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Marlene Dietrich

( Actress)

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Biography Marlene Dietrich
photo Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich (Dietrich, Marlene). Real name: Maria Magdalene von Losch.
Marlene Dietrich was born on 27.12.1901 in Berlin in the family of Prussian officer and daughter of a wealthy jeweler. Died 6/5/1992 in Paris.
As a child she studied violin, but due to illness, the brush had to forget about the musical career. In 1920, adopting the pseudonym Marlene Dietrich, made in the revue 'Girl Tilshera', a year later began attending school-studio of Max Reinhardt. On the movie set Dietrich came to earn some money, but gradually work in the movie captivated her. However, personal successes debutants were very modest, while in 1930. American director Josef von Sternberg is not instructed her role in the film 'Blue Angel'. This 18-second (!) On account of creative film biography of the actress and became, in essence, the beginning of her long and successful activity on the screen. The spectators went to the cinema to enjoy the art of their favorite Emil Jannings, and came out sharp spectacle of the subjugated, the soul of which was a little-known actress with a very free manner and low voice concern. Sternberg showed a film in Hollywood, and soon Dietrich received an invitation from kinofirmy 'Paramount', whose owners had tried to make of this new German women Greta Garbo.
Before release Marlene Dietrich on the set, American experts have made a major adjustment of its appearance. The new face of the actress appeared in the film 'Morocco' (1930), impressed all who knew her before. Carefully packed in a wave of platinum hair, thin semicircles vzmetnuvshihsya up eyebrows, gleaming eyes shine, sunken cheeks, gave the person Dietrich expression sorrowful and mysterious surprise. In this new guise of an actress was difficult to see the old German girl plump. While in Hollywood, Marlene Dietrich continued to create images pevichek, . Fallen women, . they were fashioned from the other - more subtle and delicate matter, . introducing a new variation on the theme of mysterious femme fatale, . suffering from love and made to suffer other,
. The American public appreciated the new star. Marlene Dietrich for her role in 'Morocco' was nominated for the award 'Oscar'. His best films in Hollywood ( 'disgraced', 1931; 'Blond Venus', 1932, 'Shanghai Express', 1932, 'Song of Songs', 1933; 'Devil - is a woman', 1935) established under the leadership of Dietrich Sternberg. Their collaboration lasted until 1935, when because of disagreements with the leadership Sternberg was forced to leave the 'Paramount'. But the further career of Marlene continued to target them to the path, and only in the comedy 'Angel' (1937) and western, 'Destry back in the saddle' (1939), the actress managed to escape from the traditional image.
Marlene Dietrich in the late 30's - early 40-ies became one of the highly-paid stars of world cinema, role model for thousands of women. They tried to copy her hairstyle, makeup, jewelry, wore a trouser suit, which with such elegance was of the most elegant woman in Hollywood. Echoes of the glory and came to the borders of Germany. In 1937, Mr.. Marlene Dietrich received an invitation from Joseph Goebbels to return home and take the throne of 'Queen of the German film industry', but responded negatively, and in 1939. adopted American citizen. When the Second World War, Marlene in the company of artists flew out to Europe. She has performed on all fronts, where the Americans fought. For which he received the U.S. Medal of Freedom, the French Order of "Legion of Honor 'and' Officer of Legion of Honor '. Marlene Dietrich in 1947. returned to America. Now she frequently battered secondary, and even occasional role. However, during this period of creativity, she has created two images, without which the idea of the strength of her dramatic talent, would be incomplete. In the film 'Witness for the Prosecution' (1957) Dietrich impressively demonstrated on-screen drama, a woman who saved her husband from prison and find out what they mean deceived. In the 'Nuremberg' (1961) she played the widow of a fascist general, never accept defeat suffered by Germany. The actress did not spare his heroine, exposing fanaticism and commitment to Nazi ideology, carefully hidden for a refined and elegant manners shell.
Participation in the troupe of artists contributed to the development of the front of her talent singer. Variety career Marlene Dietrich began in 1953. in cabaret in Las Vegas. The backbone of the repertoire were songs from the film 'Blue Angel', 'Morocco', 'Devil - is a woman', 'Lili Marlene', as well as contemporary hits 'Where have those flowers', 'A knows only the wind', etc.. With his show Marlene traveled all continents and everywhere was accompanied by a resounding success. In 1964 she traveled in our country.
In 1972. while touring in Australia, Dietrich faltered the cable and fell and broke her leg. The accident actress chained to a wheelchair, that did not stop her in 1978. withdraw in the film 'Beautiful Gigolo - gigolo poor'. In 1983. name of the actress once again attracted the attention of the audience, when the screens went full-length documentary 'Marlene', set M. Shell,. Dietrich is the author of the book was reprinted memoirs: "Only my life '(1978), the Russian translation of' Reflections' (1985), as well as the 'ABC of Marlene Dietrich' (1962) and 'Marlene Dietrich Marlene Dietrich on' (1984). In 1992. daughter of actress Maria Riva has published a book about his mother, which spoke of her many novels, not only men but also women. Fifty years Dietrich was
married Rudolf Sieber, but lived separately from him, preferring to regard with famous contemporaries.

Filmography Marlene Dietrich: 'Little Napoleon', 1923; 'man in the way', 1923; 'The tragedy of love', 1923; 'Leap into Life'. 1924; 'Above head, . Charlie ', . 1926; 'Madam does not want children', . 1926; 'Manon Lescaut', . 1926; 'Cafe' Electric ', . 1927; 'Dubarry today', . 1927; 'big sell', . 1927; 'Lzhebaron', . 1927; 'Princess Olala', . 1928; 'I kiss your hand?, . Madame ', . 1929; 'Woman, . which grieve ', . 1929; 'Ship of Lost Souls', . 1929; 'Vicissitudes of marriage', . 1930; 'Bloody Empress', . 1934; 'Desire', . 1936; 'Garden of Allah', . 1936; 'Knight baresark', . 1937; 'Seven Sinners', . 1940 'New Orleans flame', . 1940; 'male power', . 1940; 'That's what the lady', . 1942; 'Gold Diggers', . 1942; 'Pittsburgh', . 1942; 'Follow the boys', . 1944; 'Kismet', . 1944; 'Martin Ruma-Nyakyi', . 1946; 'Golden Earring', . 1947; 'Case of a foreign power', . 1948; 'puzzle', . 1949, 'Stage Fright', . 1950; 'No Highway in the sky', . 1951; 'ranch with a bad reputation', . 1952; 'Monte Carlo', . 1956; 'Around the World in 80 Days', . 1956; 'Touch of Evil', . 1957; 'red-hot Paris', . 1964.,

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