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Daniel Lavoie

( Actor)

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Biography Daniel Lavoie
photo Daniel Lavoie
Date of Birth: March 17, 1949
. Place of Birth: Dyunrea, Canada
. Nationality: Canadian
. Profession: Author and performer
. Languages: English, French
. Canadian-born Daniel Lavoie (which, incidentally, to 20 years old name was Gerald), was born March 17, 1949 in the town Dyunrea in Manitoba, which is located in the English part of Canada
. Very soon he begins to learn to play piano at the age of 14 years, is leaving to study at the Jesuit college at Saint-Boniface - French-speaking province's capital. At one time, Daniel without much interest to practice medicine, but 60-e - this time the flowering of English-language rock, and gradually he realizes that his path in life is connected with music and pop stars. The victory in 1967 at the contest "Jeunesse oblige" he says in this decision. However, the solo career is still ahead, and while he sings in groups "Spectre" and "Dieu de l'amour vous aime".

In 1970, Daniel moved to Quebec. There he played and sang in bars and cafes. His first recordings 1973-74 period remained almost unnoticed in Quebec, even though the song from the debut album "A court terme" "J'ai quitte mon ile" was a success in France, as well as in Brazil and Portugal under the name "Deixei mihaterra". After a brief tour of the province Daniel wrote the second album "Berceuse pour un lion", which brought him some notoriety in Quebec. But the real popularity came after the release of the album "Nirvana bleu", song "Angeline" and "Danse du smatte", songs with which he did on the radio not only in Canada but also in France.

In 1980, Daniel received the first of a long list of awards - Felix, the best performer. A year later, he repeated his success, backed by English album "Craving" and "Aigre-doux, how are you?" French. After a series of concerts in France, Canada, Switzerland and Belgium, followed by 15 months of silence and hard work, culminating in becoming the album "Tension Attention", perhaps the most successful career Lavoie. This album brings him in 1984, three of Felix, including for best song of the year, and, interestingly, not for "Ils s'aiment", but for "Tension Attention".

However, it is "Ils s'aiment" becomes the most famous and most beloved public song Lavoie, as an eloquent tribute to more than 2 million record sales. The song was translated into Spanish, Portuguese and English. Daniel himself said that this is not pessimistic "song-catastrophe" that, in general, can be understood from the text. Written in collaboration with Daniel Dash, she tells us that the adult world takes away from young children and their dreams and illusions, and that despite everything that is necessary to maintain confidence in the future and the ability to love.

In 1985, he first gets the prize Victoires in France for best francophone album of the year. In 1986 there album "Sea" ( "Vue sur la mer"), included, waiting for the number of songs that became hits at once. Among them - "Je voudrais voir New York", in which Louvois received in 1987 for the second time in his career Victoires prize for best French-language album and a Felix the best Canadian artist, best represented outside of Quebec.

Autumn of five concerts in Paris at the Olympia Stadium and a tour of 21 cities in Europe are a great success. Daniel never sits idle, he is constantly involved in any artistic projects. Thus, in early 1988, he serves on the TV show with Liza Minelli singing "Never Been To New York" and "Whom Do You Love?" from the album "Tips". Being a busy man, Daniel, however, never refuses to participate in charitable programs. In November 2000, in an interview Telestar he said: "Du moment que je peux alleger quelques souffrances, je suis present, ce n'est pas un effort" (As soon as I can ease someone's suffering, I am ready, it's not difficult to I). So, . in 1985 he participated in the project "Les yeux de la faim" in support of hungry Ethiopians, . in 1988, along with Sting, . Bruce Springsteen and Peter Gabriel takes part in the concert, . dedicated to the protection of human rights, . held at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal,
In addition, he has actively participated in the activities of Canadian organizations to combat illiteracy (federation canadienne pour l'alphabetisation en francais (FCAF)). This nonprofit organization aims to not only fight against illiteracy, but also the union of separate regional groups and organizations involved in education. "I'm for that all could read and write, for that all have equal opportunities to learn. When you are in favor of something, you should make every effort to implement their ideas, says Daniel.

In his home province in 1995 a school was opened under the name "Jours de plaines" on behalf of the songs Lavoie, written for the eponymous film. Daniel's wife, Louise Dyubuk, wrote for the organization's book entitled "L'estime de soi" about the life of illiterate people. In addition, he is the official representative, a "mouthpiece" fund, conducting research in the field of child diabetes.

In 1990 comes another very successful album "Long courier", songs from which "Qui sait?", "Jours de plaine", "Long courier" are hits. In the same year he gets another Felix for best pop-rock album of the year, and the Francofolies festival held a concert for Daniel Lavoie, arranged in his honor.

Daniel Lavoie never rests on his laurels. Thus, in 1991, he tried himself in the film, playing in the movie "Le fabuleux voyage de l'ange". But Daniel is not only act in films, he also wrote music for films. At the same time he leaves at the time of his solo career, to participate in a rock opera by Luc Plamondon and Catherine Lara "Sand et les romantiques", which performs the role of the artist Eugene Delacroix.

Meanwhile, in 1992 published the third English album Lavoie "Here in the Heart", which was well received in Canada, and in 1994 - the fourth - "Woman To Man". In 1995, there is a long-awaited French-language album, "Here" ( "Ici), then Daniel goes on a tour of the province of Quebec
. Lavoie always looking for new horizons, . and in 1996 the singer is sent to conquer the world of childhood, . releasing the album "Le bebe dragon", . marked by Felix for best children's album, . phenomenal success of which in QuцLbec encourages Lavoie release "Le bebe dragon 2 in 1997,

In 2000, Daniel wrote the music for the animated film "Ludovic, en vacances chez grand papa". (Music to the previous two Louis also written to them). Three consecutive years in the creative plan associated with participation in the rock opera "Notre Dame de Paris", . or, . more, . "Notre Dame de Paris Luc Plamondon and Richard Kosyante, . in which he played the role of the priest Claude Frollo, . tormented passion for the gypsy Esmeralda,
. It is not known immediately whether he realized what a success is waiting for a rock opera, and has agreed to participate in it, or hesitated, but, nevertheless, accepted the invitation Plamondon, whom he had known more for work on "Sand and romance"
. The role of Frollo - not an easy one but himself, Daniel said that the villains are always more interesting to play than positive characters, and initially was attracted by the idea of playing a negative character is that in general, something not characteristic of his good nature
. But Frollo - this is not a complete villain, is suffering from a man who simply can not control his passion for Esmeralda. After the stunning success in France and Canada put a performance in London, and in 2000, Lavoie takes part in an English setting.

Daniel Lavoie - is not only a singer but also a poet and composer. Most of his songs he himself wrote or co-authored with several years of proven authors. In addition, he wrote songs for other artists such as Bruno Pelletier, Natasha St-Pierre, Luce Duphot, Rock Vuazin and other celebrities French-Canadian pop.

2002 opens a new stage in his career Lavoie - starting in October, he plays the role of pilot in the new musical Kosyante Richard "Little Prince" by similar work by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
Regarding privacy, it has been 14 years that Daniel is married to Louise Dyubuk, which is co-author of some of his songs, but also helps him to release album. He has three children: Mathieu - 27 years old, Gabriella - 17 years old and Joseph - 12 years. Lavoie family lives in a country house 50 km from Montreal, where in his free time making music Daniel loves messing about in the garden. In the summer all the vegetables on the table - from his own garden, vegetable garden. This passion, "says Daniel, gave him from his grandfather. If we talk about musical tastes of Daniel, he is very fond of Bach cantatas, of which the most beloved - 142.

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Daniel Lavoie, photo, biography
Daniel Lavoie, photo, biography Daniel Lavoie  Actor, photo, biography
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