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GARAI Pierre

( Actor)

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Biography GARAI Pierre
photo GARAI Pierre
This talented singer's creations are attracted mainly those, . who like the French musical "Notre-Dame de Paris", . which Garou (namely, under such a stage name stands actor) performs a central role - an ugly hunchback Quasimodo,
. But, of course, he is known not only for this. Virtually all solo songs Garou deserve attention because they are performed with such dedication, emotion and skill that would simply be sacrilege to not listen.

Was born as Pierre Garan (as you know, it's the real name of the singer) 26 June 1972 in the Canadian city of Sherbrooke, near Quebec and Montreal. Stage name of the singer has received from his friends, who, seeing his passion for the nightlife, a guy nicknamed "Garou" (the French word "loup-garou" means "werewolf"). When the baby was only three years, the parents gave him a guitar. Two years later he began to learn piano, then organ. Very strange, but in childhood Garou dreamed of becoming an archaeologist, in order to discover something new.

At first Pierre was a model pupil of the Seminary of Sherbrooke, but for 14 years something in him rebelled. Both parents and teachers tried to find common language with him, but to no avail. In 1987, Garou was guitarist of his classmates, which was called "The Windows and Doors" ( "Windows and Doors"), and his first appearance on stage was in the school hall. After graduation, a guy goes to the Canadian army as a trumpeter. In 1992, when he was 20 years old, Pierre left the army and returned to the streets and bars of Sherbrooke, where he sang and played guitar.
. In 1993, to earn a little money, Pierre is taken literally in any job, to the extent that hires vintner
. Almost every night he spends at discos, still speaking with the songs with a guitar and entertain locals. In March of that year a friend invited to a concert singer Garou Luis Alari. During a break, she asked Monsieur Alari give microphone Garu and allow him to sing at least one song ... In short, the bar owner, was so impressed by the performances Garou, that offered him work at his. Since that time he "travels" from one cafe to another with a guitar at the ready and self-composed repertoire, and his name became known in certain circles.

Until 1997, he played in trendy establishments at the time called the "Liquor's Store de Sherbrooke". Its owner, Francis Delazh, offered to organize so-called "Sunday Garou" when he invited other musicians to perform on stage together with the newly discovered artist. There is no doubt that all of us were in awe of these impromptu concerts!

As time passed, Garou perfected his skill. Seen, . he considered, . what, . after all, . and is something he can, . and summer of 1995 he created his own group "The Untouchables" ( "Les Incorruptibles"), . oriented to the music of blues and rhythm and blues, . The group, . addition Garou, . consisted of three musicians - trombonist, . trumpeter and saxophonist,
. It is they, "The Untouchables", accompanied by Garu in his grand tour of 2000 on the output of the first album the singer - "Seul" ( "Alone"), consisting of 14 tracks.
. During one of the speeches of the 1997 Luc Plamondon, the creator of the libretto of the original French version of the musical "Notre-Dame de Paris", said the actor and realized that he had found his Quasimodo
. Soon Garu is brought before the court strictly Plamondon and composer Richard Cocciante, who offered him to fulfill some of the aria from the musical - the famous "Belle" and "Dieu que le monde est injuste" ( "God, how unfair the world"). The next day they told Garou, that he will Quasimodo!

For two years Garou brilliantly played Quasimodo in "Notre-Dame de Paris", moving from Montreal to Paris, from London to Brussels ... In 1999, he received several prestigious awards for his role, including the "World Music Award" for the song "Belle", which, by the way, stays in first place in the French charts for 33 weeks and was recognized as the best song of the fiftieth anniversary. In 2000, Garou, and several stars of French productions, in particular, Daniel Lavoie and Bruno Pelletier, participated in an English setting which has become a very popular musical.

After the great success of "Notre-Dame de Paris" is already well-known public artist Garu gets a lot of different proposals and becomes really famous. In 1998 he took part in recording the album "Ensemble contre le sida" ( "Together against AIDS"), . and sings the song "L'amour existe encore" ( "Love still exists), . written by Plamondon and Cocciante for Celine Dion, . a duet with singer Helene Segara Esmeralda role,

At the very end of 1999, Garou, together with the entire troupe of "Notre-Dame de Paris" took part in the New Year show Celine Dion. At the same time was preparing for her concert, dedicated to saying goodbye to Montreal. Incidentally, one of the best and most beautiful, in my opinion, songs from his repertoire "Sous le vent" ( "In the wind") Garou sang a duet with Celine excellent. Now this song is on the higher steps of the charts in francophone countries.

Now solo career Garou developed quite well. His first album "Seul", mentioned above, sold more than 2 million copies. And thanks to the popularity and success of the musical "Notre-Dame de Paris", which does not allow itself to forget, he is one of the most famous artists in the countries of Francophonie. In 2001, he gave more than eighty concerts in some of these countries, and his album "Seul ... avec vous "went platinum in France and the gold in Quebec. In March 2002, Garu gave a concert at the Paris stadium "Bercy". A spring 2003 will be an outlet for his English language album. I hope that over time Garu will not lose its merry mood and charm, and will continue to delight fans of sincere songs.

NB. Seven of the best, in my opinion, songs from the album Garou "Seul":

1. "Demande au soleil";
2. "Gitan";
3. "Sous le vent";
4. "Je n'attendais que vous";
5. "Seul";
6. "Que l'amour est violent";
7. "Au plaisir de ton corps".

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  • Katerinka for GARAI Pierre
  • I heard voices more fascinating than his, though I listen to many famous ispolnitetley soshozhim timbre. Since Garou no one compares. But his blue eyes reflect the sky)))
  • Katrina for GARAI Pierre
  • Katerinka, right to 100 %.... most Garou!
  • Anonymous for GARAI Pierre
  • ...... for GARAI Pierre
  • I would very much like to hear and see Garan us in Yekaterinburg.
  • Torch for GARAI Pierre
  • Y Garou in March will be a great trip to Russia! Be afraid to miss this event century! Tickets already on sale by the way ! About Garu! We waited for you ! And in Moscow, so do a concert at B1 Maximum, . dancefloor! I am so happy that iduuuuuuuuuuu cheers !,
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    GARAI Pierre, photo, biography
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