched white as writing paper, a teenager: Six months ago, John weighs 67 kilograms, but now it has remained little more than fifty.

. His parents sent him to the Azores after his acute rheumatic fever - John lay in bed for six months, the school, where he managed to become one of the first disciples, he was forced to quit
. Junius Spencer Morgan decided that the southern sun will benefit his offspring. On the boat the boy alive, and in the Azores just bloomed. John ate a day and a half a dozen oranges and growing fat so that it is not fastened his pants. He continued all the time something hurt, but he learned not to pay attention to it.

. He suffered from the fact that poured on the forehead acne (rash will plague Morgan's life - appears to be the disease was hereditary), and still trailed behind all the pretty girls in the district
. By the report was attached a detailed list of the Italians and portugalok, a young virgin who gave flowers and sweets, and he, without changing the family loyalty of the Protestant church regularly accompanied on the morning Mass. Louise Morgan did not find among them Sally West, but the tears over the messages sent from the Azores letters to Charles Henderson tracked down in the family archive.

. Junior John Morgan blamed the parents for what they are it is almost not write: he was very lonely, and he even got himself a canary "to be about someone to care and that time passed more pleasant"
. Poor desperately longed for - the parents and the house is not too spoiled his attention, and the Azores, a boy of fifteen, and felt completely abandoned. On his birthday he received a letter from his father: he told him to take care of health, reported that he would soon go back to school and he will have a lot of work - will have to catch up with classmates. On the bottom of the birth of his son Junius did not even mention, and Johnny burst into tears right over Dad's letter. Morgan Sr. kept his word - he returned from the Azores, the boy worked like an ox, and a year later he was sent to Switzerland, where he was supposed to complete their education.

. There, John Morgan perfectly mastered German and French and ears in love with a young curly, slightly squinting Miss Hoffman, niece father's friends
. He even wanted to propose to her, but in time learned that the girl was already betrothed. From Geneva, Morgan moved to London, where he went round all the museums of the capital, tied up a lot of useful business contacts and finally parted with the damned innocence, seducing the pretty maid. But it, much to the chagrin of starting to lose patience, Louise Morgan, who was not named Sally West.

Soon, John Morgan returned to America: The war broke out north and south, and for someone who knows the sense in commerce, it could turn into a golden rain. Dirt, . blood, . marches and countermarch: General Jackson chasing General Sherman, . General Grant constricts General Lee - and their soldiers need boots and rifles, . British factories, . cut off from their suppliers, growers in northern fleet, . needed southern cotton,
. Father and son Morgan flirted with one speculation after another, while John discovers a taste for business and shows such business agility that the elder Morgan is sometimes just not myself.

. The fact that after a couple of decades by John Morgan of Morgan's most famous in the world, is already evident: it is cold, calculating, ruthless competitors and associates, moreover, is prone to excessive risk
. Junius grumbles, complains that ceases to understand his son, said that the Christian should think more about the neighbors, but to stop Payerponta John Morgan is no longer possible. Most advanced machine in the world can earn money started to gain momentum - he gets twenty, forty, one hundred thousand dollars a year, and everyone who knows him realizes that this is only the beginning.

. John Morgan is on the rise - and then comes to him the greatest love of his life
. Amelia was the daughter Stergis railroad magnate, she sang beautifully, perfectly sewed, was fragile, sweet, impeccably mannered and looking at the world very surprised blue eyes. John took care of Mimi at the charity party, accompanied her during the sea voyage to England, and frantically jealous of caring for a girl mate. When she caught a cold, John Morgan, circled around her house, as goldfinch at the feeder, but as soon as Amelia slightly strengthened, takes her on walks.

Things were. Morgan engaged in military loans, which were needed to the federal government as the air - he placed the American loans in London, and gradually became one of the main experts in this case. The girl, whom he loved, was one of the best parties in New York. And suddenly in his life something snapped.

Mimi sick: cough was followed by vomiting, she slept poorly and grew thin and pale, in her home more often sounded terrible word "tuberculosis" - in the middle of the XIX century did not know how to treat him. Father advised John to terminate the engagement, but he hears about this and did not want - he was very good with Mimi, it could not replace any other woman.

. During the wedding, Amelia, afraid to fall, was based on John's hand, and all the next day in bed
. When she was better, the couple went on honeymoon. Paris doctors confirmed the diagnosis, and from France, they had to go to Algeria. John Morgan abandoned the business: he would sit for days about his wife in the morning on his hands bore her to the sea, in the evenings for her baked apples in the fireplace. This went on for six weeks, then the doctors said that Mrs. Morgan struck and the second light. Mimi saw fish oil, a donkey's milk, swallowed the pills and slowly faded. John bought her canaries and nightingales, every day brought his wife flowers and hoped for the best.

She had died when his father summoned him to Paris - had to settle some business related to their overall business. John met with him only a day. The next day he bought a ticket for the boat and rushed back. To his return Mimi has refused to eat and almost could not speak. He leaned his head against the pillow, she kissed him on the temple. John Morgan had spent the night at the bedside of his wife, . and by the morning my mother Mimi, . Hon Mrs Stergis, . heard the sobs and moans and, . ran into the room, . saw, . that John, . kneeling before the bed, . crying and asks her deceased daughter to tell him anything ...,

. John Payerpont Morgan took the coffin with his beloved New York: clumsy paddle steamer a few weeks shtormyaschee way through the sea, and it was idle for hours on the deck of a nasty cross-sections of individual drizzling rain.

. Since then, Morgan was not happy - Louise was sure
. That's why she decided to shake up the lives of his father's re: the eldest daughter of John Morgan had always thought that really he loved only her and his first wife, - more in his life was not strong attachment. And if some Sally West was able to give happiness to his father, Louise wanted to find this woman in whatever was. In general, detectives from the Pinkerton agency went back to work.

... After Mimi died, John once again began to ache. He suffered a mild form of smallpox, he began to nervous breakdowns, eczema, headaches, and in addition to everything he began to complain of fatigue. Morgan put on weight, gloomy and worked around the clock - it was then formed his own distinctive style, and terrific competitors, and friends.

. He controlled everything and everyone, do not lose a single detail, carried a dozen notebooks, and when his business grew so that one person could no longer keep track of everything, replaced the pads on the same number of assistants
. His aggressive, assertive and prickly demeanor brought up in negotiations amazed respectable Victorian spirit partners. Morgan went into business as if at war: he made a reconnaissance, battle and finished tied the defeated enemy. The money went to the money, John Morgan Payerpont rapidly became a rich. At the end of XIX century Britain deployed in the U.S. borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars, and the only mediator in this case acted his bank. Then he tied up and useful in their youth dating and excellent knowledge of the UK: Morgan soon became a bank supermonopolistom, then - Rail King, and trading in gold and weapons, he has mastered in his youth. Years passed, he became the most powerful man in the country: its power and influence were so great that Morgan inspired his compatriots that the religious reverence, the mystical terror. He was a god and the devil at the same time. Said that he characterized satanic ruthlessness and the one who hurt him at least little things, could not count on mercy. Said that his eyes large, widely spaced eyes can not withstand even the most powerful people: it's like to look at the lamp rushing straight at you locomotive. They said he tenderly loves cats and dogs, help the poor, faithful friends, generous to women - loyal to Morgan journalists described him so that he himself became nauseated. On his second wife had been heard almost nothing. Frankly, John Morgan and myself about it is not too much thought.

Naive blue eyes, a pleasant half-open mouth, fullness and a healthy pink skin ... Frances Louise Tracy (friends called her Fanny,) promised to be an excellent wife, and rich young widow chose her as his great-grandfather on his father chose for dairy cows. Fanny ran the household, worked with him lovingly, meticulously gave birth to children (at the Morgans had a son and three daughters) - and poisoned his life, endless whining. In Fanny, John Morgan, though once again found his mother - she was just hysterical, like Juliet, nothing pleased her, and in addition to everything after thirty years she monstrous stout and began to ache. Her swollen feet, whine stomach, it bothered you a migraine, then diarrhea. More than anything, Fanny loved to sit at home and complain to her friends unbearable life.

. Each spring for three months, Morgan went to Europe: methodically, as though the setting in order thresher or a locomotive, he restored their nerves there - and again took up a job
. For nine months, John managed to make as much as others could not, and for the twelve. Morgan is still a lot of sick, but he managed so to get used to their ailments, they are not plagued him nearly. Life went on as usual (detectives and archivists Louise swore that this time, Sally West it did not appear), Morgan earned a lot of money and spend them, so that his fellow billionaires was frozen.

. He loved art and was crazy about women
. In his youth, John said that marriage should be for those who can give birth and raise children, the old saw that it attracts the ladies, in whose veins is expensive champagne. His mistresses became the most beautiful and stylish ladies of New York City: the charming Mrs. Tennant, . Considered the decoration of the grand living room, . widow of a British officer Edith Sybil Randolph, . for which trailed and American millionaires, . and British lords,
. Enemies could not forgive Morgan's habit of coming to the same church he had built with a regular lover ( "He combines a solid spiritual fornication with the fornication!"), Friends envied him. Morgan himself was deeply convinced that women choose not to: they simply attracts millions of magic, fantastic, the proverbial fortune.

. John Morgan was well educated and could talk for hours about dear to his heart sculptures and paintings, he was considered a genius of banking - and it was the naked truth
. And Morgan tormented constant bouts of uncertainty: he felt like a freak (in his old age his nose deformed so, . Payerpont that Grandpa would have seemed a handsome man next to him) and a loser - life was somehow not, . woman, . that would make him happy, . He was unable to save.,

. John did not like his wife did not trust the mistresses, the competitors were told to him contempt companions lonesome
. He calmed only art: Morgan Sr., had once made him her son methodically going to the British and French museums, has managed to instill in him a love for beauty, and now he - the richest man in the world! - Could make it his own.

. Morgan bought all: Rubens, Michelangelo, Tintoretto, Watteau, antique marble, bronze Renaissance, manuscripts, tapestries, knight's armor, Roman fresco, Dutch etchings, porcelain, majolica, precious embroidery
. At left is the tens of millions of dollars, . Morgan paid without looking and he did not remember, . owns: once he ischerkal question marks account for the antique bronze bust, . and the Secretary had to explain the surprise, . that the bust has been two years now stands on the desk in the office holder.,

. His confidant was Belle da Costa Greene - young and pretty, brilliantly educated American of Portuguese origin
. Her story was like a novel: a little girl, Belle decided that dedicate their lives to librarianship, and educate ourselves. Over the years, Miss da Costa Greene became the best librarian in the world, then at her and left Morgan offered the post of keeper of his famous library-museum. Bell managed to gain his trust, and through the hands of Ms. da Costa were all antique purchases, which Morgan did in Europe. She knew how to be in the position billionaire: under its influence, Morgan became the largest benefactor of America. He began to donate their treasures to museums and soon realized that it can deliver a great pleasure - the foundation of the museum's collection "Metropolitan" still make up the gifts Morgan.

. He has not even tried to have sex with her: John too valued the friendship Miss da Costa Greene, and over-valued her advice
. He told her everything she knew his business like nobody else - no wonder that, finally tired of fruitless searches, Louise Morgan Bell wrote a letter asking to tell the whole truth about the mysterious Sally West.

. The answer took a few dozen pages
. "I felt in relation to your father very tender feelings, - wrote the former assistant of John Morgan. - He was sincere as a child, and easily opened by all, thinking about. Nobody knew how he was alone - Mr. Morgan looked like a man doomed to eternal suffering. He was ready to sacrifice all the people, but what he got for it? Only a sickening sense of his own wealth and power over the world ... If you only knew, . how often he talked to me about their failures and setbacks, . of sleepless nights and unfulfilled dreams! Mr. Morgan knew, . every woman, . approach him for a mile, . lost his head and self-esteem and was dying to get in his harem,
. It was not pleasant - he saw, . that true love here and does not smell, . and I am confident, . that sometimes it becomes just disgusting ... "The message was sincere and thorough, . Belle da Costa Greene of Morgan knew all, . but - alas! - The existence of Sally West, she had no idea,
. The last thread to unravel the secrets of his father was cut short, and Louise had no choice but to accept this.

... John Payerpont Morgan died after a U.S. Senate has subjected his work anti-trust case. Unpleasantness was relatively small, but he was terribly excited, depressed, began to talk about that world order is heading for the rocks and the white race comes to an end. Stress provoked exacerbation of a chronic disease, and in a few weeks, Morgan was no more.

. In terms of current prices on the art he had spent nearly a billion dollars, . and the money he left behind a little (Rockefeller, . heard about this, . shook his head: "Look at, . I thought, . he, too, from the rich. ") But the Metropolitan Museum has received a huge amount bequeathed him priceless works of art - Morgan has enriched our country so, . as it could not be anyone else.,

. The banking house of Morgan has survived and continues to enjoy considerable influence in the financial world
. Preserved and the family archive. In it, in one of the countless folders of correspondence is a letter, which was once little Johnny has written to the Azores to his grandfather - Boston priest, the Rev. John Payerpontu. The letter enclosed a small piece of paper with a picture on it a thick yellow canary. And below the signature, made by an unsteady hand of a child: "Here is my dear Sally West. Thanks to me here is not so lonely. Dear Grandpa, I really want to go home, please tell me about this mom and dad ... "

Ironically, people who Louise Livingstone Setterli-Morgan requested to conduct an investigation, not to draw this picture any attention. So no one did not understand ...

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MORGAN John Payerpont, photo, biography
MORGAN John Payerpont, photo, biography MORGAN John Payerpont  Banker, philanthropist, photo, biography
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