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Pogorelsky Anthony

( Russian writer)

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Biography Pogorelsky Anthony
Pogorelsky, Anton (pseudonym, real name Perovsky, Alexey) (1787-1836), Russian writer. Illegitimate son of Count AK Razumovsky. He received education at home, for 1805-1807 has successfully graduated from Moscow University with a degree of doctor of philosophy and philology of three lectures (subsequently published in pamphlet form), read in German, French and Russian languages. Within five years he served in various departments, organized at the University of Moscow Society of Lovers of Literature of Russia (1811-1830), . published during the literature and folklore, and has participated in the organization of literary and musical evenings and popular lectures,
. In the Patriotic War of 1812 was in the army, showed great courage in the battles of Dresden and Kulm. Since 1816 several years served as officer on special assignments at the Department of Religious Affairs. Since 1820 member of the Free Society of Lovers of Literature of Russia.

In 1822, after the death of his father inherited the village Pogorel'tsev Chernigov Province. and, going into retirement, settled in it, along with her sister, the Countess AA Tolstoy, and her son, the future writer Alexei Tolstoy. In 1825-1830 - the trustee of the Kharkov school district, contributed significantly to the improvement of the educational process

. In 1825 in the March issue of the journal AF Voeikova 'News Literature' was published a fantastic story Pogorelsky "Lafertovskaya makovnitsa" - the first in the national literature, . Where it says is characteristic of the Romantic desire to recreate the national poetic element, . acquired via live the life of the people and fantastic fiction,
. In Human small Moscow lyudom Lefortovo, . in a squalid house of a retired postman Onufricha, . reader encounters way lafertovskoy makovnitsy - the old witch, . which selects for the daughter of a postman, . and his granddaughter, . without a Dowry Masha, . groom Aristarchus Falaleevicha (Faleleicha), . proving to be a favorite black cat granny-witch,
. Destroying spells and abandoning the unrighteous wealth left by his grandmother, Maria marries her beloved handsome barman, as if to reward the rich girl was heir. Comedy features in the shape of a cat-official, impure motive force of money, typical of the Romantics 'mercenary' era, anticipate a Pogorelsky poetics of Gogol. About this novel by Alexander Pushkin wrote to his brother: 'What a darling Grandma Cat! I read it twice and in one breath the whole story and only now and raving Aristarchus Falaleevichem Murlykinym. Speak slowly, closing his eyes, turning his head and arching his back '

. In 1828 came a collection Pogorelsky "The Double, . or My evening in Little Russia "(in addition to" Makovnitsy ", . included the story "Isidore and Annie", . "The adverse consequences of unbridled imagination" and "Journey to the coach"), . largely inspired by the writer's interest in these years to issues of education, . directed against selfishness and emptiness 'conventional' style of aristocratic life, . revealing the plot and psychological ingenuity of the author and bear the obvious signs of the influence of fantasy E. T. A. Hoffmann, . with the, . however, . difference, . that the problem Pogorelsky supersensuous skeptical Double, . second 'I' narrator, . seeks to solve natural-science explanation,

Together with her nephew, young AK Tolstoy, Pogorelsky went to Italy, according to some testimony, met with the JW Goethe. In the fairy tale for children, . as defined by its genre, . Black chicken, . Underground or residents', . written for the ten nephew, . charming in their unaffected instructive and brightness of naive fiction Tenets, . helps the good and honest boy - and departing from it, . when he became careless and conceited sloth, . accurately depicts the life of old St. Petersburg, . clearly reveal the inner world of a child, . the first time in Russian literature after the "Knight of our time" NM Karamzin became the protagonist works, . gently withdrawn morality and subtly manifested characteristic Pogorelsky organic plexus routine, . humor and fiction,
. Subsequently, the tale was especially loved by Leo Tolstoy, entered the golden fund of the national children's literature, to endure dozens of editions in many languages

. In 1830, CBM became a member of 'Literary Gazette' AA Delvig, . excerpts printed in it is an unfinished novel "Magnetizer" and the beginning of the novel "Monastyrka", . in which the sentimental didacticism and adventurous and romantic effects combined with a realistic description of long-term life of the provincial nobility in Ukraine and the difficult fate who returned here, . their homeland, . full of illusions and impulses to the ideal ward of Smolny Convent,
. In liberal, literary circles this work favorably contrasted with the naturalistic novels nravoopisatelnym FV Buе-haryn and VT Narezhny, . and 'Literary Gazette' is called "Monastyrka" 'present and, . probably, . First we have the novel of manners',

He died in Warsaw Pogorelsky 9 (21) July 1836.

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Pogorelsky Anthony, photo, biography
Pogorelsky Anthony, photo, biography Pogorelsky Anthony  Russian writer, photo, biography
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