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Slichevski Konstantin

( Russian poet and prose)

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Biography Slichevski Konstantin
Sluchevsky, Konstantin Konstantinovich (1837-1904), Russian poet and prose. Born on July 26 (7 August) 1837 in St. Petersburg, the son of a senator. In 1855 he graduated from the Cadet Corps, served in the Guards Semenov regiment, in 1859 entered the Academy of General Staff. The first verses marked with the initials 'KS', and translations of Victor Hugo, O. Barbier, and Dzh.G.Bayrona published in the journal 'Obschezanimatelny Gazette' in 1857, a number of poems published in the journal 'Illustration'. The young talent is appreciated Apollon Grigoriev, with the assistance of Ivan Turgenev in 1860 came the publication of 'Contemporary' and 'Notes of the Fatherland'. Grigoriev in 'Son of the Fatherland' (1860, No 6) was not slow to put Slichevski next Lermontov and above A. Feta, J. Polonsky, W. Maikova and F. Tyutchev, thereby putting it in a certain number of literary. Comparisons were as insightful Grigor'ev, . but praise undeserved, . and these authors have skillfully used the extreme left of the satirical weekly 'Spark', . poets parodists D. Minaev and H. Loman, . ridiculed 'graveyard' pathos of the latter-day genius (in his poem "I saw his funeral and the cemetery") and his self-centeredness; joined Dobrolyubov, . called it 'the genius of common places' and also published a deadly parody of "My Desire",
. Fatally injured Sluchevsky stop typing, left military service and went abroad.

He studied in Paris, Berlin and Heidelberg, where in 1865 received his Ph.D.. Returning to Russia, first repay their persecutors Democrats, published in 1866-1867, three pamphlets, sarcastically exposing N. Chernyshevskogo and D. Pisarev, under the general title "The phenomena of Russian life under the critical aesthetics". This gave him a new, odious reputation, which obstructs the progress of the literary field, but helped to make a career in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Department of State Property. In 1891-1902 Sluchevsky - Editor in Chief 'of the Government Gazette' at the end of life Privy Councilor, Chamberlain, member of the Board of the General Directorate of Press.

Since 1871 Sluchevsky again returned to literature as a poet (under the initials I.N.S. or under a pseudonym P. Telepnev - in the journal 'World illustration', . then, . have a full signature, . in charitable collections, . Journal 'Russian Journal' and the newspaper 'New Age') and as a writer (first as 'Seraphim Unmarried' with the novel "From kiss to kiss", . 1872, . then under his own name with the collections of novellas and short stories "Virtuoso", . 1882, . "Skirmishers", . 1883, . "Thirty-three of the story", . 1887, . "Historical Pictures", . 1894),
. Character of his novel "The Professor of immortality" (1892), alternating in the manner of "Russian Nights" VF Odoevskogo fiction with reflections on religious and philosophical themes

. An array of poetic essay opens the poem-story "The Snows" (1878), . printed in the annex to the New Year issue 'Modern Times', followed by "Poems" (1880), with accumulation of lyricism (connects in cycles), . poems, . Mysteries and ballads in 1881-1890 went 2-I, . 3rd and 4 th book of poetic collection,
. It is the first three volumes of "Collected Works KK Slichevski in six volumes (1898). Poet and novelist was also a playwright (his play "The city is abolished", 1881, Joint. with VA Krylov, and "Prostrate Pushkin, 1899), and essayists-ethnographer (the book" In the north of Russia, Comrades. 1-3, 1886-1888, and "In the north-west Russia", 1897). Wide range of genre and theme creation Slichevski was a consequence of the dispersed interests (mentor and well-wisher Slichevski Turgenev jokingly called him 'the poet-painter-historian-philosopher-economist-publicist'). Above all this diversity reigned universal, 'existential' cynical pessimism, the authorized spokesman of which was the title character is remarkable poetic cycle Slichevski - "Mephistopheles".

Permanent plot Slichevski - the universal conviction of voluntary and involuntary of lies, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, deceit creator, taunted his creation. In the absence of God is the creator of this, as in the poem "Eloa" (1883), romanticized and somewhat operatic Satan. Pessimism with decadent shade was completely match for era 'small deeds', . and by the early 1890's, have Slichevski appear enthusiastic admirers and imitators among the poetic youth (A. Corinth, . K. Ice and others), . ready to recognize it, not only Maitre, . but the 'king of poets',
. They addressed Slichevski latest poetry collection "Songs from the Corner" (1902), . apotheosis of 'twilight' of despair ( 'basis of truth cradles', . but 'the impotence of all are equal', and the characteristic confession: 'I did not hate, . / But despised - almost always'), . which, . however, . poet is inclined to issue a paradoxical optimism,

Philosopher, poet and literary critic of remarkable Soloviev Slichevski called 'ill-bred talent,' and complained about 'not being critical of the author to his inspiration'. The same properties and the verdict was Bryusov in the article "The poet of contradictions" in the book, far and near "(1912), . although it is in the works Bryusov - and in verse, . and in prose - is clearly affected and artistic, . and ideological influence Slichevski K., . one of those, . who transformed the romantic foundations of Russian lyric 'golden age', and told him to the lyric 'silver age',

Sluchevsky died in St. Petersburg on September 25 (8 October) 1904.

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Slichevski Konstantin, photo, biography
Slichevski Konstantin, photo, biography Slichevski Konstantin  Russian poet and prose, photo, biography
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