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Bruce Lee

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Biography Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee).

Bruce Lee was born in 1940 in a family of Chinese opera actor Lee Hoi Chen and polukitayanki-polunemki Grace Lee

. Strictly, . He - Li Jiang Fan (translated from the Chinese - "Go on back": the child was born in San Francisco, . mother wanted to, . that her son returned to America), . When the boy grew up, . he was given the name Li Yuen Kam ( "never sat on the ground"): after the first motion picture appeared the name Li Sui Loong ( "little dragon"),
. And on the birth certificate issued in a Chinese hospital in San Francisco, stood the name Bruce Lee.

In fact, that Bruce Lee was really a boy, believed not all. The evil spirits knew exactly what Grace gave birth to a girl: mother and father worked hard to ensure that confuse them, and even gave the child girlish nickname Baby Phoenix. Their first son died, and they decided that somehow angered the gods; in China believe that the second child in the family must be a girl, and Grace and Lee's daughter adopted by a poor man. Then they had a son Peter, and then Grace got pregnant again and could not find a place of concern: according to Chinese beliefs, the second son is also in danger. Baby Bruce Lee pierced ears and called him a maiden name - it seemed that evil spirits could deceive.

Bruce Lee grew up and was left wondering around the neighborhood: the second such Skoda in Hong Kong was. Bruce Lee raced through the city, was friends with anyone, stole apples from the stalls of street vendors and listened to the parents - a great sin for the Chinese people adore the old age. However, the father of Bruce Lee also did not differ domestic virtues. He was a good actor and a great small, his friends and loved women and he in them doted - Lee Hoi Chan spent money on anything, not just for children. By Hong Kong standards, Lee was a wealthy man (he owned several apartments that he rented out), but then, as his family resided, would horrify the Chicago unemployed. Big table, . followed by eating, . played and read; one room, . which slept Lee, . Grace, . their children, . grandparents, . few servants and a huge German shepherd, ceiling fans, . sad chasing hot air: The water in the house was served once a week for several hours, . and recruited in all bowls,
. The family I take a shower in the feline fashion, smearing the water on the face, snorting and splashing - that is the bathroom in the house did not know, but sorokagradusnaya heat in Hong Kong was in the order of things ... But all who lived under this roof, were piously believe that such comfort is only in the governor's palace: the majority of Chinese people were crammed in squalid shacks close.

Children growing up, and they had to learn - Bruce Lee and his brothers was sent to a Jesuit college. The Jesuits have for several centuries were engaged in missionary work in China and know about the natives, more than anyone else, but to cope with Bruce Lee, they failed to even.

Small, thin, smart, Bruce Lee could not sit still, did not want to puzzle over the arithmetic and English grammar and felt a great pleasure, but when he managed to bloody someone's nose. A former classroom teacher of Bruce Lee's brother Henry, remembering his many years, asserted that he was an unusual child - alive, receptive, intelligent. With him it was necessary to apply very gently, all the time to take his imagination - then he behaved like a good girl ... Apparently, this is rarely succeeded his brother Henry: Several years have passed, and Bruce Lee kicked out of the Jesuit School.

In Bruce Lee was a big attraction to self-affirmation, street violence raised him in his own eyes. He was a frail, slippery, and absolutely fearless: a pretext for a fight could serve even that is not a counter boy looked at him, do not sigh, do not go spat, not respectfully apologized. At the height and weight of their enemies Bruce Lee did not pay attention, and they thrashed him twice a day. Lee Hoi Chan, of course, was not a model father, but the bruises on the face of his son and forever torn clothing acted on his nerves. Balance due Grace washed abrasions and mending torn shirt, and Lee each evening reading Bruce Lee notation: in the end he was tired of this immensely. Money, children Lee Hoi Chan did not give out of principle, but when Bruce Lee asked him to pay for the lessons of kung fu, he surprised himself agreed - he has appeared at least a faint hope that this outrage ever end.

Bruce Lee chose the hard and aggressive Vinh-chun - according to legend, the creator of the style was a nun who lived in the XV century. (She invented it when watching the fray with a snake pole.) Nun taught him the girl Hume Vinh Chung, ta - her future husband, he, too, were students ... Since the turn of Yip Mena, a former police inspector in the town of Nam Ha, who fled to Hong Kong from the troops of Mao Tse-tung. In Hong Kong, Yip Man, opened his school and earned a living that did such as Bruce Lee, street loafers real warriors.

Running for five miles and hundreds of pushups, endless attacks on sandbags, acrobatics, fighting in full contact when the fist of the enemy that there are forces in falls on yours does not secure the edges ... Training at school Yip Mena chained his body to muscle impenetrable armor, taught almost perfect fighting techniques. Bruce tried it on their classmates, and the results were more than satisfactory.

Soon, my parents sent him to another school - it became clear that training with Yip Menom send a child to benefit. 'A He certainly did not, but greatly diminished pester the Jesuit fathers wanton mischief. In leprosy in a young Lee was no longer forces: after school Vinh chunem sick every bone - easy come only in the fifth year.

But now Bruce Lee reassured. He became king of the school - on the street it is always accompanied by a respectful retinue. Dismantled with classmates, Bruce Lee took the British boys: they are constantly fighting with young Chinese and. As a rule, how do they thrashed in vain. The British were much larger, moreover, in their schools were taught to box, but blows his knee in the chin, forehead, nose and elbow in the ear have been devastating for them by surprise. One after the other rulers of the seas went into a deep knockdown, . and every black eye and bloody nose growing authority of Bruce Lee: Hong Kong is well remembered about the "Opium War", . looted Beijing, and the inscriptions "Dogs and Chinese Admittance", . recently disappeared from the central part of the city,

Life smiling Bruce Lee, and the age of eighteen, he felt almost happy. When he was very young, his father taught him to dance, and now he won the championship in Hong Kong on cha-cha-cha, played several roles in action films for children. On the street with no one disputes. In his free time training and fighting Bruce Lee took dance lessons. Now he looked like a dandy - and nabriolinennye carefully slicked hair, immaculately ironed black suit (he ironed it himself, not trusting the mother), narrow tie with a smooth knot. Whether a student missionary school, whether the dancer from Variety - the perfect target for those who want some fun street hooligan.

The Hong Kong streets with Vitelloni treated nelaskovo. In patent leather shoes were pleased to spit, a tie - Pull. But after this insolent received sau-up - Bruce Lee's favorite blow when striker throat collapses tempered hours-long workouts knife hand. One day, he regaled them three members of the Hong Kong Triad, two of whom were taken to hospital.

The oldest of the Asian criminal groups, "Triad''existed for hundreds of years: having arisen as fighting the Manchu conquerors secret society, over time, it switched to the drug trade. Those who entered into it, connected the esprit de corps: the society demanded that the absolute loyalty of his people, and instead provided them with protection. If people from the "Triad" began to beat on the streets with impunity, the power and prestige of the clan would not be worth a brass farthing. Bruce Lee now had to die - quickly and painfully as possible. He who was born in San Francisco, saved by the fact that he was considered a U.S. citizen - the mother of one evening packed their bags, bought a ticket on a ship and sent to America by Bruce's friend. The fact that she sends her son to meet his wealth and fame, were scared to death Grace Lee, and unaware.

Seventy years ago in the United States brought the first batch of Chinese. America is rapidly covered with a network of railways, for their construction was needed cheap labor - poor, hardworking and unanswered Asians came to this is the best. The best argument in a dialogue with them was considered a right hook: the poor peasants from the deaf Chinese villages, never who studied martial arts, endured such treatment of the Confucian patience. Time passed, manners softened, but remained the lot of American Chinese laundries and cheap restaurants - one of them and settled Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee will soon become a movie star. Happened, in general, by accident: TV producer William Doze looking for an actor for the role in the new series, next was a man who studied with Bruce - and the role went to him. Then he was given a new role, and then walked for the sake of American actor. Bruce Lee lived through - it seemed to him that the film career is not built up, but when he came to Hong Kong compatriots were ready to carry him on hands. It turned out that the house he enjoys wildly popular - in the hometown of Lee Jan Fan is back in the halo of the American movie star, while the warrior, exceeding the "white devils".

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  • Roman for Bruce Lee
  • To the best martial artist of all time. "You always go through the dragon. Reached the pinnacle of excellence. But the fate of genius severity of their short life times."
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