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RHEIN Eugene B.

( Russian poet)

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Biography RHEIN Eugene B.
RHINE, Evgeny Borisovich (p. 1935), Russian poet.
Born January 20, 1935 in Leningrad. Father - the architect (died at the front in 1944), his mother - a teacher of foreign language.

He studied at the well-known in the city 206-Secondary School. Early showed an interest in literature. In school, worked in the literary circle in the Palace of Pioneers, and later in the literary studio at the newspaper 'Evening Leningrad'. Not thinking about the fate of the writer, Raine receives technical education - in 1959 graduated from the Leningrad Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry, where the specialty 'Mechanical Engineer'. By the same year is the first printed statement - in the newspaper 'Leningrad sanatorium' saw the light of the poem Rhine. Next published a poem in the anthology 'The young Leningrad', appeared only after three years.

Lack of access to the official seal did not prevent the violent life of intellectual life, aided in the broad sense of the cultural environment, and formed a narrow circle of like-minded. Communicate with peers - I. Brodsky, . A. Nyman, . D. Monakhov, . Kushner, . G. Gorbovsky and other leaders re-form the literary avant-garde, . as well as the writers of the older generation, . including Akhmatova, . A. Steinberg, . Semenov gave a lot for the establishment of the Rhine-poet,
. Irreversible changes in the public mind - renew ties with the western world, . infiltration of Western culture, . in particular, music, . - Impact on the Rhine-man (representative of the generation 'stilyagi', . He keenly followed the fashion world, . focusing on foreign samples),

Not working on a specialty, Rein earned hackwork, wrote scripts for documentary films (about two dozen), was engaged in a verse translation from the Georgian, Estonian, English and other languages. Like many of the Leningrad writers of the sixties, actively worked in children's literature. Thus, in the Pioneer magazine 'Bonfire', he, among other things, publishes an amusing prose stories, something like the classic 'literary anecdotes', produces several poetry books for children. Acts both as a journalist (newspaper 'Sunday' magazine 'Change', time edition of "Satellite Festival 'and t. etc.).

Influence of cinema evident in verse of the Rhine, along with repeatedly emphasizes the impact of painting. From the first he took the visionaries, . an unexpected change of plans and a system of distinct keynotes, . particularly, . constant flashbacks (the most characteristic feature of the poetics of the Rhine), . from the second - an interest in enlarged detail, . portrait, . landscape (complex multi-figured compositions lacking even in the lengthy poem),
. References to these two arts and roll with them is almost in every poem Rhine

. Rare publication in the journals 'Aurora', 'Literary Georgia', 'youth', including in the foreign press, have not brought the poet fame
. For the first time a large selection - 22 poems - appeared in the anthology 'MetrцЁpol', where the Rhine was also made as a composer of poetic section.

Since 1984, when I came out the first collection of original poetry of the Rhine "The names of bridges, his position in the literature beginning to change dramatically. He was admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers (1987) and Russia's PEN Club (1992), his works were awarded prizes on the journals 'Tallinn', 'Star', 'Ogonek' almanac 'Sagittarius'. He was awarded the State Prize of Russia (1997).

He has lectured abroad, leads a workshop in poetry Literary Institute. A. M. Gorky. Acts both as an essayist and memoirist. The book is very boring without Dovlatova "combines some of the narrative poem, memoirs and poems, and prose stories of the Rhine, part of which is known as oral stories.

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RHEIN Eugene B., photo, biography
RHEIN Eugene B., photo, biography RHEIN Eugene B.  Russian poet, photo, biography
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