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Greta Garbo

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Greta Garbo (Greta Garbo). Real name: Gustafson.
Greta Garbo was born in Stockholm on 18.9.1905, died 15.4.1990 in New York. In 1922-1924. studied at the Royal Stockholm School of Drama Drama.
Greta Garbo - one of the most romantic and enigmatic figures in both world cinema. This northern woman with classic features and a shy nature of the exclusion that was amazing on-screen power of his passion, has become the very symbol of femininity that men can not understand
. Starring in three European scenes ( 'Rogue Peter', . 1922; 'Saga Yeste Berlings', . 1924; 'joyless lane', . 1925), . which played the role of naive young women, . first encounter with the realities of life, . She, along with the director the second of them - Maurice Stiller - at the invitation of the firm 'MGM' came in 1925 in Hollywood,
The first two pictures of Greta Garbo here were taken from novels popular at the time Blasco Ibц║ц╠ez. This - a sentimental melodrama in which the actress played the role of 'femmes fatales' ( 'Stream', 1926 and 'temptress', 1926). Americans liked the cool, shy, enlivened only during the filming of beautiful stranger, and the firm concluded with Greta Garbo five-year contract, after which the movies with her participation began to emerge one after another. 'Flesh and the Devil' (1927), where she was partnered by John Gilbert, who played a big role in her personal life, 'Love' (1927) - freestyle filming 'Anna Karenina', 'divine woman' (1928) - the great Sarah Bernard and others. Greta Garbo in all of these tapes played, essentially, the same role - a loving and suffering of a woman who fights for his feelings, regardless of the reigning social conventions.
Unlike other 'fatal' female American cinema, playing Garbo are rich in dramatic shades, deep psychological and moving sincerity. Scenes of movies for the most part were very commonplace, but it generates images of the actress was almost tragic heights.
The onset of the sound period was a turning point in the work of Greta Garbo. Attendance concerned by the question: what will happen when 'the mysterious Sphinx' talk? However, the sound debut actress in the film 'Anna Christie' (on the play by Yu. 0'Nila) was safely. In a hurry to use the success of, . Firm 'MGM' forced Garbo to play in a long line of melodramas: 'Roman' (1930), . 'Inspiration' (1931), . 'Susan Lenox: her fall and rise' (1931), . 'Mata Hari' (1931), . 'Grand Hotel' (1932), . 'What do you want me' (1932) ..,
. From the film in a film actress was assigned the role of seductress. She was tired of them, she wanted to put into a film full of drama classic images: Joan of Arc, Hedda Gabler, Masha in 'Three Sisters'. Completion in 1932. Garbo contract with the company 'MGM' gave her a certain freedom of action. Greta Garbo in the mid 30's managed to play three interest to her role: Queen Christina, Anna Karenina and Marguerite Gautier.
The first of them in the eponymous film Rouben Mamoulian (1933) took on his young shoulders the heavy load of running the country. State's business, she does not believe in the existence of love. And only a meeting with the Spanish Ambassador (John Gilbert) allows her to know that great feeling. Skilful display of awakening women gamut of her emotions, the suffering of the man who lost only to those who need it in life - that's what attracted visitors in the game actress.
In 1935. Greta Garbo returned to the image of Anna Karenina in the film of the same name. Externally, it is unlike the heroine of Tolstoy, on the one that arises in our mind after the description of its appearance in the novel. But the inner tragic conflict passed it very expressive.
The last major role Garbo became Marguerite Gautier in 'Camille' (in our hire - 'Lady of the Camellias "), set in
1936. George Cukor. This - the screen's famous play by Alexandre Dumas fils, who has long served as a test of talent of many major dramatic actresses such as Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse, and others. After the film's critics noted that Garbo was worthy of the great predecessors.
When trying to expand his acting capabilities, Greta Garbo starred in the comedy "Ninotchka" (1938), but was not successful. The audience did not want to take their idol in this unusual way. After the failure of his last film 'two-faced woman' (1941) actress ever left the cinema. In 1954, Mr.. she received a special award 'Oscar' - for his contribution to cinema.
Half a century of lonely Garbo lived in New York, avoiding reporters and went out only in dark glasses covering the face. All proposals to revert to the screen, she rejected. Despite the fact that the work of this actress has written dozens of books, it remains 'mysterious Garbo' - and this even more enticing.

Filmography: 'mysterious lady', 1928; 'bad woman', 1929, 'Wild Orchids', 1929 'One measure', 1929, 'Kiss', 1929; 'patterned cover', 1934; 'Maria Valevskaya', 1937.

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Greta Garbo, photo, biography
Greta Garbo, photo, biography Greta Garbo  Actress, photo, biography
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