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Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)

( Singer / actress)

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Biography Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
photo Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
Singer Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya) was born May 15, 1980 in Moscow in the family of a professional driver and my mother-economist. As a child, Anastasia was fond of sports, playing volleyball, but as soon as appeared in the country 'karaoke', immediately became a fan of this fashionable entertainment, and all their leisure time devoted learning the Russian and foreign hits.
. After trying to learn from a psychologist, linguist, tourism manager, after working an administrator in the casino and interior designer, Slava realized that he could not live without music
. In the spring of 2002 in a karaoke club, where she sang after work, I heard her famous film director Sergei Kalvarskaya He films the video for Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov and others, and offered to work together.
The first is a joint creation of the singer and producer, the video for the song 'I love and hate', became a hit on country music channels, and even later was nominated in several categories at Russia's main music award MTV RMA 2004. Song authorship of the composer Andrei Terrible (he wrote hits for the 'A-Mega', 'brilliant') has not been hurt and the attention of radio stations. Thus began the ascent to the musical glory of one of the most promising actresses of Russia's pop scene. Six months after the start of Slava had his own band, dance group 'First', whose members Sergei Nettle, Vlad Aristov, Andrew and Ola Moternak Keyru accompany a singer at all presentations.
In two years time to thank very much: hundreds of concerts, performances at festivals, top covers of glossy magazines, the debut album 'fellow traveler', which was published in autumn 2004. Invariably end up in the first line of popular hits of Glory 'Fire and Water' and 'fellow traveler', included in her first album. Extreme video in the style of road-movie of the song Victor Drobysh 'fellow traveler' took director Mikhail Khleborodov, known to cooperate with the groups 'Bi-2', 'Masha and the Bears', 'Mumiy Troll'. Music ether exploded - two weeks off track at the top of the charts one rated radio stations and music channels. Bright я-пTп©п¦пT singer so interested clipmaker during the filming of that, a year later, he invited her to the main female role in his first full-length movies 'Section 78' on the plot of the same name sci-fi short story by Ivan Okhlobystin
. Thank performs a central role in the movie girl Lisa (accent on first syllable), combatant commands special purpose - the only woman in the detachment of the 8 super-professionals who will perform a dangerous mission to the secret missile base
. Together with a young actress in the new high budget indie companies 'MB Productions' take part in such famous artists as Gosha Kutsenko, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Anatoly White and others.
During his work in show business glory collaborated with the best hit-makers of Russia: Victor Drobysh, Lena Kiper and many others. At two hits for the second album singer authorship Drobysh 'white road' and 'cool', and clips were removed.
. In the spring getting ready to leave her second album, tentatively called 'cool', which will include 12 new tracks, including 'Whiskey, no ice', the new hit artist, who has written for her winner of 'Star Factory - 4' Irina Dubcova
. At the same time a wide distribution will film 'Paragraph 78', in which a multi-faceted artist Slava played a major role.

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  • gigi for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • nusifotkink nuoga
  • TRACK for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • Nastia thank you for your songs! You are the best!
  • Paul for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • Beautiful face, beautiful body of a very pleasant tone of voice, but what struck me this beautiful maiden playing a movie (Paragraph 78), a great pity that the movie was shot so ill-especially the sound (there are no egos). One can say that the movie was saved by "Glory". New, interesting person and kaneshnozhe (wants again) a great actor's play "Glory"
  • ABBATH for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • I do not like pop music, but clips of Glory smotryu.film posredstvennyy.luchshe she continued to grow and improve in muzyke.u it for that all have
  • calb for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • korifanski666 for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • song "Poputchitsya" I really liked! Even as, do not expect I thought, . Surely not on our zhop Estrada appeared something worthwhile? "Then it turned, . the song vorovanaya and Glory in principle, the same singers as cowards and vse.Nu can boorishness in more than others, . well bullshit,
  • freckled for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • You still have the plastic head (forehead) to do, remove your retarded laugh, shave g of p y, and the circus arena, instead of trained penguins
  • Karina for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • Glory is a great talent
  • Serega for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • I do love her!
  • Honza for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • Singer Slava, like the majority of pop, the absolute lack of talent. With such a "voice" and the optimal behavior for her place of work - trade in a tent or on the market.
  • Gulya for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • Who else, but I do not like it. Very vulgar and also proud. The votes do not, but as "laughs" not beautiful, when giving an interview or a visit in tel.peredachah.
  • Linas Brinkus for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • Dlia kazdovo centimetra tvoevo tela mozno sotvorit poemy tolko iz odnich komplimentov.vo tvoich glazach mozno uvidet propost,utanut volnach moria i proletat gladi neba.paren,kotorij budet s toboi druzit,budet imet cem gorditsa i uvazat.svietias soversenoj zenskoj krasatoj,ostalnych ty ostavis tolko smotret na tebia i zavidovat tomu,kto zavoeval tvojo serdce i misli.ty nepridumanaja skazka,ty zoloto,najdeno v vode.
  • Brian for Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)
  • This American happened to stumble on her music videos on Youtube.com and became quite impressed with her vocals, the outfits, and her choreography in her videos. If she has not made it big worldwide with her singing talent yet, she will very soon. Thank you Anastasia
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    Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya), photo, biography
    Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya), photo, biography Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya)  Singer / actress, photo, biography
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