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Bryuc Willis

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Biography Bryuc Willis
photo Bryuc Willis
Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis).
Bryuc Willis was born on 19.3.1955 in West Germany in the town of Idar - Oberstein, where his father, David Willis was a civilian employee in the U.S. military unit. He grew up in Penns - Grove (State of New - Jersey, USA). He studied at the College Montkler ". Of the four children in the family Bryuc was the most senior
. Bryuc Willis had eight years begins to engage in amateur drama studio (and this despite the stuttering!), . trying to sing, . accompanying himself on harmonica in a blues ensemble "Luz-Goose", . plays in student theater groups, . then at vnebrodveyskoy scene in New York, . for what in 1977 (he was 22 years old), he abandoned his studies in college.,
. Attempts to get roles in movies, on stage, on television or to nothing
. In the evenings Bryuc Willis flooded mountain spirits.
Bryuc Willis, in his quest to become an actor truly miraculous persistence, but his efforts have not been sufficiently appreciated by luminaries of show business. More precisely, let us say: talent Willis really appreciated not on the stage, and at the counter of the popular New York bar "Cafe Central", which beguiled the time of artistic bohemia. "Bryuc Willis traveled to bar on roller skates, dressed in a very broad, like parachute pants, torn T-shirt, with a bandage on his head ... He always something to hum, or joke, or playing his harmonica ... "- recalls the actor's biographers. Working in the bar combined with the persistent attempts to bring his "finest hour" in the theater and cinema. Bryucu Willis had to play a lot of nothing notable roles in films category "B" and commercials. The first role on camera, he "played" in a television commercial jeans "Livays."
. In 1984, after a successful role in vnebrodveyskoy stage version of Sam Shepard's play "Love fool" where Bryuc Willis played a major role, as it was written for the first praise and was invited to trial in Los Angeles
. Bryuc Willis was pleased with the fact that he was in Los Angeles and was able to watch the Olympics, it was she was more interested in it than the proposed role. And only by chance on the last day before flying Bryuca Willis was pulled into the studio on the sample in the pilot production series "Moonlight" ... And then history began with a capital letter. Nobody famous New York actor because the producers liked that instead of a cameo of his partners took in most Sibbil Sheppard. In the first months of work on TV series Bryuc Willis becomes insanely popular, journalists compose "zaekranny 'love affair with Sibbil. Press intensely stirs interest in Willis. as well as in the film "Fires of Saint Elmo," which attracted the attention of critics. His relationship with Demi Moore began to flourish. Bryuc liked to drink, Demi abused alcohol (she even treated at the clinic). Soon they became husband and wife.
Bruce Willis to the mid 80's was shot in the series "Moonlight". Series "Moonlight", which went on the television screens of America from 1985 to 1989, Willis did not just popular musicians, but also the embodiment of a new masculine ideal - an ideal second half of the 80. According to critics, viewers, the TV series did not stop to take questions of, will determine whether David and Maddie (Addison partner to investigate the crime, played Sibbil Sheppard), in the end, lovers, and it was the nerve of the whole plot. "Moonlight" was nominated for an Emmy Award in 16 categories, including - and for the best male role. Bryuc Willis, an award of this prestigious award, full of creative forces and self-confidence, made his debut in 1987. the "first-rate" Hollywood staging - a comedy directed by B. Edwards "Remote Rendezvous". Debut (after ten years of research!) Was considered successful, and opened wide horizons actor. Role of the New York policeman John McClain in the movie "Die Hard" (1988. showed how well you can use the features of the popular image. Puzzled for emergencies (criminals penetrate equipped with the latest technology Skyscraper, . where McClain met his wife), . flat-footed (he did not have time to even put on shoes), . hero Bruce Willis worked wonders in the fight with a gang of villains.,
. The commercial success of "Wish you nuts" allowed Willis "spin" on-screen biography of his hero in two extensions - "Die Hard 2" and "Nut stronger", filmed in 1990
. At a time when the audience was associated with Willis, the hero of this "saga of McClain, actor starred in other roles. In the film, a famous director Norman Jewison "Outskirts" (1989), he tried to create a psychologically profound way a veteran of the Vietnam War, and in the film "Campfire ambitions" (1990) appeared as a reporter for a popular newspaper. Yet admirers of Willis prefer to see him in a more extravagant situations - for example, floating (without stand and shoot combined) on a hang glider in the movie "Hudson Hawk" (1991). Playing it in the comic roles, for example, in the fantastic comedy "Death Becomes Her to-face" (1992, dir. R. Zemeckis), where he was a partner of the famous Meryl Streep. Script last film was written by the leading man. Actor does not forget about his passion for music: in the movie "Look who still speaks" (1990), he sings pesnku of his own, but his solo lp "Bryuc Willis: The Return of Bruno" appeared in 1987
. According to the actor himself, he does not think his personal life the subject of extensive discussions
. (Maybe that's why it fashionable mansion in Hollywood, surrounded by a six-foot wall.) Press, however, misses an opportunity to elaborate on each new event in the "vneekrannoy" life Bryuca Willis.
. His heroes and role models Bryuc Willis believes such dissimilar actors like Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, Al Pacino, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, Robert Mitchell, and Steve McQueen
. All the famous colleague Willis have many prizes and awards, in Willis, there is nothing but viewers love. In 1994, he was not nominated for an Oscar for "Pulp Fiction", although all partners were in Bryuca nominees. In the past year has been the same: Academy passed Bryuca brilliant work in "12 monkeys", and noted a new star Bret Pete. Bryuc Willis, fortunately, - a cheerful person and does not make a tragedy of. Also it does not affect the material welfare of the actor. Today Bryuc Willis - one of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood.

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Bryuc Willis, photo, biography
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