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Sean Connery

( Actor)

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Biography Sean Connery
photo Sean Connery
Sean Connery (Sean Connery). Real name: Thomas. Born 25/8/1930 in Edinburgh (Scotland). Sean Connery, the son of a driver and a housewife, went to his profession through a very tortuous. Left school at 15 years, he served in the Navy, where he became a champion boxer, and then managed to get a bricklayer, bodyguard, chauffeur, varnishes coffins, male model.
. Sean Connery made his debut on the provincial scene in 1951, after which for several years played a variety of roles in repertory theater
. Film debut - 1956. in the movie "No turning back". But only with the appearance on the screen of the first tape "Bond series -" Dr. No "(1962), where he appeared as a" secret agent 007 in the service of Her Majesty, "Sean Connery has become known around the world.
. Ian Fleming's novels first appeared in the early 50-ies, but only ten years later, the producers Saltzman and Broccoli interested in them
. Among the candidates for the main role was supposed David Niven, James Stewart, James Mason, Richard Burton. Selecting still fell on Connery. Apart from the need to reduce the budget picture, . taking the less known and therefore not as "expensive" actor, . solution producers identified and dignity of the future artist: softness and proportionality of movements, . usually rare in people of such high growth, . masculine, with some of its smoothness, . Scotch, . as he led the character of the stereotypes of the British social dyed the dialects, . but at the same time keep the overall "British sounding",
. This principle of "uncertain certainty" was due primarily to kinopersone Bond. As an English gentleman, hero, Sean Connery at the same time belongs to all. He was not impose itself on the viewer and the viewer is deducted from it something of their own. His energetic and strong-willed person who never expresses strong emotions, the hero dispassionate, and therefore equally suited to all situations: the seduction of the lady next to the imminent death. This ostranennost, on the one hand, give rise to speak about the sadism, "the agent with a license to kill," although it rather in the depersonalization of Bond, which makes it a pure function of the improbable, illogical plot, like the hero of a fairy tale. On the other hand, ostranennost makes the film an element of free play, verging on parody. With the advent of each regular pattern of these trends are worsening. In the design of the increasing importance of stylization, . technical espionage devices are becoming regular comic device, . there are frankly grotesque opponents hero, . like robots or fairy monsters, . connection determination and stolidity in the guise of the James Bond parody exaggerates to play on the stereotype.,
. Sean Connery is one of the most popular actors of the decade, . played from 1962 to 1971 in six "James Bond" films ( "From Russia with Love", . 1963; Goldfinger, . 1964; "Thunderball", . 1965, "You Only Live Twice", . 1967; "Diamonds Are Forever", . 1971), . while, . Finally, . with disgust has not renounced this role,
. At the same time he was shot by directors like Hitchcock, Lumet, Burma, Houston. However, "the James Bond myth" in many ways defined the actor's perception of the viewer and in other roles, whether the similarity or contrast. In "Marnie" (1965) A. Hitchcock used his ostranennuyu chilly, but the myth-dystopian D. Burma "Zardoz" (1974), on the contrary, the main characteristics of "destroyer" are external accessories of sensuality in the form of semi-naked hairy body.
Over time, Connery smoothly changes its screen image. Postarev and pogruznev, his characters are now in a certain fatigue strength, like the Moroccan sheik Rayzuli ( "Wind and the Lion", 1975) or Robin Hood ( "Robin and Marion" P. Lester, 1976). These forces are often tired carriers "insulated", . on a plot they are given some "fatherly", . "teacher" and the general protective role, . not devoid, . however, . kind of humor ( "Highlander", . 1986; "Name of the Rose ', . 1986; The Untouchables, . 1987; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ", . 1989).,
. In this new incarnation of its Connery again met with Bond in the new version of his old movie "Thunderball", published under the significant to the actor himself as "Never say" never "(1983)
. The fact that the "new" Connery received the same recognition as the "old", and not merely sensational, when "Dr. No" was called "the best bad movie of the year", says the Academy Award for a secondary role in the "Untouchables" B. De Palma, where he plays an elderly policeman Malone, senior friend of a young fighter with the Chicago mob, in the role of which was made by Kevin Costner.
. Sean Connery, emboldened by their own financial success, tried in the early 70-ies do prodyuserstvom, but without much result
. In those same years, broke up his marriage to actress Diane Cilento. His son Jason also became an actor. Second wife - Micheline Connery - entirely devoted herself to her husband.

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Sean Connery, photo, biography
Sean Connery, photo, biography Sean Connery  Actor, photo, biography
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