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Alexander Lazarev

( Actor)

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Biography Alexander Lazarev
photo Alexander Lazarev
Honored Artist of Russia,
. State Prize Winner.

. Born April 27, 1967 in Moscow into a family of famous actors Alexander Sergeyevich Lazarev and Svetlana Nemolyaeva.
. Already in 1979, played the role of Theodore Lyamina in the play "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" Theater behalf Vl
. Mayakovsky.
In 1984 he entered the Moscow Art Theater School at the rate of Ivan Mikhailovich Tarkhanova. After the first course served in the military command of the Central Red Army Theater. In 1987, Alexander Lazarev back on course to Alexander Alexandrovich Kalyagin. In 1990 he graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School, and in the same year was admitted to the troupe Lenkom. In the 1990-1991 season of the year played a small role in the play "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murety" (Chilean, . Ranger, . The organ-grinder), . sailor in "Juno and Avos", . villager Anatovki in "memorial prayer", . Since 1991, played Claudius in the play "Hamlet" (staged by Gleb Panfilov).,
. Currently, Alexander Lazarev, Jr.
. is the leading actor of theater Lenkom.
Henry VIII in the play "The Royal Game". (Writing is a playwright and composer Grigory Gorin Shandor Kallosh. Opera for dramatic theater in two parts based on the play M. Anderson's "1000 days of Anne Boleyn" is translated in. Voronin. The director, Mark Zakharov, director Yuri Makhaev. Premiered in 1995.)
Actors and performers play two major roles (Henry VIII - Alexander Lazarev and Anne Boleyn - Amalia Mordvinova) were awarded the State Prize of Russia, A. Lazarev A. Mordvinova were marked by theatrical award "Crystal Turandot".
Count Almaviva in the play "Crazy Day or the Marriage of Figaro" (Statement of Mark Zakharov and Yuri Makhayev. Premiered in 1993.)
Marquis de Grieux in the play "The Barbarian and a heretic". (In the novel F.M. Dostoyevsky's "Gambler. By stage version and director Mark Zakharov. Premiered in 1997.)
Villima Mons in the play "Jester Balakirev". (Grigory Gorin "Jester Balakirev" tragi-comedy in the stage version of the theater. Premiered May 14, 2001.)
Writer, he's Orpheus in the play "The Executioner's Lament" (Fantasy in two parts on the themes of Friedrich Dц+rrenmatt and Jean Anuya. Premiered May 31, 2003).
Since 17 March 2005. performs the role of Alexander Menshikov in the play "Jester Balakirev".

He also participated in the musical "Metro" Moscow Operetta Theater as a guest star in the role of director Philip.
In the movie began acting as a schoolboy (TV film "The Mystery of Edwin Drude", "Profession - investigator and diploma painting V. Krupnova" First Love "). Starring for the first time appeared in the film Alexander Belinsky "Provincial Benefit". Famous actor brought home the role (Anatoly) in the movie Vyacheslav Krishtofovich "A friend of the deceased" (1997). He acted in clips producer Tigran Keosayan (Shufutinski song, "Song of friend Igor steep).
. Awards:
. State Prize Laureate (1996, for a theatrical work);
. Winner of the Stanislavsky Theater Award Foundation (1996);
. Theater Award winner "The Seagull" (1997, for participation in the play "The Royal Game", a nomination - "Fatal woman");
. Honored Artist of Russia (1999).
. Theater Award winner "The Seagull" (2003, for participation in the play "Cry of the Executioner", a nomination - "Fatal woman");

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  • +++++ for Alexander Lazarev
  • Thank you for your work. You are a wonderful actor and a very interesting man. Thank you very good luck, happiness and health to you, your wonderful parents and all the dear and close to you people. Sincerely, Alla.
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    Alexander Lazarev, photo, biography
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