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Bruno Pelletier

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Biography Bruno Pelletier
photo Bruno Pelletier
Bruno Pelletier was born on August 7, 1962 in Sharlburge, a small town Canadian province of Quebec.

When Bruno was seven years old, his father noticed that the boy loves music, and gave him a guitar. The boy not only started playing the guitar and drums, but was himself composing melodies.

In college, Bruno six times change their majors, trying to find something to do for the soul. Including, . next few years, the singer gave the work with children: first in the children's room in a large supermarket, . and then to open his own karate school (Bruno fascination started karate after watching his movies with Bruce Lee, he has achieved in this martial art a considerable success and even boasts a black belt),
. In addition, Bruno
participated in theatrical productions and dance competitions.

At the age of twenty-three years, Bruno moved from his hometown of Montreal and began performing in local bars. Because impregnated tobacco smoke air these establishments Bruno almost lost his voice. To recover, he was forced for a time not only to refrain from singing, but even from the conversations that it was not easy for a garrulous young. Then he had to do a course of singing, to restore the voice.

At that time, Bruno could be seen in such television programs as "Beau et Chaud" and "Ad Lib". In 1989, he participated in the contest Rock Envol; singer was awarded a special prize for the quality of speech. Also, Bruno was shot in the advertisements of such famous brands as Culinar, Pepsi, O'Keefe.
. In 1991, Bruno played a role in the musical "top view" ( "Vue d'en haut"), which was shown in the International Festival Montgolfier in the town of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu (Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu)
. The authors of this musical were Robitay Jean (Jean Robitaille) and Pier Ode (Pierre Audet).

In 1992 the singer joined the troupe of "Fous de rock'n'roll" ( "Mad Men rock 'n' roll") and participated in more than forty productions. Also in 1992, Bruno released his first solo album titled "Bruno Pelletier". This was the first attempt to assert themselves as songwriters, composers and performers. Many of the songs from that album became popular. Arrangement "Tu pars" ( "You're going") reached number one on the charts Radio-Activite. However, the album did not sold very well, and Bruno barely managed to sell 10 000 copies of the album.

In November 1992, Bruno joined the cast of "La legende de Jimmy" ( "The Legend of Jimmy"), sponsored by Luc Plamondon (Luc Plamondon) and Michel Berger (Michel Berger). It Plamondon, struck vocal abilities Peltier, invited him into the company. In Quebec the way this musical Bruno appeared on stage with artists such as Nanet Vorkman (Nanette Workman), Yves Jacques (Yves Jacques), Duphot Luce (Luce Dufault, which they quickly became friends). Bruno went to the main role - the role of "teenager" Jimmy, which he performed some fifty times.
. In 1993, Luc Plamondon, listened to during the preparation of a new version of the musical "Starmania" ( "Starmania") more than a hundred singers, once again chose Bruno
. In the role of Johnny Roquefort, gang members of "Black Star", Bruno served longer in Quebec and in France. It was expected that Bruno will stay in the company about three months, but the singer sang this role with such brilliance that the contract was extended. Total Bruno played Johnny Roquefort about five hundred times. His performance of the song "SOS. d'un terrien en detresse "(" S.O.S. desperate earthling ") is simply overshadowed the-ing an original version performed by Daniel Balavuana.

Bruno spent in Paris two years, which were rich in both life and stage experience. During this period he prepared his second solo album "Defaire l'amour" ( "Destroy Love").

In creating the disc "Defaire l'amour" participated Mario HLbert, Luc Plamondon, Richard Kochchante Bruno himself (as author, composer and arranger). This album was a great success, . than the first - he sold 30 000 copies, . lyrics "Ailleurs c'est comme ici" ( "There just, . as here ") and" En manque de toi "(" Miss You ") is often heard in radio, . but the criticism did not pay attention to the singer's new job,
. Bruno was overwhelmed by this failure, but friends made every effort to cheer him.
. In summer 1994, Bruno was invited to take part in the festival "FrancoFolies", held in the city of La Rochelle (France), where, at an evening dedicated to Luc Plamondon, he performed several songs on the poetry of this famous librettist.
. Upon his return to Quebec, Bruno made many appearances on television, and performed the top ten songs at the Gala de l'ADISQ 1995 and took part in a benefit concert in the summer of 1996 Saguenay
. During this presentation, held at the center of Molson, "Bruno caused a storm of applause for his execution song Bono (Bono) and Zucchero (Zucchero)" Miserere ", dedicated to Pavarotti and already known in the performance of Andrea Bocelli. The next day the press was full of rave reviews: the general view was that Bruno has finally found its way ... the opera.

At record stores a barrage of calls from members wishing to write this song. During this year in Quebec, Bruno gave more than sixty-five concerts.
. 1997 has proved even more fruitful: Bruno took part in many concerts with symphony orchestras, summer festivals and a series of concerts in the Casino de Montreal
. Autumn this year has become one of the most important periods in his career, tk. Bruno Pelletier's third album, which included all liked the song "Miserere", sold 250 000 copies. The song "Aime" ( "Love") was held at the first position of the hit parade Le Palmares ten weeks in a row. Moreover, Bruno Felix won the prize in the nomination "Performer of the Year" at the Gala de l'ADISQ. At the same time, Bruno appeared in pobivshem viewing all records of popularity in Quebec television series "Omerta-2, in which he played the role of Michel Berzhevena. From January to August 1998, Bruno has given more than a hundred concerts in Quebec in the tour, "Miserere".

At this time he received an offer from longtime friend - Luc Plamondon - take part in the new musical "Notre-Dame De Paris" ( "Notre Dame"). Initially, Bruno was forced to abandon, tk. it interfered with his tour. After repeated requests Plamondon, Bruno flew to Paris, where he played the role of the poet Gringoire until January 30, 1999. As Bruno said, it was not so simple: Grenguar Hugo's novel is far from being the main character, and on how to embody this character on stage, it was necessary to reflect. In the end, Bruno moved that role in the new plane, making Gringoire "somewhere between Jim Morrison and Charles Baudelaire."
. Once the contract period has ended, Bruno returned to Quebec to continue the tour, "Miserere" in February and March 1999
. "Notre-Dame de Paris" ( "Notre Dame de Paris") was presented to Quebec public from March to June 1999. Emboldened by success of musicals, Bruno concurrently working on a album for Quebec and French markets, which was released in autumn 1999 and was called "D'autres rives" ( "Other Shores").
. In late April 2000, Pelletier made a break in the tour, "Other Shores" and then put on a suit the poet's Parisian streets, this time - to play this role in the language of Shakespeare in the London production of "Notre-Dame de Paris"

Along with other stars of QuLbec - members of the troupe "Notre-Dame de Paris" Bruno took part in the Millennium Concert in Montreal on the night of 31 December 1999, January 1, 2000. The concert was conceived as a benefit Celine Dion, who wanted to take a break in their careers to devote time to his unborn child
. In mid-November 2000, Bruno Pelletier, along with Claude Rousseau and Ghislain Mercier founded for young talents, start out in music, which was named "Productions de Champlain".
. In March 2001, Bruno issued a scenic album, many songs from which were not included in any of his previous solo albums
. Album entitled "Sur Scene" ( "On stage") consists of two discs, one of whom is a regular audio-CD, while the other contains the location of concerts and other video clips in digital format.
. June 12, 2001 Bruno Pelletier signed a contract with a music company EASTWEST FRANCE, a branch of AOL / Time-WARNER
. This Bruno Pelletier was able to produce their own discs as in France and in Canada.
. Bruno is the official representative of the Canadian Association "Reves d'enfants" ( "Dreams of Children"), which helps implement the dreams of seriously ill children and provides material assistance to their families.
. Bruno Pelletier in a nutshell:
. Child: son Thierry.
. Family: Lieto's mother, father, Laurent
. There is a younger sister, Dominique.
Has a black belt in karate, who worked from 12 to 25 years.
In karate fond of hockey, basketball and swimming to canoeing. At the present time is very fond of mountaineering.
. He hates useless chatter on the phone.
. Phobia: insects.
. The injustice in all its manifestations, hypocrisy, intolerance and people who do not keep their word, removes it from themselves.
. The sensitivity, sincerity and ability to listen to others - his main quality.
. His philosophy: to be honest, to have their own opinions and listen to others.
. Likes dogs (a golden retriever lives Bruno nicknamed Camilla)
. cinema, travel, and motorcycles.
. He likes to cook, prefers vegetarian food.
. Bruno admits that his passion - is the fault
. He even has its own wine cellar.

Favorite clothing style: "Jeans".

Favorite scent: Vetiver by Guerlain

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  • Paul for Bruno Pelletier
  • This guy has an amazing voice! I stumbled on him on youtube on a video called Twitter me some Love by Marcome who had him to sing this song with her. Great voices, very good duet!
  • Zuzana Ondru?kov for Bruno Pelletier
  • Bruno m ndhernou barvu hlasu, kter pohlad po du?i.
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