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Drew Barrymore

( Actress)

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Biography Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore).
Full name: Andrew Blaise. Born February 22, 1975, Mr.. in Los Angeles.
Blond sex bomb with brown eyes and a child's young face is a bit like Marilyn Monroe, which sometimes tries to emulate, such as in a small role in "Batman forever '(1995). Habit is to shock the audience Drew Barrymore is the inevitable association with another blonde - Madonna.
Drew Barrymore comes from a theatrical dynasty. Her great-grandfather - the famous actor John Barrymore, among the ancestors - Maurice, Lionel and Ethel Barrymore. Her own career began with great energy. Drew Barrymore starred in commercials when she was not yet a year, in 1982. sister played the main character in 'I.T. ET '(incidentally, Steven Spielberg - her godfather). This was followed by several less successful in comparison with the 'alien', . but quite significant roles, . as, . example, . endowed with supernatural abilities and a girl in the picture 'Firestarter', or work in 'irreconcilable contradictions', . for which she was nominated for 'Golden Globe',
. Have not yet reached adulthood, Drew Barrymore became the idol of America. Apparently lightning transformation from an ordinary child into a superstar is not passed in vain for Drew.
. She begins to attract attention not so much as an actress, but as a source of dirty sensations: alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide attempt, treatment in a psychiatric clinic
. Dropped out of school, Drew Barrymore in 15 years went from a mother (his father left the family before her birth), and then sued and won the right to conduct their affairs independently, just like in 'irreconcilable contradictions'. A year later, wrote and published an autobiography, 'The lost little girl', but in 17 years has posed nude for Playboy.
. All this time, Barrymore continued to withdraw, but in serious films to her place was not - the result of the scandalous behavior on the set, quarrels with directors, arrests for drug possession
. Drew Barrymore may well have to wait for the fate of many actors, children who are grown up, lose all charm, but in the early 90's, Mr.. Drew on the wave of questionable reputation and the scandalous back in the cinema.
Turning point was the movie 'Poison Ivy', where she played a girl, procuring his father's best friend. This girl from a poor family. She introduces her classmate in the world of drunkenness and debauchery.
The child-actor is very difficult to switch to adult roles. Drew Barrymore also solved this problem in its own way - change Role played sexy villain, all drew attention to her wiles, and not age.
The image of young amoral seductress long entrenched for actress. One of the most vile nymphets she played in the television movie 'The history of Amy Fisher' (1993), . supplied by real events: the underage girl, . nicknamed 'Lolita in Manhattan', . engaged in oral sex with the father of her boyfriend, . and then shot his wife.,
. In 'Crazy Love' (1995), she - crazy girl, procuring respectable young man
. And here the past has come to the aid of an actress, because she herself had spent some time in a mental hospital (which may boast, not all performers).
For now 'Guncrazy' (1992), she awarded the 'Golden Globe'. Unlike the other girls in the class, Anita begins to correspond with prisoners convicted of murder. After his release begins movement to the inevitable tragic end. Anita in the treatment Barrymore - teenager starving for love: her mother left, she lives with her ex-lover. She would have gone for anyone who would show her kindness. And this is nothing more than a coincidence that this place was a criminal. Murderers, maniacs, psychopaths - these are the heroes of many pictures with Drew Barrymore. In 'My second, I' killer - she herself, in the 'Creek' weights Craven she - the victim of a maniac.
Yet with the return of the movies scandals did not end. In 1994. 19-year-old Drew Barrymore married the owner of the club, which was a half times older than her, and only after 6 weeks of divorced. (Later she found a long-awaited stability in relations with guitarist Eric Erlandsonom.) In 1995, Mr.. on a television show, David Letterman, she undressed in front of a live television camera, the truth so that her breasts were visible only lead. As if not enough for her to pose nude for photos on the covers of magazines, she repeatedly improvised passages exhibitionism in various New York clubs. Drew Barrymore does not see the nakedness is nothing to be ashamed and considers himself just completely free of prejudice.
But despite all these tricks, Drew Barrymore has proved that he knew how to play nice. The first film after a break Group 'A' was unfortunate 'female' western 'Bad Girls' (1994), . which the most interesting - not so much a game, . many scenes of, . in which Drew Barrymore, . example, . dashing jumps from the back of horse on the roof of the wagon.,
. Since 1995, Mr.
. followed by the picture, where it is removed from stars such as Whoopi Goldberg, Goldie Hawn, Val Kilmer at the famous film directors Woody Allen, Joel Schumacher. In 'guy poboku' she plays a very energetic cheerful girl, who, leaving his lover, drug addict, embarks on a journey together with two friends. According to the actress, is one of her best works, where she was able to fully transformed into his heroine, in many respects similar to it. In Woody Allen film 'Everybody says I love you' it first, and not without success, tried her hand at a musical, though it only from the entire stellar composition had to duplicate - to sing Drew Barrymore does not know how.

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Drew Barrymore, photo, biography
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