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Tom Stoppard

( English playwright)

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Biography Tom Stoppard
Stoppard, VOLUME (Stoppard, Thomas) (p. 1937), British playwright of Czech origin. His plays are a unique combination of verbal play and linguistic virtuosity, complex designs, comic fictions and philosophical themes.
Born July 3, 1937 in Zlц-n (now Czech Republic), was the birth name of Thomas Shtraussler. In 1946 his mother and stepfather came to England. Left school Stoppard in 1954 took up journalism. In 1960 he moved to London, where he began writing for radio and television. His first play "Walk on Water" (A Walk on the Water) was put on television in 1963.

His first significant play "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, 1967; Russian translation IA Brodsky) Stoppard once conquered the world of theater on both sides of the Atlantic. Two minor characters from "Hamlet", . classic Shakespearean insignificance Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, . placed in the center of, . Reaffirming idea Stoppard: a man of little character in the great drama of life, . controlled by the inscrutable,
. Critics heaped praise on Stoppard for 'witty, showing uncommon erudition of the author' play. Typical in this regard, review of R. Dryden 'Observer': "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" by Tom Stoppard - the most remarkable dramatic debut of the sixties'. In England, Stoppard won 'Evening Standard' as the most promising playwright award and the magazine Pleyz End pleyerz 'for best play 1967. In America, he was awarded the Prize of the New York theater critics, as well as the Antoinette Perry Award ( 'Tony') for best play in 1968.

Stoppparda caustic wit, the spirit of experimentation and a sense of the scene are stored and in subsequent works written pins and prolific pen. Another important piece "Jumpers" (Jumpers, 1972) differs complex alternation of different themes and styles: it contains elements of a detective, a farce about infidelity and philosophical studies. Although the play received mixed reviews, playwright presented awards to the 'Evening Standard' and 'End Pleyz pleyerz' for 1972.

The next major work of the writer - "travesty" (Travesties, 1974) was well received by critics and viewers. This is a brilliant and very funny mix of different stylization, . paradoxes, . political and intellectual history, . which Lenin, . Dzh.Dzhoys and T. Dadaist Tzara, . living in 1917 in Zurich, . are associated with amateur staging O. Wilde "The Importance of Being Earnest",
. The play brought Stoppard's plays Award 'Evening Standard' for the best comedy of 1974. He was also awarded second prize 'Tony' Award for 1976 and the New York theater critics for 1976.

Political bias evident in Stoppard's play "Every good boy deserves the award" (Every Dood Boy Deserves Favor, 1977), written for the troupe and orchestra (music by Andre Previn). Venue - the prison hospital, which contains crazy and dissidents. Musicians enter Stoppard through the image of a madman who believes that he conducts an imaginary orchestra, in addition to what musicians listen to his instructions, one of them is even his psychiatrist. In 1982, Stoppard offered to the public one of his most acclaimed plays today - "Real" (The Real Thing). Sarcastic and funny show problems and different versions of a love relationship and commitment to strengthen the reputation as Stoppard's brilliant and witty writer, a master of parody, interested in the problems of alienation and free will. In England, the play won 'Evening Standard' the drama of 1983, the United States - Award of the New York theater critics for best foreign play in 1984. Stoppard's plays was awarded third prize 'Tony' (1984)

. Among other plays Stoppard - one-act "The real Inspector Hound" (The Real Inspector Hound, 1968), "Night and Day" (Night and Day, 1978), "Hapgood" (Hapgood, 1988), "Arcadia" (Arcadia, 1993) and "Love Fantasy" (The Invention of Love, 1997)

. Stoppard lot of work for radio and television, . He has written screenplays "Romantic Englishwoman" (The Romantic Englishwoman, . 1975), . "Despair" (Despair, . 1978), . Human Factors "(The Human Factor, . 1980; the novel by H. Green), . "Brazil" (Brazil, . 1985), . "Russian House" (The Russia House, . 1989; the novel by J. Le Carre) and "Billy Bathgate" (Billy Bathgate, . 1991; the novel by EL Doctorow),
. Written and directed a film on his play "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" (1991). In 1999, Stoppard received the Academy Award for best screenplay (the film "Shakespeare in Love" - Shakespear in Love).

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Tom Stoppard, photo, biography
Tom Stoppard, photo, biography Tom Stoppard  English playwright, photo, biography
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