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Uvarov Nellie

( Actress)

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Biography Uvarov Nellie
photo Uvarov Nellie
Nelly Uvarov was born in 1980 in the family oil. Her father - a petroleum engineer, and her mother an economist by profession.

Attraction to the theater Nelly felt since childhood. Together with her sister, she participated in school productions. Parents reacted to their daughters with a passion for understanding. My mother even wrote the scripts for their performances.

In 2001, Nelly Uvarova graduated VGIK, Georgy Taratorkin, and was admitted to Ramtha (Russia Academic Youth Theater). On the stage of this theater it played in the plays: 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' (Amy Lawrence), . 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' (lame boy), . 'Erast Fandorin' (Lisa Evert-Kolokoltseva), . 'Dunno-traveler' (Snowflake), . 'Tanya' (Dusya), . 'Lorenzaccio' (Luisa Strozzi), . 'Shadow' (Annunziata), . 'The Wizard of Oz' (Ellie), . Forever (Susanna), . 'Idiot' (Aglaia Ivanovna Yepanchina), . 'The Dawns Here Are Quiet:' (Sonia Gurvich), and others.,

. By 2005, Uvarov was already well-known theater actress
. She even nominated for a national theatrical prize "Golden Mask" for best actress in a play 'rules of conduct in modern society'. But the wide audience it was still not known.

Katia Pushkareva
Popularity usually bring high rating and serials Featured Movies. Neither one nor the other actresses in the account until 2005 was. But there was one major success - the role of a student's work by Anna Melikyan 'departed' (1999) - black and white stylized movies 80-ies. The picture was commended criticism, and Nellie Uvarov awarded prizes at international film festivals in Moscow and Milan. But to the general public, this picture is not reached. In other films ( 'Boomer', etc.) actress battered small roles.

. The idea of the series of ugly, but very smart girl who makes the first steps in his career, gaining confidence, being successful in work and personal life, was born in America
. It was there that the first set series 'fall in love with New York'. Later, there were series-doubles with a local touch: 'fall in love with Madrid', 'fall in love with Paris', 'fall in love in London' ... Finally, the wave has come to Russia. Our producers fantasy proved to be somewhat richer than that of foreign counterparts. Series called 'Do not Be Born Beautiful'. And the role of the 'ugly duckling' Katie Pushkareva, worked as a secretary in the company tailoring ZIMALETTO, invited Nellie Uvarov.

This invitation must Nelly director Alexander Nazarov, who she played in the productions. The actress says: 'At the casting, I came to one of the first, it lasted a long time, but in the end it was I was removed from Irina Muravyova, Raisa and Mikhail Zhigalov Ryazanova. These are great actors who helped me a lot. And sometimes standing up to the formidable director. When he was a gruff voice said: "Nelka still take!", Irina Vadimovna comes to the rescue ... '

Agreeing to the role of Katya Pushkareva, Uvarov made a little female heroism. After all, not every woman (even more beautiful) agree to disfigure themselves. But such is the actor's profession. Nellie Uvarov appeared before the audience formless and neglected the creation of a ridiculous, ill-fitting old women's dresses. Incidentally, the costume designer in this series runs the sister Nellie - Elena. She then dressed Katya Pushkareva in antediluvian dresses, skirts, blouses and sweaters that look as if they had taken out of my grandmother's trunk. 'Her sister was a pity to turn me into the ugly, but that was the problem, and she handled it beautifully' - recognized Nelly.

Partner Nelly Uvarova by TV series Antipenko Gregory says: 'Nellie is very talented actress with giperobayaniem. I think the success of the series of almost 100 percent dependent on it. And I say that kinoploschadka has become my second home. This cozy, warm, you always happy, always creative and friendly atmosphere '.

In the final series Katya Pushkareva waiting for a miraculous transformation: it becomes a beautiful woman, and fell in love with the one whom she had long dreamed of. It completed wedding - strictly by the laws of the genre.

Nelly Uvarova recognized that in real life she and Katya Pushkareva little in common. She, unlike her character - a man sociable, likes noisy company, easy to converge with people, loves and knows how to dress, use cosmetics, men like. And yet - ': a notion of fundamental human values, we coincide with Katya, she says. - A common feature - a desire to go further, to move forward and achieve their objectives'.

However, beautifully dressed Nelly Uvarova be not soon. The creators of the series is not released anywhere actress without bracket on the teeth, beret century before last and wacky round spectacles. Only in this way it appears in public. However, this actress is philosophically. 'Katja Pushkareva - only mask - she says. - Hiding behind it, you can be funny, absurd, can be fooled around '.

That did not stop Nelly Uvarova in an instant become a popular actress. 'For the first time I learned on the street after the broadcast of the second series - tells Nelly. - It happened during a live-capture at 3 o'clock on Tverskaya. At half-time approached me young musicians on their way to the club, said they like my heroine, and was invited to a. But to accept their invitation, I could not - shooting continued until the morning '. Today Uvarov learn more and more: request an autograph, smile at the meeting.

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    Uvarov Nellie, photo, biography
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