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Vladimir Mashkov

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Biography Vladimir Mashkov
Vladimir Mashkov (Vladimir Mashkov).
Vladimir Mashkov was born in 1963 in Tula. His father was an actor of puppet theater, and his mother, an Italian by descent, worked as a director in the same theater.

In mid-1960 the family moved to Mashkov Novokuznetsk, in the late 1970's - to Novosibirsk, where Vladimir Mashkov entered the Faculty of Biology University. But a year later he enrolled in drama school Novosibirsk. The nature of the student was not easy, but if you mention that in his youth he was not an angel, but rather, not surprising that in 1984, Vladimir Mashkov was expelled from school for fighting. However Mashkov not resigned and went to Moscow, where he entered the Moscow Art Theater School, the workshop Tarkhanova. And there Vladimir Mashkov also kicked out for too stubborn temper, and he found himself in the role of decorator of Art Theater.

Vladimir Mashkov soon became engaged at About. P. Tabakov, and after playing in the theater, which he led. Vladimir Mashkov debut in film was held in 1989 in the film 'Green light goats' and early 1990's he starred in the films of Andrei Malyukova' to do again! " and 'Love on the island of death'

. Star was for Vladimir Mashkov 1994, . when he starred in films by young Russian directors, . signifying a new phase of national cinema: a 'Limite' Denis Evstigneev and 'Moscow Nights' Valery Todorovsky, after he clearly played a Karen Shakhnazarov in the drama 'American daughter',
. Vladimir Mashkov at the same time made and as a theater director, putting on a theater stage, Oleg Tabakov's studio productions 'Passion Bumbarash' and 'Death Magnet'. They were soon followed by production in the theater 'Satyricon' 'Threepenny Opera'.

One of the most important works of Vladimir Mashkov was п?пЎп?я?пҐп° role in advancing on the 'Oscar' picture of Paul Chukhrai 'Thief', which was released on screens in 1997.

Vladimir Mashkov recently been very active in film, he starred in the most brilliant Russian films - from Roman Balayan in the film 'two moons, three of the sun', in Denis Evstigneev in 'Mame', Alexander Proshkin in 'Russian riot'. In the last scene Vladimir Mashkov played Pugachev. In 1997, Vladimir Mashkov put 'New Year' film 'Orphan of Kazan', in which the starring Elena Shevchenko, Oleg Tabakov, Lev Durov, Valentin Gaft, Nikolai Fomenko.

Well-known people in the world of national cinema and theater Vladimir Mashkov was in demand by Hollywood as an actor. In recent years Mashkov much time in the United States, acting in Hollywood films.

In the painting "Dancing in the Blue Iguana" (DANCING AT THE BLUE IGUANA - 2002) Vladimir Mashkov starred with Daryl Hannah. In "American Rhapsody" (AMERICAN RHAPSODY - 2000) - with Nastassja Kinski.

Currently Vladimir Mashkov in several paintings in a fairly major roles in Hollywood.

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  • The girl asked her friend gloomily: - Maybe, . we face peel each other? silently nodded her head friend and a chair with a sweep of her slammed. Sandy fell, . drygnula feet. And what happened, . think of themselves ... We do not have to think - we will not continue. Let's go to "Papa" Mvshkova watch.,
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  • Who translated this? Did you study English in Soviet high school?
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  • Brilliant actor, gorgeous man. Best wishes.
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